Introducing Segment-Level GTM Analytics.
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Account Intelligence

Identify, qualify, & convert sales-ready accounts

Only 5% of website visitors identify themselves. Drive pipeline from the remaining 95% of
anonymous traffic with industry-leading account identification & analytics.

Trusted by 500+ high-growth B2B teams

Trusted by high-growth GTM teams

Generate predictable pipeline with real-time visitor identification and AI-fuelled account analytics

The most accurate
Account Identification

Factors connects with an industry-leading database of over 50M company & 4.7B IP addresses to reveal up to 64% of anonymous accounts

A bird’s eye view of buyers with Account Timelines

Measure ROI across campaigns, content, and sales touchpoints. Eliminate marketing leakage and scale the right efforts, confidently.

Real-time alerts

Get real-time Slack or MS Teams notification when accounts that meet your fit-criteria visit your site.

Filter & segment

Create filters to segment visitors based on the type of companies or behaviour you’re interested in.

Automate workflows

Automatically add new accounts & enrich existing ones in your CRM, MAPs & other tool with Webhooks.

Robust IP matching

Regularly updated database of nearly 50 million accounts & 4.7 billion IPs for IP-to-Company matching.

LinkedIn intent

Make the most of your spend by revealing accounts that have simply just viewed a LinkedIn ad.

G2 intent

Make the most of your spend by revealing accounts that have viewed or interacted with your G2 profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions?
to help you make the switch to Factors

How does account identification work?

IP-based account identification works by capturing the IP address of a visitor and matching it to their company from a large database of regularly updated accounts. Factors taps into one of the largest such databases with over 50M+ companies and 5B+ IP records.

Why Factors over other account identification tools?

In short, Factors offers better data accuracy, superior account analytics, and dedicated support — all at a fraction of the cost of leading alternatives.

How can I use Webhooks?

Webhooks lets you send and receive data from third-party tools in real-time. You can use webhooks to automate tasks, integrate systems, or trigger specific actions based on events happening. For example, you can automatically create a new account in your CRM when Factors identifies an ICP company visiting your pricing page.

How long does implementation take?

Implementation takes under 30 minutes. Simply install our light-weight script onto your website and let the magic happen. In case you need assistance, we have dedicated onboarding support on stand by.

Is Factors privacy compliant?

Yes! Factors is compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR. We’re also SOC2 Type II certified. Rest assured, all your data is protected by industry-standard security.

SOC2 Type II

GDPR compliant

Make the most of your GTM efforts

Identify, qualify, and activate high-intent accounts with Factors

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