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The Demand Gen Dilemma

Jack heads the Demand Generation team for a SaaS product trying to move from SMB to Mid Market. He has to drive multi-pronged initiatives in terms of creating customer awareness and generating new demand in the medium term. He also has to ensure that existing high intent demand has a friction-free path to discover the company and talk to sales. Added to this, the behaviours differed materially between the free trial driven SMB segment vs the sales led mid-market segment. 

Jack was struggling to keep track of these differences and monitor the effectiveness of marketing interventions targeted at each segment.

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How do we solve Jack’s problem?

Measure & track the impact of marketing tactics on leads, accounts and opportunities. By staying on top of the various segments, he can overcome these barriers facing the demand gen team.

What Factors.ai can do for you?

Decode every touchpoint of your customer’s journey.

End to end journey maping image

End-to-End Customer Journey Mapping

Understand what your customers are doing at each stage of their journey and align your marketing strategy with your buyer personas.

Growth funnels

Build hyper-growth funnels

Effortlessly track stage to stage funnel performance from inquiry to closed won by cohorts, campaigns or lead sources. Monitor historical trends of conversion rates and velocity

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Optimize using our AI driven recommendations :

Discover every factor that contributes to faster conversions and direct energies to those specific strategies. Identify the leaky buckets and go agile on decision-making. Get more productive, instantly.

Know your customer image

Know your customer, thoroughly

Stay on top of differing customer behaviours and characteristics by industry, geography, company size and job title. Tailor and personalise your marketing tactics with this knowledge

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