Introducing Segment-Level GTM Analytics.
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Step 2

Get Pull marketing data together

Get a 360* view of your prospect’s engagement with your brand by unifying and analyzing marketing data inside Factors.

Step 3

Get notified of high engagement accounts

Set-up real-time notifications to alert you across Slack or Teams 
the moment a prospect performs a pre-determined action on your website, G2 or website.

Setting up

Select the event for which you want to be alerted and add a filter to trigger it only if the event matches certain parameters

Add Payload 

Add a message to accompany the alerts along with any properties you intend to see with these alerts.

Select app and channel

Choose the application and the channel(s) where you want to receive these alerts.

Step 4

Get more out of LinkedIn

Boost your LinkedIn marketing effectiveness with account-based re-targeting, engagement scoring, and analytics.

Push data to LinkedIn

Retarget high-engagement accounts are yet to convert by sending that data to LinkedIn and re-targeting them with relevant ads.

Score accounts

Prioritize accounts to reach out to by assigning a custom score to every interaction an they take with your LinkedIn ADs and organic posts.

Build reports

Analyze the impact of all your LinkedIn campaigns with no-code report builders and visualization like funnels, and stacked columns.

Step 5

Automating Outbound Sales Efforts

Set up CRM and Sales engagement platform workflows with account engagement data collated from your go-to-market stack.

Automate CRM Operations

Create or update a contact in your CRM when an account interacts with your website, views or clicks on ads, etc.

Generate Leads from Web Traffic

Identify potential customers (leads) from the accounts visiting your website. Once identified, its details will be added to your CRM as contacts.

Send Automated Communications

Set up custom email sequences that are automatically sent out to accounts based on the account’s engagement. 

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