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🥳 Big news! We've partnered with Clearbit to double-down on our industry-leading marketing intelligence. Read more.
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Clearbit + Factors: Partnership Announcement

Ranga Kaliyur
September 14, 2023
February 27, 2024
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We’re delighted to announce our partnership with leading B2B marketing intelligence platform, Clearbit

With this partnership, users can leverage Clearbit’s extensive intelligence database in tandem with Factors’ proven analytics platform to identify, qualify and convert accounts like never before. 

Not a Clearbit customer yet? No worries! You’ll still be able to enrich anonymous accounts with over 100+ firmographic & technographic attributes through Factors at no additional cost. 

If you’re already using Clearbit, you can simply connect Factors to your Clearbit account using an API key. 

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We’re super excited for the immense value this partnership brings to our customers. Here are a few ways in which you can expect to make the most of Clearbit + Factors

What’s in it for you?

Factors is a tried and tested analytics & attribution solution loved by 200+ high-growth SaaS teams. This partnership with Clearbit complements our core features — web analytics, multi-touch attribution, account scoring, path analysis, and more — with robust IP-based intelligence and account enrichment. Here’s what’s in it for you:

1. Identify, qualify & convert 

It’s commonly accepted that only about 4% of website traffic actually reveals itself through form submissions or sign-ups. This means that the majority of accounts engaging with your brand, remain anonymous! Now, with IP-based intelligence & enrichment, you can accurately identify hidden accounts visiting your website, engaging with product reviews, or simply viewing ad campaigns. Once identified, you can configure custom scoring criteria to qualify high-intent accounts based on their firmographics, technographics, and engagement.

This is tremendously valuable to marketing and sales teams as it’s far more effective to prioritize in-market, brand-aware accounts as opposed to cold accounts from generic ICP lists. 

An image of performance metrics of companies

With Factors x Clearbit, you can accurately identify up to 50% of anonymous accounts already engaging with your brand. These accounts may then be filtered down to ICP accounts based on firmographic and technographic properties such as industry, size, geo, techstack and more. 

Now, it’s probably unlikely that all ICP accounts on your website are ready-to-buy. Some may be further along the funnel than others. Factors helps qualify sales-ready accounts based on their engagement across websites, product reviews, and ad impressions. 

Let’s take 5 milestones to explain: 

  1. visits pricing page 
  2. visits G2 review 
  3. reads blog for > 30s  
  4. views LinkedIn ad 
  5. opens sales email 

On Factors, you may configure your scoring model to tag accounts that complete all 5 milestones as “hot”, accounts that complete none as “ice”, and accounts that complete 2-3 milestones as “warm”. Note that this scoring model is completely customizable within Factors based on the touchpoints you care about most.

Ultimately, this combination of intelligence and analytics empowers teams to go after the right accounts at the right time to drive markedly more conversions. 

But don’t just take our word for it…

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2. Build workflows, effortlessly

Go-to-market teams should spend less time worrying about operations and logistics and more time iterating on strategy to drive pipeline. To support this approach, Factors can push relevant account data to nearly any other platform (CRMs, MAPs, internal comms, etc) in the world using Webhooks (Zapier, Make, etc). 

Build workflows, effortlessly

For example, let’s say your ICP looks something like this: US-based software companies with 500-1000 employees using HubSpot. With Factors, you can configure trigger alerts so when an account that matches this criteria visits a high-intent page (like factors.ai/pricing), Factors can automatically:

  • Push this data to a retargeting list in your CRM 
  • Notify the relevant SDRs on Slack 
  • Initiate a sequence on your mail automation tool

This way, 

  • The marketing team can retarget warm accounts with relevant ad campaigns 
  • SDRs can reach out to relevant prospects while the iron’s still hot 
  • And known prospects can be placed in a nurture sequence

All without any manual intervention. 

In short, Factors can automate a lot of the heavy lifting, so teams can focus on what they do best.

Learn more about how customers use Factors for intent-based outreach and retargeting.

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3. Make the most of marketing

If you’re like most B2B teams, you’re investing significantly in paid ads, content & seo, events & webinars, and other marketing efforts. For the most part, however, it's challenging to measure the impact of these efforts. 

Let’s take content, for example. Without the right tools, marketing teams have little visibility into which anonymous accounts are reading blogs, how accounts are engaging with case-studies, and what the bottom-line impact of content assets are. 

Image of content metrics with page url

As a solution to this, Factors and Clearbit complement each other seamlessly to: 

  • Identify anonymous organic traffic to monitor traffic quality
  • Measure engagement with metrics such as time spent & scroll-depth
  • Attribute the impact of ungated content assets on conversions & pipeline

There are several other ways in which our customers are leveraging Clearbit’s intelligence with Factors’ analytics and attribution. If you’re curious to learn more, schedule a demo with our team here:


Why Clearbit?

While it’s true that there are several B2B intelligence platforms and alternatives out there, Clearbit stands out as one of the best when it comes to accuracy, technology and value. As a leader in this space, Clearbit is home to one of the largest, most reliable IP databases &  infrastructure in the market.

We believe that this partnership will further empower our customers to discover otherwise hidden buyer intent, build robust audience lists, analyze the impact of content and campaigns, and improve customer experience and conversions across the board. 


1. Do users need a separate Clearbit account to use this?

Nope! You do not need to be a Clearbit customer. Our partnership allows users to leverage Clearbit data as part of Factors for no additional charge. Learn more about how this works over a quick chat with our team! 

2. How does pricing work?

Access to Clearbit data is part and parcel of our pricing plans at Factors. You won’t have to pay extra or purchase Clearbit separately. Instead, our pricing is based on the volume of accounts identified and monthly unique visitors. Learn more about our pricing here: factors.ai/pricing

3. Can Factors identify email IDs or phone numbers of anonymous website visitors?

No. Factors works with data partners to discover account-level information such as company name, industry, size, technographics, and much more. Factors does not identify or distribute anonymous user level information such as phone numbers or mail IDs. 

4. Is Factors privacy compliant? 

Absolutely! Factors is aligned with GDPR & PECR privacy standards. Factors is also SOC2 Type II certified. Rest assured, your data is yours alone — and is protected vigilantly with industry-standard security practices. Moreover, Factors only de-anonymizes IP data at an account-level. We do not identify or distribute anonymous user-level data (personal phone numbers, mail IDs, etc) whatsoever. 

5. How does IP-based identification work?

Read more about how IP-based account identification works here.

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