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Eliminate data silos with integrated customer analytics.

Get a holistic view of the entire Marketing Funnel, minus all dependencies.

  • Unify data across Ad Platforms, Website and CRM
  • Transform CRM snapshots into an event stream
  • Intelligently stitch the data with marketing context
  • Quantify every marketing effort


Empower and align your Team with Delightful Analytics Experiences.

Say ‘hello’ to clutter-free insightful dashboards.

  • Truly Self Serve, No Code or SQL experience required
  • Pre-built Checklists for repetitive analytics use cases (upcoming)
  • Masterclass of Analytics Templates used by the best in B2B Marketing
  • Accelerate the speed to insight for everyone


Squash bias & blindspots with AI-powered actionable insights.

Drill infinitely into your data & augment the rockstars in your team

  • Identify spends & root causes for KPI drop
  • Identify high-performing initiatives/tactics
  • Find pockets of higher and lower performance
  • Define custom properties and events basis your business logic

80% of your data dwells in the darkness. throws light on this hidden data, so you get the full picture!

Data Diversity

Inability to fetch insights from across data types like unstructured data, date types, list fields and leaving 90% of raw data untapped

Disconnected Data

Lack of data normalization results in the inability to correlate information across anonymous users, leads, contacts & opportunities

Tool Limitations

Most tools lack AI automations & templates. They retrieve results based on specific user queries that lack a holistic view throws light on this hidden data, so you get the full picture!

Data Diversity

Inability to draw insights from across different data types.

Disconnected Data

Failure to correlate data about users, leads, contacts & opportunities.

Tool Limitations

Absence of a holistic view due to a query-based insight approach.

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What questions are Factors customers answering?

Which campaigns are driving leads of a certain type?

Did our latest campaign update improve our key metrics?

Will a new campaign meet targets based on past data & current performance?

Where are the users experiencing maximum friction and dropping off?

How does first vs last touch attribution metrics vary for paid campaigns?

What are the top paths that users take on the website?

What are the leading indicators of becoming a high value lead?

What experiences drive new users to become high value leads?

What are the big picture patterns in our customer journey?

What's the correlation between web engagement metrics & web conversion rate?

What does my end to end customer journey look like?

How many pages does an user view before filling out a form?

Which blogs are most visited by an user during their sales process?

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