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The #1 Funnel Alternative To Drive Your Revenue & Pipeline

The modern B2B Marketer deserves more than data consolidation.
Make sense of your marketing efforts with AI-powered insights.

Achieve holistic user journey analytics and attribution
Unlock hassle-free, no-code implementation
Ensure reliable reporting with complete data verification

You’re in great company with Factors

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Factors is your unfair advantage at driving more revenue


Increase in ROI

Our customers optimize campaign spends and focus more on winning strategies


Lift in Revenue

Using Attribution Analysis and Explain AI to improve user journeys



With no code integrations and blazing fast support, dive in fast to see real value

What makes Factors.ai the best Funnel.io Alternative?

This feature comparison matrix will say it all.




Connecting all Marketing Data Sources
Data Transformation with Custom Rules
AI powered automated analysis
Anomaly Detection and Alerts
Ads Cost Impact Analysis
Support/Help regardless of Account Size
Sending Data back into Big Query
Ability to run Funnel Analysis with Velocity and Filters and GroupBy

Don't just take our word for it!

Edoardo D


Delos Labs

“What a product and what a team!”

The software is super intuitive and easy to use. Once setup (thanks to the big help of Factors' team) tracking became a piece of cake. Thanks to Factors I can now see clearly where my leads come from. Since using Factors I have increased my conversion rate by 4.3% resulting in an increase in revenue close to 15%.

Anirhudh S

Experiments & Conversions


"Data is obtained and stitched across multiple platforms for a holistic view of the funnel. Support has also been instant!"

Ramya S

Growth Marketer


“Customer Journey Analytics UX is nearly flawless for data-stitching, attribution, funnels, and more"

Tom S

SVP Sales & Marketing


"I love the concept of Insights. Extremely valuable as we sort through mountains of data to come to a decision."

Ankit Purohit

Senior Product Manager


"Stitching all data from multiple platforms made easy"

Shubham G

Head of Inbound Marketing


"One stop shop for all marketing analytics and attribution."

Aquibur Rahman

Aquibur Rahman



“Investigate and ultimately improve”

“Factors.AI’s unique solution of stitching data from various marketing tools, ad platforms, CDPs, and CRMs to create a single data stream has enabled us to investigate and ultimately improve how visitors are interacting with our website and what channels are driving engagement and conversions”

Award-winning Marketing Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions?
to help you make the switch to Factors

How does pricing work?

Our pricing model is straightforward. It is directly related to the number of monthly tracked users (MTU) or visitors across your website and CRM. We also offer a free plan with up to 3 integrations for company’s with less than 5,000 monthly visitors. Click here for a detailed overview of our pricing plans.

What about data accuracy?

Connectors like Funnel can be unreliable.
Factors.ai goes above and beyond to ensure marketers
receive verifiable, accurate reports. In fact, we provide
a free audit across website event instrumentation,
google & paid social ads accounts to ensure hygiene.

How long does it take to implement Factors?

Factors.ai is simple by design. We deliver code-free integrations with all your ad campaigns, CRM data, website, chatbot, etc. What does this mean for you? We can have your analytics engine set-up in under 10 minutes and generate reports as soon as data starts flowing in.

Is Factors Privacy Compliant?

Factors is, and always will be privacy first. We’re 100% compliant with GDRP, CCPA, and PECR. Additionally, we’re SOC2 compliant — ensuring industry-standard protection across data security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. Also, we only use first-party cookies. Meaning that third-party vendors have zero access. Only you will own and control your data.

Why B2B SaaS marketers choose Factors.AI over Funnel.io?

Ads Cost Effective Analysis

Understand which of your marketing spends are performing comparatively, to optimise spends and resources.

30 Day Free Trial + 30 Minute Integration

Factors integrates with your MAP, CRM, Ads, and more in under half and hour. We also provide a free-of-charge 30 day trial to test our platform for yourself

Multi-Touch Attribution Reports, Saving Time On Complex Analysis

With our AI powered analysis engine tailored for B2B SaaS, get access to automated insights around what is working and what is not for all marketing campaigns.

Factor in User-Level Data for Funnels and AI-insights

Segment the kinds of users (with user properties) who perform events (with event properties), to understand how different users perform on your campaigns

Unified Platform

Access your web analytics, CRM, ads and organic metrics in a single place

Funnels Analysis

Set up funnels analysis with combined website and CRM data

Multi Touch Attribution

Understand which sources and campaigns are performing well and which ones are not.


Easily diagnose how your key marketing metrics have changed and identify the root cause

AI Engine

Identify pockets of higher/lower conversion rates and funnel velocity. Design marketing experiences which meet your customer needs

Pre-Built Templates

Get hold of the usual B2B SaaS marketing reporting templates and set them up by Day-2

Integrations Supported

What questions are Factors customers answering?

Which campaigns are driving leads of a certain type?

Did our latest campaign update improve our key metrics?

Will a new campaign meet targets based on past data & current performance?

Where are the users experiencing maximum friction and dropping off?

How does first vs last touch attribution metrics vary for paid campaigns?

What are the top paths that users take on the website?

What are the leading indicators of becoming a high value lead?

What experiences drive new users to become high value leads?

What are the big picture patterns in our customer journey?

What's the correlation between web engagement metrics & web conversion rate?

What does my end to end customer journey look like?

How many pages does an user view before filling out a form?

Which blogs are most visited by an user during their sales process?

Do we say more?

Make your move. Switch to Factors.ai. The Best Attribution Platform for the Modern, High Growth B2B Marketers

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