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You’re (probably) doing LinkedIn wrong. Factors helps you do it right with better audiences, intent-based campaigns, automated optimizations, and accurate ROI measurement.

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Make the most of your LinkedIn campaigns

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Audience Builder

Target the accounts that matter most

Identify and qualify anonymous accounts engaging with your brand
Segment sales-ready accounts based on cross-channel engagement
Easily sync target accounts to your LinkedIn & Google Ads audiences

Achieve better reach per dollar spent

The top 10% of target accounts consume ≈80% of ad impressions
Eliminate this lopsided ad distribution and save on wasted spends
Reallocate budgets to improve reach and drive 20% incremental ROI
Campaign Automation

Run automated, intent-based campaigns

Without intervention, LinkedIn ads distribution is skewed
Control ad distribution based on cross-channel intent signals
Assign frequency caps & direct budgets towards engaged accounts

Measure LinkedIn’s view-through impact

Click-through attribution discounts the majority (4/5th!) of impact
Leverage robust view-through attribution to measure TrueROI
Unify LinkedIn ad views with cross-channel engagement timelines

Set & forget campaign optimizations

Your LinkedIn campaigns need conversion events to self-optimize
With third-party cookie-deprecation, events are being discounted
Set intuitive, cross-channel event passback to auto-optimize ads

And the results? They speak for themselves

Results from controlled LinkedIn experiments with AdPilot

Increase in audience reach
Increase in opportunities
Increase in influenced pipeline
Lower CPMs

Account Identification Product Tour

What customers have to say

Ankit Jain


25% of our revenue is from outreach done based on Factors account identification data.

Praveen R


Factors’ account identification & account intelligence is a game changer for generating revenue.

Daniel M


Factors improves our reach and ROI by 10% and makes our LinkedIn ads way more efficient

Abhishek I.

Marketing Head

With Factors, we’ve been able to save 216,448 ad impressions and reach the largest spread of accounts per dollar spent


Performance marketer

Factors stands out from other alternatives. We saw a 34% improvement in conversation rates within the first year.

Factors + LinkedIn = Marketing Magic

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Factors over alternatives?

How long do you have? Just kidding. Factors delivers a mix of account intelligence, analytics, and activation that’s just perfect for GTM teams with unique requirements. Our dedicated customer success certainly helps as well.

Is Factors privacy compliant?

Yes! Factors is compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR. We're also SOC2 Type II certified: ensuring industry-standard protection across data security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and of course, privacy.

How long does onboarding take?

Getting started with Factors should take no longer than 30 minutes — and that’s probably 20 more than you really need. Simply follow the self-serve instructions or connect with our customer success team to kick-off for free.

I have more questions!

We’d love to help! Shoot us an email at or book a demo to learn more about how our work may be of value to your business.

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