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Elevate your Marketing with AI-powered
Analytics & Attribution

Monitor KPIs, Unlock Insights, and Optimize marketing ROI with transparent, actionable revenue reporting.

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Analytics Made Easy

Factors is simple by design. Intuitive, dependency-free functionality is at the core of our work.

Effortless Onboarding

Onboard Factors in under 30-min with no-code integrations and end-to-end support

Self-serve UI

Monitor, analyze, and optimize your data with clarity, confidence, and zero dependency.

Custom Everything

Unlock relevant, tailor-made reports and dashboards with custom metrics, KPIs, properties and dimensions

Unified Platform

Factors is the only marketing analytics solution you’ll need. Ensure a comprehensive experience to make sense of your efforts.

Single Source

Analyze your marketing and revenue data under one roof with robust integrations across campaigns, web, CRM, chatbot, and more

Google Spreadsheet Integration

On an ad platform we’re yet to integrate with? Connect data from limitless third-party ad platforms with easy Google Spreadsheet (CSV) integrations

Alerts & Sharing

Define the KPIs that matter to you and make data a part of your routine Slack and Email alerts.Share reports with relevant stakeholders effortlessly

Multi-Touch Attribution

Unlock every customer touch point at your fingertips with powerful multi-touch attribution modeling 

Compare Attribution Models

Compare attribution models, win rates, and deal sizes side-by-side to arrive at robust, data-driven conclusions. 

Customize Attribution Models

In addition to a wide range of standard multi-touch attribution models, build business-specific model with flexible conversion goals

Cohort By Conversion

Perform analysis as cohorts by marketing interaction time. Get an accurate picture of cost per conversion, including spillover effects.

AI-Fueled Insights

Tune into the nuances of Customer Behavior with the power of AI. Monitor KPIs while keeping an eye on customer engagement dynamics.


Powerful, automated insights with flexible conversion goals across campaigns, web, and pipeline to discern what’s helping and hurting your objectives

Weekly Insights

Stay on top of your metrics and KPIs with weekly, AI-fueled insights into performance, anomalies, and fluctuations.

Root-cause Analysis

Drill deep into why certain touch-points are converting better than others at the level of conversions, behavior, and segment.

Customer Journey Timelines

The B2B customer journey can be lengthy, complex, and often involves multiple stakeholders. Break it down with ease using Factors.

Visualize Customer Journey

Decode and visualize the customer journey. Optimize every touch-point to drive conversions & pipeline

User + Account Timelines

Breakdown the customer journey at the level of users and accounts to finetune your marketing strategy.

Prioritize Targeting

Capture engagement rates for high value, high intent accounts with a single, unified view of account journeys

Website Analytics

Unlock detailed insights into web performance, content, and activity with a hawk-eyed view into user behavior.

Automated Button Tracking

Track key buttons, CTAs, and actions on your website with zero developer dependency. Define events with intuitive point and click interface.

Custom Domain Tracking

Don’t leave data on the table. Assuming consent, Factors avoids ad blockers to track a far wider range of users using CDT.

Accurate, Unsampled Data Analytics

 Sampling data may lead to misassumptions and false conclusions. To ensure robust, accurate analysis, Factors does not sample data.

KPIs, Funnels & More

Factors is built on strong, comprehensive analytical foundations. Employ a robust range of analytics functions to optimize performance end-to-end.

End-to-End Analytics

Customer journey funnels, KPI reporting, analytics across campaigns, web, pipeline & revenue are but a few of the tools in your arsenal.

Filters & Breakdowns

 Factors provides an extensive set of filters and breakdowns — empowering teams to create rapid, relevant ad hoc reports in seconds.

Historical Tracking

When integrating with Factors, historical campaign & CRM data is preserved to ensure a continual experience 

Unmatched Support

Factors is an extension of your marketing team. We take great pride in the dedicated, sustained support we provide our users.

Onboarding Support

Rest assured, our team will support you through the entire onboarding process

Tailor-made Dashboards

Simply share your wishlist of use-cases for us to create your initial few dashboards and custom configurations.

24/5 Customer Success

Dedicated customer success managers will be assigned to support your team with Factors at any time.

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