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Better data — identify upto 30% more anonymous visitors
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Better insights — real-time Slack alerts & account tracking
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Better value — cost-effective plans with dedicated CSM
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14-Day Free Trial
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SOC2 Type II & GDPR Compliant
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Why Factors?

14-day free trial. No CC required.
Plans starts at just $99/month
Dedicated customer success management
Identify accounts visiting your website in real-time
Go beyond deanonymization with end-to-end
marketing analytics, attribution & journey mapping
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Aquibur Rahman

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#1 Website Visitor Identification


Better IP Matches

Factors delivers 30% more IP matches than the nearest alternative


Match Rates

Factors delivers the highest account match rates in the industry. Bar none.


Per Account

The most cost-effective website visitor identification solution per account.

Know Your Visitors, Drive More Pipeline

Identify visitors, analyze behavior & drive conversions — effortlessly


Identify Who's Visiting Your Website

Identify the names and characteristics of companies visiting your site. See how visitors engage with website content to uncover high-intent leads


Qualify & Target High-Intent Leads

Analyze visitor actions with behavioral and firmographic filters & breakdowns. Qualify & target high-intent leads while the iron is still hot.



Optimize Performance, Drive ROI

Along with identifying visitors, unlock a suite of account analytics, revenue attribution & journey mapping tools that integrate with ads, website & CRM

Sales Folk & Marketers Love Factors. Here's Why.

Identify accounts, generate leads, and close deals

For Sales


Accounts on your website are more likely to buy than others. Target low-hanging, in-market accounts.

to the sale

Contacting leads first improves your odds of winning. Act instantly with real-time alerts & beat competitors to the sale.

sales pitches
that convert

See what target accounts engage with most to anticipate buyer needs and personalize the sales pitch.

For Marketers

your sales

Get started with Factors in minutes to generate high-quality, high-intent accounts for your Sales team.


See what channels drive traffic, scale the right campaigns, and close the gap between impression & revenue.

that works

See how companies engage with content on your website and optimize for topics that resonates most

Frequently Asked Questions?
to help you make the switch to Factors

Why Factors over Clearbit?

Factors.ai delivers the most accurate IP-matching in the industry with a whopping average match rate of 64%. This means nearly 30% more matches than the nearest competitor.

We’re also one of the most cost-effective de-anonymization solutions in the industry with plans starting as low as $99/month.

Additionally, our complementary suite of account analytics, attribution, and journey mapping creates a unified ecosystem for all your ABM analytics needs.

How does pricing work?

Our pricing model is straightforward. It is directly related to the number of monthly tracked users (MTU) or companies we identify. Here's a breakdown

1. 500 Accounts Identified - $99
2.1000 Accounts Identified - $149
3. 5000 Accounts Identified - $499
4. More than 5000 Accounts Identified- Get a custom quote by requesting for a demo.

Can Factors identify remote workers?

Yes! We use multiple commercially available databases and combine that with our proprietary first party data to match remote users accurately to their company accounts

Is Factors Privacy Compliant?

Factors is, and always will be privacy first.
We’re 100% compliant with GDRP, CCPA, and PECR.
Additionally, we’re SOC2 compliant — ensuring
industry-standard protection across data security,
availability, processing integrity, confidentiality,
and privacy. Also, we only use first-party cookies.
Meaning that third-party vendors have zero access.
Only you will own and control your data.

I use a marketing automation tool and Google Analytics. Why do I need Factors.ai?

Most marketing automation tools capture only 2% of users who visit your website as the users need to identify themselves. Factors.ai helps you identify users that marketing automation tools miss — including industry, location, headcount, revenue.

Does Factors SDK slows down my website?

No, because Factors's SDK is an asynchronous SDK which means the loading of the SDK doesn't hinder loading of other elements on the website or the other SDKs. On top of that, the size of SDK is just 22Kbs. This is one of the lightest marketing tags you would ever come across. Also, the load time of Factors's SDK is less than 10ms for the first time load, and less than 5ms for consecutive loads.

Aquibur Rahman
Aquibur Rahman
double quotes
“Investigate and ultimately improve”
“Factors.AI’s unique solution of stitching data from various marketing tools, ad platforms, CDPs, and CRMs to create a single data stream has enabled us to investigate and ultimately improve how visitors are interacting with our website and what channels are driving engagement and conversions”
edoardo image
Edoardo D
Delos Labs
double quotes
“What a product and what a team!”
The software is super intuitive and easy to use. Once setup (thanks to the big help of Factors' team) tracking became a piece of cake. Thanks to Factors I can now see clearly where my leads come from. Since using Factors I have increased my conversion rate by 4.3% resulting in an increase in revenue close to 15%.
tom s image
Tom S
SVP Sales & Marketing
double quotes
“Great analytics solution”
The team at Factors is amazing. They make sure you are getting what you need out of their software solution. I love the concept of insights that they are building. This could become extremely valuable to their customers as we sort through mountains of data to come to a decision. I love the ease of integration

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