Factors.ai Vs. Full Circle Insights

Go full circle with your marketing intelligence, with Factors.ai!

With Factors, you can

Reason 3

Realise value within 1 week, with minimal onboarding effort

Let go of prolonged onboarding cycles & analyze data in no time

Reason 2

Gain Full Control & Make the tool work for you

Create a flexible environment to run modified analysis

Reason 1

Trace the customer journey from first click to conversion

Connect touchpoints and merge objects in Salesforce easily

What makes Factors.ai the best Bizible Alternative?

This feature comparison matrix will say it all.



Full Circle

No dependency on Salesforce modification
AI powered automated analysis
Anomaly Detection and Alerts
Does not overwrite Salesforce Objects or run Apex Jobs
Modern, Intuitive Self Serve UI
Track Historical data from CRM
Support for Multi Touch Attribution models
Ability to run Funnel Analysis with Velocity and Filters and GroupBy

Intelligent at its Core

Crunch numbers without configuration

Monitor KPIs

Monitor your heartbeat metrics and be automatically updated about changes over time along with the contributing factors.

Investigate Root Causes

Identify pockets of higher/lower conversion rates and funnel velocity. Design marketing experiences which meet your customer needs.

Real time insights

Analyze thousands of combinations of factors which impact your Goals and make agile, impactful decisions at lightning speed.

Self Serve Experience

Free from Salesforce Dependencies

Enhanced Collaboration

Work with teammates proactively to create a synergetic environment. Conquer marketing goals as a single unit.

Easy Integrations

Effortlessly connect with existing tools and infrastructure without any developer dependency.

Customize Events and Dimensions

Have full control over standardizing UTMs and defining campaign hierarchies through Smart Events and Properties.

Turbocharge your Analytics for maximizing Marketing Impact

Get all the answers you need on the impact of your Marketing activities on Revenue

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