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The CMO’s Stalemate

Jane is the CMO of a high-growth SaaS enterprise. Within a week on board, Jane realized there were clear gaps in pipeline coverage and lack of clarity with regard to the right strategies that convert bigger deals. Not to mention the failure to track marketing influenced and sourced pipelines. Numerous dashboards and spreadsheets were presented to her, but Jane was just not able to piece together a full story and build a plan with conviction to achieve pipeline and revenue targets. She had to bring order to this chaos and get her answers straight before the next board meeting.
Do you relate with Jane’s conundrum? We know that being a CMO is no walk in the park. You have to make horizon-based decisions on meeting short term(quarterly) pipeline targets, whilst also devising strategies for entering new markets and building a long-term brand. In addition to mentoring and motivating the team to continuously excel, you have to secure the resources and align the executives on the game plan.

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What do modern CMOs need to make things work?

The answer is quite simple - Potent and Powerful AI driven analytics, which helps them make smarter, faster and more confident business decisions

What can Factors.ai do for you?

Help you build killer strategies that align with your sales goals

Connect tactics to pipeline

Connect Tactics to Pipeline &  Revenue

Assess and understand which of your marketing initiatives are driving higher value deals, better conversion rates and faster velocity. Forecast and design a portfolio of initiatives which help you achieve your goals.

Beyond Aquistion

Go beyond Acquisition Marketing:

Understand the impact of Partner Marketing, Customer Marketing driving expansions and up-sell / cross-sell. Look at the entire marketing engine rather than a single narrow scenario.

Measure true ROI

Measure true ROI

Assess the impact of online and offline marketing initiatives on the pipeline and confidently seek more budgets to drive/spark higher growth.

Plan ahead

Plan Ahead

With full visibility into historical conversion rates and velocity from MQL to Pipeline by Source, Geography and Industry at your fingertips, plan ahead on how to achieve 2X or 3X the targets in 3/4 quarters.

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Unify your Marketing Team

Monitor and Measure all marketing initiatives from a single platform, eliminate pockets of assumption, speculation or bias and align/steer the initiatives by/of various teams in the same direction.

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Agile, self-serve decision making:

Remove dependencies on data engineers/analysts/shared service teams and get self-serve, real-time access to customer data. Get instant answers to your questions and explore your data infinitely.

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