Enabling Agile Data-Driven Marketing

Our Mission is to empower marketers to make sense of their customer data to deliver impactful experiences.

Factors.AI is taking a goal-driven approach to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and anomalies across customer interactions. We envision marketers spending lesser time analysing data and more time implementing data-driven decisions.
Help us build the future of Marketing Intelligence.

Leadership Team

Srikrishna S

Business leader with 11 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Sales and Strategy. Ex InMobi

Aravind Murthy

Second time Entrepreneur, 12+ years experience building intelligent products. Ex Google, Freshworks

Praveen Das

Product Manager with domain expertise in Analytics, Data Management Platforms and Marketing. Ex InMobi


We’re supported by leading VC firms and industry veterans.

Angel Investors

Naveen Tewari

CEO, InMobi Group

Girish Mathrubootham

CEO, Freshworks

Abhay Singhal

Co-founder, InMobi Group

Amit Gupta

CEO, Yulu

Piyush Shah

CEO, TruFactor

Mohit Saxena

Co-founder, InMobi Group

Krish Subramaniam

CEO, Chargebee

Rajaraman Santhanam

Co-Founder, Chargebee

Ramakant Sharma

Co-founder, Livspace

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