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Drivetrain's 3x Boost in Sales Engagement with

In conversation with Praveen Rajaretnam, Head of Product Marketing at Drivetrain

hours saved / week by the sales team

reduction in the cost of acquiring customers

Sales outreach engagement


Financial Planning and Analysis




B2B Account Identification, ABM Analytics & Revenue Attribution

Drivetrain is a strategic finance platform for B2B businesses. It helps teams build integrated plans, budgets and forecasts, track their progress against targets, and identify bottlenecks to growth. Drivetrain powers several category leaders giving them a forward-looking view of their business to make faster, confident decisions.

Read on to learn how enabled Drivetrain’s sales team to transform its approach by leveraging data-driven insights, leading to a 3x increase in sales engagement and 6% reduction in customer acquisition costs.

Drivetrain’s Challenges

At Drivetrain, our challenges centered around one big question: 'Who do we prioritize?' Broad outreach and intensive account research only made the question louder."

Praveen Rajaretnam

Head of Product Marketing | Drivetrain

Before using, Drivetrain's main issue was determining which accounts to prioritize. Their broadly-targeted outreach strategy and intensive account research made it challenging to zero in and convert the most promising accounts. The absence of a comprehensive analytics solution further complicated their decision-making process.

Broad Sales Outreach Strategy

Drivetrain initially used a more general sales outreach method — reaching out to a list of companies that met their ideal customer profile — a practice often found in growing companies. Although this approach covers a large base, it can sometimes miss out on precision and may not always yield the desired results.

Account Research Tasks

The sales representatives at Drivetrain, like in many growing companies, had to delve into extensive Tier 1 and Tier 2 research to qualify and engage accounts. While this exhaustive method can yield good results over time, it often involves a great deal of time and effort, potentially reducing the sales team's productivity.

High Cost for Existing Solutions

The existing enterprise-grade account identification solutions in the software market came with a substantial price tag, posing a challenge for growing startups like Drivetrain to justify the spend.

Insufficient Account Prioritization

Before adopting, Drivetrain's sales team reached out to a vast number of companies, often without clear insights into their potential purchase intent. The absence of tools to highlight signals, such as a company visit to their website, left sales reps shooting in the dark, which likely impacted their productivity and overall sales performance.

The Need for Comprehensive Analytics

Drivetrain was limited to using basic KPIs, such as page visits, session time, and sessions per visit, for funnel analysis. Without a tool like, they could not conduct a deeper-level analysis to understand how certain blogs or pages influenced the demo booking journey for customers who filled out contact forms.

Why Drivetrain chose

With, we've transitioned from guessing games to precision targeting. We know who to target, backed by solid data. This has transformed Drivetrain's sales strategy, ensuring every step is informed and efficient.

Praveen Rajaretnam

Head of Product Marketing | Drivetrain

After integrating, Drivetrain experienced a notable shift from a broad, imprecise outreach strategy to a finely tuned, data-driven approach. By leveraging the platform's intent data, they've significantly streamlined their sales process, eliminating inefficiencies and reducing the overall Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

Boosting Sales Productivity equips Drivetrain's sales team with precise, actionable insights into prospective account engagement. The platform eliminates the need for time-consuming, tier 1 / tier 2 research by tracking accounts that show interest in Drivetrain's offerings. This data-driven approach significantly boosts sales productivity, enabling the team to engage proactively with promising accounts, thereby improving conversion rates.

Crafting Personalized Outreach consolidates data from various sources, including the Drivetrain website, G2, and LinkedIn, providing a comprehensive picture of prospective accounts’ engagement with its content and properties. Using this, Drivetrain's sales team is empowered to create highly personalized email communications tailored to each prospect's unique engagement journey. This integrated approach enhances message relevance, improving response rates and increasing engagement.

Cost Effective Solution 

Unlike enterprise-grade solutions, offers a cost-effective yet robust account identification solution. This budget-friendly approach allows early-stage startups like Drivetrain to leverage powerful sales tools without straining their budget.

Agile Sales Workflow

Through its Slack integration, provides real-time notifications about account activity across Drivetrain’s properties. This immediate access to information empowers the sales team to respond swiftly and accurately to interested parties. With notifications coming in several times a day, Drivetrain can dynamically adjust its account list and initiate outreach in near real-time.

Strategic Prioritization of High-Intent Accounts

The team employs a combination of Factors data, G2 intent signals, and their ICP list to prioritize accounts. An account is given a higher priority if it exhibits high intent across all three categories - appearing on the ICP list, visiting their website, and showing intent on G2. This combination of data sources aids in focusing their resources on accounts most likely to convert.

Deep Funnel Insights

Beyond its sales-oriented features, provides Drivetrain with advanced analytics capabilities. Customizable dashboards allow them to track website traffic, account behavior, and other key performance indicators (KPIs). The platform also enables deep funnel analysis, like analyzing the content that led to demo call booking, yielding qualitative and quantitative insights that help fine-tune their marketing strategy for improved conversions.

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The Results

hours saved / week by the sales team

reduction in the cost of acquiring customers

Sales outreach engagement

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What’s Next for Drivetrain

Drivetrain is focused on advancing its product and brand. They plan to push data directly into HubSpot, maximizing their CRM's utility and performance. Lastly, as part of their brand-building strategy, they plan to leverage SEM, influencer marketing, and focused content to win accounts from target industries. 

Our appreciation goes out to our friends at Drivetrain for letting us be a part of their success story!

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