Introducing Segment-Level GTM Analytics.
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Factors Partner Program

Join a select network of technology partners and agencies that collaborate with us to help innovative companies transform marketing data into revenue.

Grow from Day One

Our program is designed to harness the collective strengths of our technologies and services, ensuring that together, we create a bigger impact.

Joint Marketing Activities

Boost your brand alongside Factors through co-marketing initiatives. Engage in joint marketing efforts to expand market reach.

Commission and Referral Rewards

Agency partners earn up to 15% commissions and referral fees by recommending Factors; opening  fruitful revenue streams and collaborations.

Custom Engagement

We value the uniqueness of each partner and are committed to crafting tailor-made plans to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

Guaranteed Customer Success

Our team will provide guided onboarding, extensive support, and product guidance to ensure lasting satisfaction for both of our customers.

Ways we can partner


Help your customers run personalized sales outreach and account-based marketing programs at scale, and get 15% commissions.

  • Expand your service offering
  • Get access to discounted product pricing
  • Earn recurring referral revenue
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Enable our customers get access to accurate account de-anonymization and prospect engagement data.

  • Open new use cases for our solutions
  • Co-market to get better market adoption
  • Help customers boost revenue
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Nobody does it like Factors

Unified Account Data and Scoring

Qualify and target the right accounts based on website engagement, intent signals, and firmographics.

Intent-based Sales Outreach

Identify the accounts engaging with your web properties and gauge their intent without forms.

B2B Analytics & Attribution

Prove the influence of every customer touchpoint on conversions with analytics & multi-touch attribution.

There’s nowhere for us to go but up

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