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For companies looking to start their analytics and attribution journey, or test the Factors Platform. Includes access to core analyses, attribution modelling, as well as custom events and dimensions.


Up to 10k MTUs

  • Includes :
  • Multi Touch Attribution
  • Core Analysis
  • Custom Events and Dimensions
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For the Analytics Savvy
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billed annually

  • Up to 50k MTUs
  • Multi Touch Attribution
  • Core Analysis
  • Custom Events and Dimensions


For the Analytics Rockstars
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billed annually

Up to 200k MTUs

+$10/mo for 1,000 Monthly Tracked Users
  • Everything in Starter +
  • AI Powered Analysis
  • Advanced Templates


For the Analytics Innovators

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tailor-made just for you.

  • Everything in Growth +
  • Custom Attribution Models
  • Platinum Support

Focus on time-bound Strategic Decisions,
while we handle your analytics heavy lifting.

Turbocharge Your Marketing Engine

Measure & validate your every marketing initiative, spot-on.


Eliminate data silos with integrated customer analytics.

Get a holistic view of the entire Marketing Funnel, minus all dependencies.

  • Unify data across Ad Platforms, Website and CRM
  • Transform CRM snapshots into an event stream
  • Intelligently stitch the data with marketing context
  • Quantify every marketing effort


Empower and align your Team with Delightful Analytics Experiences.

Say ‘hello’ to clutter-free insightful dashboards.

  • Truly Self Serve, No Code or SQL experience required
  • Pre-built Checklists for repetitive analytics use cases (upcoming)
  • Masterclass of Analytics Templates used by the best in B2B Marketing
  • Accelerate the speed to insight for everyone


Squash bias & blindspots with AI-powered actionable insights.

Drill infinitely into your data & augment the rockstars in your team

  • Identify spends & root causes for KPI drop
  • Identify high-performing initiatives/tactics
  • Find pockets of higher and lower performance
  • Define custom properties and events basis your business logic

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