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Elevate your Marketing with AI-powered
Analytics & Attribution

Monitor KPIs, Unlock Insights, and Optimize marketing ROI with transparent, actionable revenue reporting.

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Unified Platform

Experience an Integrated Customer Analytics Experience and identify your most influential touchpoints.

Single Source

Get a hawk’s eye view of all marketing activities under a unified Dashboard, without switching tabs.

History Tracking

Track and report historical CRM data snapshots of funnel status, deal values and other fields with timestamps effortlessly.

Quantify Efforts

Connect marketing efforts to revenue and pipeline. Gain clear visibility from first touch to deal conversions.

AI Engine

Tune into the nuances of Customer Behavior with the power of AI. Monitor KPIs while keeping an eye on customer engagement dynamics.

Monitor KPIs

Monitor your heartbeat metrics and be automatically updated about changes over time along with the contributing factors.

Real time insights

Analyze thousands of combinations of factors which impact your Goals. Make agile, impactful decisions at lightning speed

Investigate Root Cause

 Identify pockets of higher/lower conversion rates and funnel velocity. Design marketing experiences which meet your customer needs.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Assess the value of each touchpoint and gain vital insights that will aid in perfecting them in order to achieve optimal conversion rates.

Customize Attribution Models

Build business-specific models with flexible conversion goals, Marketing Interactions and single-touch or multi-touch attribution.

Compare win rates & Average Deal sizes

Identify favorable campaigns without volume bias. Compare multiple attribution models side-by-side.

Cohort by conversion

Perform analysis as cohorts by marketing interaction time. Get an accurate picture of cost per conversion, including spillover effects.

Pre-Built Templates

Choose from a curated list of templates and create segment-specific dashboards without starting from scratch.

Employ frequently-used analysis

Access the most popular and frequently used analysis reports without any need for set up/training. Get value starting from day zero.

Boost Productivity through Checklists

Automate repetitive analysis chores. Bring in consistency and focus your time on gleaning insights and making strategic decisions.

Learn from the Best

Leverage a masterclass of templates built from the best practices of top performing B2B Marketers in just a few clicks.

Full Stack, No-Code integrations

Connect your Marketing Stack to Factors without any developer dependency or implementation uncertainty

Up and running within a week

No professional services for onboarding, or uncertain implementation times.

Robust Integrations

Stress tested integrations ensure the data in Factors can be trusted and is always consistent with source systems

Simplified Data Model

Stitch users across Marketing Automation and leads, contact and campaign member objects for simplified reporting

Self Serve Experience

Enjoy the perks of unrivalled self-serve experience that enables stress-free implementation and delivers impactful results.

Truly Self Service

Empower everyone on the team to answer their own questions and drill into the data without dependencies

Instant Analysis

Stop waiting endlessly on custom reports, Factors is built for speed leveraging the latest technology advances

Customize Events & Dimensions

Track historical CRM data snapshots of funnel status, deal values and other fields with timestamps. Report on historical

Website Analytics

Unlock insights on website performance & content with a hawk-eyed view into the user behavior & journey across the website.

Unsampled Data Analytics

Do away with the inaccuracy that often comes with sampled data. With Factors, uncover true insights with unsampled data analytics.

Accurate Page Time Spent Measurement

Know the actual time spent on every page across website sessions to identify the impact of page content.

Data Playground

Slice & dice the data as per your objective without any limitations on the volume of data.

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