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Content is King & to remain king you need an army

Make AI-powered Analytics the General to lead your troops

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The Content Marketer’s Conundrum

Jim is leading content efforts for a popular software or B2B company. Over the last quarter, Jim and team have put out numerous blogs, whitepapers and e-books targeted at various buyer personas, stages of the funnel and industries. At the end of the quarter, Jim is struggling to assess the impact of which initiatives are working and where to double down. This would help improve the morale of his team (rather than being content generating machines) and prioritize what is working vs what is not.

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What goes past the eyes of most Content Marketers?

The trick that most content marketers miss is data! 
Having real time data which mirrors consumer behavior is key to formulating an effective content strategy. Tailoring content on the basis of these insights can help teams achieve their content marketing goals.

What Factors.ai can do for you?

Splice up your Content Army with Insightful Data!

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Understand content engagement by audience

Measure the engagement of prospects with your content by industry, buying stage and job title. Get clear clues on how to distribute and improve content performance

Freedom to focus on content

Freedom to focus on content

Understand the impact of content in engaging with prospects and attracting MQLs. Leave the number crunching to our engine and focus your energy on creating quality assets.

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Automated Data collection & compilation

Automatically collect website signals such as Page Load Time, Time on page, Pageviews, Scroll percentage and Button clicks without any developer support.

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Identify Trends & Act on Insights

Automatically get recommendations on content assets which are picking up or losing steam and take immediate action on refreshing aged content and distributing hot pieces more widely

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