End-to-End Customer Journey Attribution

Apart from a fully customizable multi-touch attribution engine, Factors.AI helps marketers be agile and unlock true value in data with marketing & sales funnels analysis, anomaly detection and AI driven marketing insights.

What makes Factors.ai the best Oribi Alternative?

This feature comparison matrix will say it all.




Web Analytics, Event Tracking, and Funnel Analysis
Attribution and Ads Cost Effectiveness Analysis
AI Powered Automated Analysis
Use filters to exclude certain URL parameters
Anomaly Detection and Root Cause Analysis
Google Ads Keyword Level Attribution Report
Modern, Intuitive Self Serve UI

You’re in great company with Factors

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Unified Platform

Access your web analytics, CRM, ads and organic metrics in a single place

Funnels Analysis

Set up funnels analysis with combined website and CRM data

Multi Touch Attribution

Understand which sources and campaigns are performing well and which ones are not.


Easily diagnose how your key marketing metrics have changed and identify the root cause

AI Engine

Identify pockets of higher/lower conversion rates and funnel velocity. Design marketing experiences which meet your customer needs

Pre-Built Templates

Get hold of the usual B2B SaaS marketing reporting templates and set them up by Day-2

Why B2B SaaS marketers choose Factors.AI over Bizible?

20 Mins No Code Integrations + Reports & Dashboards Within 2 Days

Factors.AI integrates with your CRM/MAP, Ads Platforms, Search Console and Website Data under 20 mins so that you can setup reports and dashboards within 2 working days.

30 Days Free Trial + Implementation Support At No Cost

We offer a no-question-asked 30 day free trial with a dedicated Product Implementation and Onboarding Specialist at no cost.

Goes Beyond Usual Attribution Reports + Saves Time On Complex Analysis

With our AI powered analysis engine tailored for B2B SaaS, get access to automated insights around what is working and what is not for marketing programs/campaigns.

Unlike Bizible, Factors Doesn’t Break Your Bank + No Implementation Costs

With lower tool cost as compared to Bizible and no implementation (or any hidden) costs, Factors.AI offers better ROI on your marketing tool/stack budget.

Anirhudh S

Experiments & Funnel Conversions


"Factors.AI helps me get more
info with less hassle"

Ramya S

Content Marketer


“Customer Journey analytics and automated AI-driven
recommendations aced ease of use”

Shreyansh G

Associate Program Manager


"Improvement in ROI on marketing tech stack and a more efficient & affordable solution."

Ankit Purohit

Senior Product Manager


"Stitching all data from multiple platforms made easy"

Shubham G

Head of Inbound Marketing


"One stop shop for all marketing analytics and attribution."

Integrations Supported

What questions are Factors customers answering?

Which campaigns are driving leads of a certain type?

Did our latest campaign update improve our key metrics?

Will a new campaign meet targets based on past data & current performance?

Where are the users experiencing maximum friction and dropping off?

How does first vs last touch attribution metrics vary for paid campaigns?

What are the top paths that users take on the website?

What are the leading indicators of becoming a high value lead?

What experiences drive new users to become high value leads?

What are the big picture patterns in our customer journey?

What's the correlation between web engagement metrics & web conversion rate?

What does my end to end customer journey look like?

How many pages does an user view before filling out a form?

Which blogs are most visited by an user during their sales process?

Do we say more?

Make your move. Switch to Factors.ai. The Best Attribution Platform for the Modern, High Growth B2B Marketers

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