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Discover, qualify & convert up to 64% of companies visiting your website. Empower intent-based outreach & drive marketing ROI — effortlessly.
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3 reasons to choose Factors over Albacross

Reveal up to 64% of traffic

Rigorous comparative testing with over 20,000 IPs finds that Factors achieves industry-leading match rates of up to 64%. On average, you'll be able to find 2x more accounts on your website than the closest alternative.

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The most bang for your buck

Rest assured, we provide the most cost-effective deals without compromise on data quality, user experience, or customer success. All our plans include first-party website analytics and account timelines out of the box as well.

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Advanced analytics & timelines

Most account identification tools track high-level metrics that are rarely sufficient. Factors auto-tracks granular account engagement including button clicks, scroll depth, and end-to-end account timelines.

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SOC2 Type II

GDPR compliant

Make the most of your GTM efforts

Identify, qualify, and activate high-intent accounts with Factors

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Discover, Qualify & Convert Sales-Ready Accounts

Reveal in-market accounts, analyze website behavior & drive conversions


Discover Accounts
Visiting Your Website

Reveal & track companies visiting your website. Monitor engagement and stay on top of high-intent leads with real-time alerts.


Qualify Sales-Ready Accounts

Qualify and score accounts based on engagement & fit. Target high-intent ICP  accounts while the iron’s still hot.


Optimize Performance, Drive ROI

Go beyond account identification with a suite of analytics and revenue attribution tools to drive more pipeline and ROI

Go-to-market teams Love Factors. Here's Why.

Discover high-intent accounts and close high-value deals

For Sales


Accounts on your website are more likely to buy than others. Target low-hanging, in-market accounts.

to the sale

Contacting leads first improves your odds of winning. Act instantly with real-time alerts & beat competitors to the sale.

sales pitches
that convert

See what target accounts engage with most to anticipate buyer needs and personalize the sales pitch.

For Marketers

your sales

Get started with Factors in minutes to generate high-quality, high-intent accounts for your Sales team.


See what channels drive traffic, scale the right campaigns, and close the gap between impression & revenue.

that works

See how companies engage with content on your website and optimize for topics that resonates best.

Frequently Asked Questions?
to help you make the switch to Factors

Why Factors over Albacross? delivers the most accurate IP-matching in the industry with a whopping average match rate of 64%. This means nearly 30% more matches than the closest alternative. We also provide robust account intelligence, journey mappings & unified reporting features.

How does pricing work?

Our pricing model is straightforward. It is directly related to the number of monthly accounts identified. More about our pricing here:

How long does implementation take?

Implementation takes under 10 minutes. Simply install our light-weight script onto your website and let the magic happen. In case you need assistance, we have dedicated onboarding support on stand by.

Can Factors discover companies that work remotely?

Yes — to a certain extent. We have partnered with multiple IP-to-Company providers to ensure that our customers get the most accurate and up-to-data account identification.

Is Factors privacy compliant?

Yes. Factors is absolutely compliant with your privacy requirements across GDPR, CCPA, and PECR. We're also SOC2 Type II certified: ensuring industry-standard protection across data security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

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