Introducing Segment-Level GTM Analytics.
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ROI from PPC

You have a tight 👆budget and huge pipeline goals Now what?

You can spend countless hours crunching numbers trying to figure out what works. Or you can identify what to cut and what to scale in seconds with Factors

Trusted by 500+ high-growth B2B teams

Optimize your marketing campaigns to a tee

Minimize leakage, maximize returns

Granular reports

Monitor all the metrics and KPIs you care about — at a keyword, campaign, channel & account level

Attribution models

Experiment with a range of of multi-touch attribution models to pin-point the real needle movers

Account retargeting

Run retargeting campaigns to high-intent accounts from paid, organic, social, and direct traffic

Scale paid marketing efforts, confidently

Say goodbye to spray & pray tactics and tedious ROI analysis

Integrate your tech stack

Connect data across campaigns, website, CRM, MAPs and more in a matter of seconds

Unify campaign metrics

Consolidate granular paid campaign metrics across your ad networks under one roof

Qualify traffic quality

Know which channels drive ICP website traffic. Breakdown visitors by source and engagement

Measure bottomline impact

Go beyond impressions, clicks, and MQLs.
Quantify marketing’s impact on pipeline

Eliminate ambiguity

Experiment with multiple attribution models to demystify direct conversions & prove true ROI

Extract more ROI

Drive more pipeline, with less spend. Retarget paid visitors that are yet to convert with relevant campaigns and sales outreach

Refine your paid strategy

Allocate budgets efficiently by cutting down
efforts that don’t work & scaling ones that do.

Win, win, win

Win over
your budget,
your pipeline targets,
your marketing head,
your sales team

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