Introducing Segment-Level GTM Analytics.
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Funnel Conversion Optimization

You have limited budgets but lofty pipeline goals 📈Now what?

You can focus on adding expensive, uncertain top-of-the-funnel to grow your business. Or you can identify bottlenecks & improve conversions to make the most of existing pipeline

Trusted by 500+ high-growth B2B teams

Optimize your funnel efficiency to a tee

Cut down on CAC & maximize your marketing ROI

Granular Visibility

Drill deep into every stage of your funnel with reporting available from impressions, clicks, & traffic all the way to revenue.

Custom Reporting & Analytics

Configure custom conversion goals, and funnel stages. Create reports tailored for your go-to-market motion without any dev dependency.

User & Account Level Journeys

Gain deeper insights into your buyer's journey by looking into their interactions at a user & account level across every stage of the funnel.

Trying to maximize your marketing efforts?

Don’t throw away your marketing dollars by ignoring funnel dropoffs

Connect your tech stack

Connect your website with all your tools - ad platforms, CRM, and marketing automation
platform, to with one-click integrations.

Check traffic quantity & quality

Go beyond the usual page metrics. Understand if you’re attracting the right audience with account identification. Measure % of ICP visitors from total traffic without switching tools.

Create bespoke funnel reports

Breakdown & analyze your go-to-market motion across multiple custom filters - conversion modes, channels, funnel stages, etc. Create & visualize the reports and dashboards in any way you want.

Deep dive into the Buyer’s Journey

Aggregate customer interactions at a user & account level with path analysis and timelines. Understand what works at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Stay on top of the funnel

Leverage AI to unlock deep insights about the funnel by stating what you want to analyze. Stop wasting time on pivot tables. Get weekly insights delivered and stay updated on any changes to funnel conversions.

Refine your Demand-Gen engine

Uncover bottlenecks & improve drop-offs by understanding what works. Increase your chances of converting leads to pipeline one step at a time.

Win, win, win

Win over
your budget,
your pipeline targets,
your marketing head,
your sales team.

Ready to make the most of your go-to-market efforts?
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