Introducing Segment-Level GTM Analytics.
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Customer Journeys

AI-insights from clicks
to conversions

B2B customer journeys are complex, non-linear, lengthy, and involve several stakeholders. Factors helps decode and refine these account-level journeys with AI-fuelled insights.

Trusted by 500+ high-growth B2B teams

Trusted by high-growth GTM teams

Generate predictable pipeline with real-time visitor identification and AI-fuelled account analytics

Track aggregated Journeys
with Path Analysis

See exactly how accounts are progressing along the customer journey. Identify touchpoints that influence conversions and winning paths.

Identify points of inflection
with B2B Funnels

Identify points of friction, reduce avoidable drop-offs, and improve conversions at every stage of the sales cycle with B2B-optimized funnel reporting

AI-fuelled automated
insights with Explain

Making sense of data is easier said than done…until now. With Explain, simply state a conversion goal and unlock deep insights into what’s helping and hurting your objectives.

Accurate, Event-Based Data Models

Tap into event-based data model to track, filter, and breakdown  granular customer touchpoints.

Account Level Timelines

Achieve complete visibility of the account journey across known and anonymous users.

Advanced Filters & Breakdowns

Gain deeper insights with robust, customizable accounts & user-level filters & breakdowns.

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Frequently Asked Questions?
to help you make the switch to Factors

Where does the AI come in?

Our domain extension isn’t AI only because it sounds cool. Explain and Weekly Insights is built upon cutting-edge ML algorithms to make making sense of your data, effortless. Simply specify your goal and see exactly what touchpoints are helping and hurting conversions in seconds. No expensive data science or tedious spreadsheets required!

How can I use path analysis?

Path analysis provides an aggregated view of how visitors and customers are progressing along the buyer journey. Visualize various conversion paths to answer questions like “Which sequence of Salesforce campaigns do users interact with prior to opportunity closure?” or “What are the drop off points after users check out the pricing page?”

How does pricing work?

Our pricing model is straightforward. It is directly related to the number of monthly tracked users (MTU) or companies we identify. More about our pricing here:

How long does implementation take?

Implementation takes under 10 minutes. Simply install our light-weight script onto your website and let the magic happen. In case you need assistance, we have dedicated onboarding support on stand by.

Is Factors privacy compliant?

Yes! Factors is compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR. We’re also SOC2 Type II certified. Rest assured, all your data is protected by industry-standard security.

SOC2 Type II

GDPR compliant

Make the most of your GTM efforts

Identify, qualify, and activate high-intent accounts with Factors

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