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How Rocketlane Generated 23% More MQLs and Boosted Pipeline with

In conversation with Steve Colberg, Head of Growth at Rocketlane

Higher MQLs from ABM campaigns

ICP Accounts Identified/month

Early Identification of Pipeline


Professional Services Automation, Customer Onboarding.


United States of America


Account Tracking, Marketing ROI Tracking, CRM Integration, Data Trend Analysis

Rocketlane is a customer onboarding and Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform designed to empower clients to fast-track their product's time to value, amplify customer satisfaction, and effectively mitigate churn.

Discover how helped Rocketlane scale pipeline generation by helping them identify and monitor high-intent accounts and re-engage cold prospects through a mix of marketing and sales touch points.

Rocketlane's Challenges

At Rocketlane, our challenges felt like trying to build a complex machine with half the parts. We needed a solution to help us work smarter, not harder, and make our team more efficient.

Steve Colberg

Head of Growth, Rocketlane

Rocketlane's marketing team was dealing with a complex web of challenges, including targeting intentful accounts and specific roles that face the challenges it solves and accurately measuring marketing ROI. Their challenges were further compounded by gaps in understanding which marketing campaigns and activities contribute to pipeline generation, hindering the ability to make data-driven decisions and optimize their marketing strategies effectively.

Challenges with Marketing ROI Tracking

The team faced challenges tracking the success of their campaigns in engaging ideal customer profiles due to data being scattered across multiple tools, rendering it untrackable with their current resources. These challenges became particularly evident when monitoring LinkedIn campaigns, causing a dent in the team's confidence in their paid demand generation strategy.

Insufficient Insight into Pipeline Generation

The team faced a key challenge: gaining complete insight into critical digital metrics for optimized marketing strategies. They aimed to connect website trends with pipeline generation, but lacked a unified solution for generating these insights.

The Need for Seamless Integration

With pipeline measurement as their primary KPI, Rocketlane needed a more connected system. They wanted to link campaigns to generated pipelines and have CRM integration. They also sought a robust Slack integration for collaboration and immediate actions.

Difficulty Identifying High-value Accounts

Without a cohesive system in place, Rocketlane struggled in unifying account data from multiple source. Information from their CRM, website, LinkedIn, and G2 intent signals were all disconnected. This lack of unity prevented them from focusing their resources only on high-value accounts.

Why Rocketlane chose

With, our marketing efforts became more finely tuned and our ROI was better defined. It helped us move from guesswork to making informed decisions.

Steve Colberg

Head of Growth, Rocketlane

The team began searching for solutions and conducted a pilot program with Within a short period, they experienced an improvement in their marketing performance as well as account prioritization for sales outreach. identified high-value prospects and provided vital ROI tracking not previously possible manually, allowing the team to allocate resources more efficiently.

Account Scoring and Prioritization

Within days of implementing Factors, Rocketlane discovered high-intent prospects on their website. They now score accounts into tiers, directing top-tier accounts to sales while nurturing others showing intent via marketing campaigns.

Enhanced Marketing ROI

With, Rocketlane's marketing team linked LinkedIn ad-generated pipelines to engaged accounts. This process provided accountability for marketing investments and reduced the risk of funding ineffective campaigns.

Boosted Operational Efficiency seamlessly integrated with existing systems, eliminating the need for manual tracking. Its user-friendly interface made it accessible for marketers, improving both efficiency and precision in operations.

Comprehensive Data Visibility provided Rocketlane's marketing team a unified interface for tracking KPIs. They could monitor trends and anomalies, helping them fine-tune their marketing strategies. identified high ROI campaigns and content, enabling better resource allocation and improved marketing outcomes

The Results

As a result, Rocketlane has improved its marketing effectiveness, lead generation, and has seen a significant increase in its marketing ROI.

Higher MQLs from ABM campaigns

ICP Accounts Identified/month

Early Identification of Pipeline

The impact of on Rocketlane is that we’re not just doing better, we're working smarter and more efficiently. Returns on our campaigns have improved, and our understanding of our data means we can make better decisions.

Steve Colberg

Head of Growth, Rocketlane

What’s next for Rocketlane

Rocketlane plans to continue leveraging for its marketing success and future growth. They aim to further explore the capabilities of, expanding their usage beyond the current integration and taking full advantage of the platform's offerings. By harnessing advanced account analytics, Rocketlane intends to refine its strategies and optimize its growth potential.

Our appreciation goes out to our friends at Rocketlane for letting us be a part of their success story!

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