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The Marketing Ops Mix-up

It is the month end and the Marketing Ops team led by Julia is neck deep into spreadsheets and reports. The monthly executive review meeting will be focusing on the softness in Demo Leads for a specific segment and the efficacy of new campaign initiatives that Marketing is experimenting with. 
Whilst this time period is dreaded by everyone in Marketing Ops, it is also the ideal opportunity for Julia and her team to move beyond day-to-day campaign operations and think strategically about the Marketing System as a whole.

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What can make life better for Marketing Ops?

An AI-powered Analytics platform can help Marketing Ops teams to get ahead in the game without wasting time and resources on data management and running manual reports.

What Factors.ai can do for you?

Focus better on Strategic Challenges & deliver stellar results

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Plan with confidence

Get full visibility into campaign initiatives, current pipeline and MQL coverage by industry and geography. Go grass-roots level on your data, identify gaps and make adjustments.

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Single Product for all your questions

Stop hopping across multiple applications and piece together the marketing story. Track all your KPIs in a single dashboard accessible to everyone in the team. Get a good grip of your data.

Campaign analysis and alignment

Campaign Analysis and Alignment

Drill infinitely into your data and measure the true ROI of your marketing campaigns. Align marketing's goals with business objectives such as pipeline, revenue and key account engagement.

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Practice Agile Marketing

Create and nurture a performance driven culture where every question on marketing efforts is answered based on data and executed without any bias.

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