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How Klenty increased website conversions by 34% & cut down time taken to build reports by half with Factors



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Who is Klenty?

Klenty is a sales engagement platform that helps sales teams reach out to prospects through personalized emails and automate follow-ups at scale.

With Klenty, you can automate repetitive tasks involved in your sales process like sending cold emails, follow-ups, tracking engagement metrics, etc - to focus more on activities like building relationships and closing deals.

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“We were also previously considering other tools, but stood out when we looked for customer journey analytics, page metrics, data accuracy, etc.”


The marketing team at Klenty found it challenging to track conversions and analyze conversion rates when it came to events and metrics from both the website and Hubspot. The other challenge was to find the root cause behind anomalies and increase/decrease in a certain metric.

For E.g., the analysis was not limited to how many users go from the home page to the pricing page and then click on the sign-up call to action (CTA) on the pricing page but also included extending this user journey right to Hubspot KPIs like successful sign-ups to MQLs to Deals. On top of this, understanding how the conversion rate between page view to button click or sign up to MQLs can be increased.


Through Factors, the Klenty team was able to double down on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) programs and Growth Marketing.

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“ has helped Klenty improve conversion rates by 34% in the first year”

1. Tracking end-to-end user journeys: Using Factors’s “Funnel Analytics” capability, Klenty was able to track accurate funnel movement and draw a correlation between user behavior and conversion on each of their high-intent pages. Through the Factors “Auto-Click” Capturing feature it made life easier for the Klenty team to measure the effectiveness of every CTA present across Klenty’s website.

E.g., Here’s how Klenty was able to track Unique users who visited Klenty's Home page >> Clicked on ‘Signup For Free’ CTA >> Successfully filled out the signup form >> Lead Created >> MQLs

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“Tracks Customer funnel movement like no one else”

2. Reporting key metrics in one place: The feature that caught Klenty’s attention is KPIs where under a single dropdown they could track all the tailor-made metrics from the website and drill them down by page URL, location, source, device, etc.

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“Saved 2x of my time by providing accurate insights & easy to use dashboards to access Klenty's metrics.”

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cutomer testimonial
“Self-sufficient for everything-conversions.”“User Friendly - Time-Saving - Highly Accurate”

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