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5 Clearbit Alternatives For Website Visitor Identification [2023 Update]

Ranga Kaliyur
April 14, 2023
Table of Contents

Clearbit is a well-established B2B marketing intelligence platform that helps identify anonymous website visitors at an account level and enrich this information with firmographics, intent data, and contacts.

There’s no doubt that Clearbit is great at what it does. But no tool is perfect. 

Whether it be pricing, data quality, data coverage, customer support, user experience, or anything else — there might always be an alternative to Clearbit that better suits your particular requirements. 

This article highlights 5 comprehensive Clearbit alternatives specifically for website visitors identification. That is, the ability to reveal and track anonymous companies visiting your website (including firmographics and intent) without the need for form submissions. 

Given that the tools covered on this list are alternatives to Clearbit (and each other), they all share a handful of commonalities including the ability to:

  • Identify anonymous visitors with IP-based technology and track visitor behavior 
  • Enrich company names with firmographics (industry, headcount, revenue-range, etc)
  • Deliver real-time Slack/MS teams/Email alerts when high-intent visitors are live on the site
  • Implement in a matter of minutes by installing and activating lightweight scripts to the website

Of course, the quality and volume of data differs from one tool to another. Moreover, every solution on this list offers its own unique features, prices, benefits, and limitations that may render one more suitable than the others. These differentiating properties are what this article aims to explore for the following Clearbit alternatives

  • Factors.ai
  • Leadfeeder
  • Albacross
  • Lead Forensics 
  • Kickfire (Foundry Intent)

Clearbit Alternatives For Website Visitor identification

1. Factors.ai

Originally built upon strong account analytics and multi-touch attribution foundations, Factors is quickly becoming a popular solution in the visitor identification space as well. As the result of a partnership with industry-leading ABM platform, 6sense, Factors natively delivers enterprise-grade visitor identification at a fraction of the cost. 

Why Factors over other alternatives?

Here are a couple reasons why you may prefer Factors over other Clearbit alternatives:

1. Data Quality

Rigorous comparative testing over a sample size of 20,000+ IPs concludes that Factors achieves visitor identification match rates of up to 64% — the highest in the industry. Factors also taps-into one of the largest databases of over 15 million companies including firmographics that’s continually optimized with proprietary ML and human QA. 

visitor identification match rate

What does this mean for you? Identify up to 27% more website visitors than the closest alternative, including Clearbit.

2. Advanced Analytics

As previously mentioned, Factors is built upon strong account analytics and multi-touch attribution foundations. As a result, it delivers far more granularity when reporting visitor behavior and account engagement. 

While most visitor identification tools can report basic metrics such as page views and session duration, Factors auto-tracks the following KPIs to better gauge intent and engagement: 

  • Button clicks
  • Percentage scroll-depth
  • Account and user level timelines
  • Page time spent
  • Cursor engagement

Factors Pricing

Factors pricing plans start at $99/month including visitor identification, website analytics, account timelines, customer success, and unlimited seats.

Factors.ai pricing

2. Leadfeeder

leadfeeder logo

Leadfeeder is a Helsinki-based B2B lead generation software that identifies and tracks website visitors, scores accounts based on behavior and firmographics, and provides contact information. Leadfeeder recently partnered with Echobot to form Dealfront; a Europe-centric go-to-market data platform. 

Why Leadfeeder over other alternatives? 

Here are a couple reasons why you may prefer Leadfeeder over other alternatives:

1. Europe-centric data

Especially since its collaboration to form Dealfton, Leadfeeder has doubled down on its focus as a visitor identification powerhouse for Europe. While Leadfeeder’s database comprises only about 8 million companies in the US, Asia, Australia, and other non-Europian geographies, it records a whopping 26 million companies within Europe. 

So, if you’re looking to specifically target European companies visiting your website, look no further than Leadfeeder.

Leadfeeder review

2. Contact-level data

No tool can identify exactly who’s visiting your website at a user level without form submissions. Still, like Clearbit Enrich, Leadfeeder can provide a few ideal leads from the companies visiting your website for further outreach.

Note that these contacts won’t necessarily be the same people who visit your website. Rather, it’s similar to using Zoominfo or Apollo to identify decision makers to reach out to from your target list of accounts.

Leadfeeder Pricing

Leadfeeder (not Dealfront) has starting plans starting at $220/month for 3 seats and 2500 credits which may be used across identifying visitors, enriching companies, and uploading contact/account data to CRM.

leadfeeder pricing

3. Albacross

Albacross logo

Albacross is another well-established visitor identification and intent data platform. The Swedish company works with over 10,000+ companies to provide go-to-market intelligence. In addition to providing top draw website identification, Albacross also offers website personalization and display advertising features. 

Why Albacross over other alternatives?

Here are a couple reasons why you may prefer Albacross over other Clearbit alternatives:

1. Website personalization

Albacross emplowers website website personalization at account level at scale by combining its visitor identification technology with optimizely-esque personalization technology. This means users can instantly change messaging based on different segments of visitors.

For example, messaging around bottom line pipeline generation or security compliance may be more compelling to larger companies with over 1000+ employees. Messaging around cost-saving and easy implementation might appeal better to smaller teams with <500 employees. With Albacross, you can experiment with different headlines for different visitors. 

2. Account-based Targeted  Display ads

Albacross partners with several publicists including  The New York Times and Daily Mail to distribute account-level targeted display ads. These ads can be launched and monitored within Albacross’s native campaign management platform.

Albacross publishers

Albacross Pricing

Albacross pricing plans start at $87/month to identify up to 1,000 companies.

Albacross pricing

4. Lead Forensics 

Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is one of the oldest, most established website visitor identification tools on this list — including Clearbit. It’s an enterprise-grade solution that wholly owns its database of over 1.4 billion IP addresses with another 55 million contacts added every year.

Why Lead Forensics over other alternatives?

Lead Forensics doesn't have too many bells and whistles outside of identifying companies visiting your website and enriching that information with firmographic, intent, and contact data. That being said, it does provide a mobile app so users can receive trigger notifications directly on their phone.

We know one Clearbit user would really appreciate this feature:  

Clearbit review

5. Kickfire (Foundry Intent)

kickfire logo

KickFire is a Foundry company that, surprise surprise, identifies website visitors as well as their firmographics and intent data. Given its association with Foundry, Kickfire taps into more than just website activity to discern account and contact-level intent. More on this in the next section.

Why KickFire over other alternatives? 

KickFire is really unique in the way it captures intent. Unlike other tools on this list, including Clearbit, KickFire identifies contact-level intent by connecting the dots between website visitors, Foundry’s proprietary data across digital content, content syndication programs, AND the public web by tapping into conversational signals across socials, blogs etc for over 5 million companies.

They match these buyer signals with accounts identified on your website for further targeting and outreach. 

And there you have it! 5 unique Clearbit alternatives for your consideration. Looking to learn more about Factors can help identify visitors, target the right leads, and convert more pipeline with less spend? Let’s chat!  

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