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Drive more revenue with actionable account analytics

Identify anonymous visitors, measure engagement trends, and optimize marketing efforts end-to-end

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Visitor Identification

Identify anonymous website traffic, analyze visitor behavior, and target high-intent accounts with industry-leading IP-lookup technology

Identify Anonymous Visitors

Know who’s behind your anonymous traffic. Factors delivers the highest match rates in the industry, revealing up to 64% of companies visiting your website.

Track Visitor Behavior

Learn how visitors engage with your site. Identify what resonates with your audience. And invest in efforts that drive results.

Target High-intent Accounts

Qualify visitors with behavioral and firmographic filters. Real time Slack Alerts help you engage with high-intent accounts while the iron’s still hot.

ABM Analytics

Account-based marketing analytics made easy. Unlock a comprehensive suite of intuitive analytics, reporting, and visualization techniques.

Campaign Analytics

Unify and analyze your campaign data under one roof. Achieve bespoke, standardized reporting with custom properties, currency conversions, and tailor-made dashboards

Website Analytics

Understand and improve website conversions with automated button tracking, granular page analytics, unsampled data, and custom domain tracking

Funnel Analytics

Construct powerful, ad hoc funnels to stitch data across campaigns, websites and CRM. Gain deeper insights into what works when with robust filters and breakdowns.

Unified Platform

Journey Analytics

Gain deeper insights into the buyer journey. Know how your content, campaigns, and channels drive conversions by cohort.

AI-fueled Explain

AI-fueled automated insights with flexible conversion goals. Drill deep into what’s helping and hurting your objectives in a matter of seconds.

Path Analysis

See winning and influential paths that users are taking through the buying journey.

Weekly Insights

Stay on top of the metrics that matter to you with weekly reports that highlight performance and anomalies

Revenue Attribution

Know and grow the impact of your go-to-market efforts on pipeline with multi-touch attribution.

Prove & Improve Marketing ROI

Quantify marketing’s impact on revenue, optimize return on ad spend, and scale campaigns confidently

Reduce Marketing Leakage

Now more than ever, marketers are asked to do more, with less. Make better, data-driven budget allocations with multi-touch attribution.

Compare Multi-touch Models

Choose and compare a wide range of attribution models based on the nature of your business and buyer journeys

Account Timelines

The B2B sales cycle can be lengthy, complex, and often involves multiple stakeholders. Break it down with ease using Factors.

Account & User Timelines

Map out a detailed view of account and user level interactions.

Customer Preferences

Dig deep into individual journeys to better understand customer preferences across buyer personas

Account Scoring

Know which accounts are engaged and ready to buy. Give your go-to-market team that all important edge.

It’s The Little Things That Count

Factors is an extension of your team. We go above and beyond to ensure consistent, relevant value to the companies we work with.

Effortless & Unified

Factors is simple by design. Get started in 30-min with no-code integrations, onboarding support and an intuitive, self-serve UI.

Custom Everything

Every team has different needs. Factors delivers for each one with customizable dashboards, properties, events, and dimensions.

Dedicated Customer Success

We take great pride in our dedicated customer success management. Rest assured, we’ll cater to your team’s unique business requirements.

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