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Cold Outbound

You have a limitless list of target accounts 🎯
Now what?

You can either carpet-bomb your entire target list, strike out on most and land a few.
Or you can focus on converting the right accounts at the right time.

Trusted by 500+ high-growth B2B teams

Stay on top of in-market accounts

Beat competition to the sale

Real-time alerts

Get real-time Slack or Teams alerts when target accounts are engaging with your website, G2, ads & more

Unified timelines

Achieve an account-level view of the buyer journey across marketing & sales touchpoints

Account scoring

Score & prioritize sales-ready accounts based on fit, intent & holistic, cross-channel engagement

Trying to do outbound with one hand behind your back?

Don’t sink time into accounts that are unlikely to convert

Import target accounts

Import your target accounts from HubSpot, Salesforce, or a CSV file straight into Factors

Identify buyer intent

Decode intent signals from target accounts
engaging with your website, G2 & LinkedIn

Alert your sales team

Notify the respective deal owner or the entire
team in real-time via Email, Slack, or Teams

Prioritize the right accounts

Qualify accounts based on fit and intent.
Stay on top of high-priority accounts.

Understand prospect behavior

Get a timeline view of account interactions
across marketing & sales touchpoints

Personalize your outreach

Tailor your outreach based on what prospects
care about to drive positive responses

Win, win, win!

Win over
your prospects,
your sales head,
your ticket to the president’s club.

Ready to make the most of your go-to-market efforts?
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