Introducing Segment-Level GTM Analytics.
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Account Identification
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Take the interactive tour below to see how Factors can help discover companies
and surface intent from your anonymous website traffic

Why choose Factors?

Discover up to 64% of accounts

Reveal up to 64% of anonymous companies visiting your website, fuelled by leading data partners — 6sense & Clearbit

AI-Fuelled Funnel Insights

Avoid unnecessary marketing leakages. Let AI monitor your funnel from page views to pipeline

Cutting-Edge Attribution

No more wasted spends, attribute each marketing effort to pipeline & revenue. Know whether to cut or scale.

Advanced LinkedIn Retargeting

Send high-fit, high-intent account segments to run account-based retargeting campaigns on LinkedIn.

Unified Account Timeline

Unify account level information across all your go-to-market tools, website, CRM, ad platforms, etc.

Holistic Account Scoring

No-code integrations and lightning-quick onboarding. Get started in minutes.

Ready to make the most of your go-to-market efforts?
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Factors can do more than identify
in-market accounts!

Buyer Behaviour

Understand buyer journey with user/account timelines, path analysis, & AI-fuelled insights. Refine what resonates with your audience.

Revenue Attribution

Attribute the impact of marketing efforts to pipeline and revenue. Eliminate marketing leakage & make every dollar count.

Funnel Reporting

Break down the funnel with granular reporting. Uncover bottlenecks & improve drop-offs. Increase your chances of converting pipeline.

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