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Revive Cold Deals

You have a fortune stuck in your deal funnel 💰
Now what?

You can continue to create new, uncertain pipeline and give up on previous opportunities.
Or you can make the most of once-lost deals with industry-leading intent data.

Trusted by 500+ high-growth B2B teams

Stay on top of the slightest sparks in cold deals

Come closer to cashing in your commission cheque

Real-time alerts

Get real-time Slack or Teams alerts when target accounts are engaging with your website, G2, ads, and more

Unified timelines

Achieve an account-level view of the buyer journey across marketing & sales touchpoints

No-code Integration

Unify data across ad platforms, CRM, MAP & more with intuitive, no-code integration

Revive the right deals at the right time

Don’t ignore buyers that are back looking for a solution

Sync up data, everywhere

Sync deals and automate workflows across
your CRM, MAPs & more with Webhooks.

Find previously cold accounts

Identify accounts that were once cold but are back engaging with your website, G2 profile, or LinkedIn campaigns.

Alert your Sales team

Notify the respective deal owner or the entire
team in real-time via Email, Slack, or Teams.

Understand prospect behaviour

Get a timeline view of account interactions across marketing & sales touchpoints

Personalize your Outreach

Personalize outreach based on what prospects care about to drive positive responses

Win, win, win

Win over your
your sales head,
your ticket to the president’s club.

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