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Cognism is a leading sales intelligence software trusted by 1800 customers worldwide. But is it the right fit for your business? Read this blog to know

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Cognism is a popular B2B sales intelligence platform that helps users discover and engage with their ideal prospects with premium company and contact information. But with numerous alternatives available to users, how does Cognism fare in terms of its data quality, pricing, and features?

In this blog, we’ll explore Cognism, Cognism pricing, and Cognism’s alternatives in detail

What is Cognism?

Cognism is a sales intelligence platform that provides advanced data enrichment, lead generation, and prospecting features to help businesses improve GTM operations. Here’s how Cognism impacts each of these verticals: 

Cognism enables direct dialing of verified contacts, streamlines the process of prospecting for new leads, and provides access to company-specific data, enhancing lead generation and qualification efforts.

For marketing teams, leveraging the platform facilitates the targeting of new accounts with contextual data points that make it easy to build account lists. It also equips marketing teams with intent data for a more targeted approach.

Furthermore, Cognism serves as a valuable tool for GTM leaders in devising strategic initiatives to drive company growth. It aids in identifying buyer intent, matching and populating missing lead values in your database, and setting a more accurate lead scoring system. 

Here are all of Cognism’s product offerings that help achieve these results: 

Prospector: Cognism combines contextual data with intent data helping you truly understand your buyer to get your relevant message right in front of buyers.

Enhance: Cognism prevents data decay and helps append your database with updated company and contact information so you don’t lose out on revenue.

Intent Data: Cognism Intent Data helps you identify accounts actively searching for your product or service, making the sales cycle shorter and helping reduce CAC. 

Cognism’s product offerings and features serve different purposes for different operations, but what about its impact on your growth and revenue?

Why Choose Cognism?

Cognism has great benefits for businesses looking to streamline their sales prospecting and create laser-focus outreach campaigns that shorten the sales cycle and drive revenue and growth:

1. Compliance and Security

Security forms the core of Cognism's service provision. The platform maintains rigorous compliance with GDPR, SOC2, and ISO27001 standards, guaranteeing the protection and responsible handling of your business data in line with globally recognized benchmarks. Cognism's dedication to safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII) underscores its commitment to ensuring robust security measures.

Screenshot of a 5-star software review by Jan, a verified LinkedIn user.
User review Source: Capterra

2. Integrations

Cognism's integration library may not be as extensive as some competitors, but it still offers a solid selection of compatible apps. This is understandable considering Cognism's smaller user base. Despite its smaller customer pool, Cognism provides integration options with popular platforms such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics, Outreach, Zapier, Wufoo, Salesloft, Vidyard, G Suite, Yahoo, Office365, Gmail, Insightly, Slack, Zoho CRM, Copper, and Close.

User review Source - G2
User review Source: G2

3. Chrome Extension 

The Cognism browser extension gives you quick access to company employees and your prospects' coworkers. It not only enhances LinkedIn profiles and Sales Nav prospect lists with actionable contact data but allows you to access company website information on target firms and their employees. 

The Cognism Chrome extension integrates seamlessly with Outreach and Salesforce to enrich records within your CRM or Sales Engagement tool- making it easier for sales teams to perform tasks without switching back and forth between multiple tabs or windows.

User Review Source - Getapp
User Review Source: Getapp

Cognism Pricing

Although Cognism refrains from providing detailed pricing information on its website, the factors influencing pricing can aid prospective clients in understanding the associated costs. Here are the three factors that help determine the pricing for Cognism’s clientele:

1. Core Platform Fee

Central to Cognism's pricing model is a fixed platform fee, granting users access to its web application and Chrome extension. Moreover, Cognism seamlessly integrates with popular sales tools like Salesforce and HubSpot. This fee ensures users can harness the platform's robust functionalities and integrations to optimize their sales and marketing endeavors.

2. Unrestricted Data Access

Cognism's platform offers an extensive repository of data to assist businesses in identifying and engaging potential leads. Under the pricing structure, users benefit from unrestricted access to this data, including the ability to export information for utilization in other applications or tools. This access empowers users to fully leverage the platform's potent data capabilities for lead identification and targeted marketing initiatives.

3. Adaptable Workflows

One of the main reasons why Cognism's pricing structure is tailor-made is because of its custom workflows. This feature enables users to customize the platform to suit their specific requirements, crafting workflows that enhance lead qualification and streamline the sales process, and are charged accordingly.

These factors determine the final cost in their pay-as-you-go subscription model. However, the ambiguity may be a cause of concern for businesses of all sizes. Apart from this, Cognism does not provide a free trial. Uncertainty with Cognism pricing? Here are a few alternatives for your consideration:

Cognism Alternatives 

Here are some of the most popular Cognism alternatives for B2B businesses: 

1. ZoomInfo 

ZoomInfo offers a robust platform beyond traditional B2B contact directories, catering specifically to sales, marketing, and recruitment professionals. In addition to its expansive database of detailed profiles, ZoomInfo provides unique features such as intent signals, which indicate companies actively exploring specific topics. Another one of its notable features is Scoops, offering valuable insights into potential business opportunities. For those seeking to optimize their outreach strategies, ZoomInfo is a standout choice.

Why pick Zoominfo over Cognism: While Zoominfo and Cognism pricing arent transparent and can prove to be costly for smaller teams, features like Scoop and advanced analytics are bonus features that make Zoominfo a better choice for teams looking for added capabilities in their sales intelligence software. 

2. Clearbit 

Clearbit stands out by seamlessly integrating data into existing workflows rather than focusing solely on data provision. Engineered to seamlessly merge with sales and marketing tools, Clearbit delivers real-time insights about prospects.

 Notably, its Enrichment feature transforms basic email addresses or domains into comprehensive person or company profiles. Moreover, Clearbit's Reveal function assists in identifying anonymous website visitors, effectively converting them into actionable leads.

Why pick Clearbit over Cognism: Cognism has an extensive and unparalleled database for the European market, but it cannot compete with the accuracy of Clearbit’s global database. For companies that are targeting US-based clients, Clearbit is the better choice between the two.

3. Lusha

Lusha, a Sales Intelligence Software, empowers business professionals in building trustworthy connections with leads, contacts, and candidates. With streamlined tools, it facilitates the enrichment and verification of business profiles, aiding sales, recruitment, and marketing efforts. 

Lusha simplifies the process by retrieving emails and phone numbers with just one click, enhancing business profiles across social networks, Gmail, and Salesforce. Its clientele spans from small and medium businesses to industry giants like Google, Amazon, Salesforce, and Apple.

Why pick Lusha over Cognism: 

Lusha claims to update its database weekly and provides proactive job change alerts to keep the sales team well-informed. Cognism falls short in this aspect as users report receiving outdated information on the platform.


Factors is an account intelligence tool with robust partnerships with 6sense and Clearbit. This is reflected in our database of over 50M companies & 4.7B IP addresses. Factors delivers industry-leading enrichment rates of up to 64% and helps qualify and target the right accounts based on website engagement, intent signals, and firmographic information. 

Compare User Ratings for Cognism Alternatives

Product G2 Rating Capterra Rating Trustpilot Rating Average Rating
Cognism 4.6/5 4.6/5 3.9/5 4.36/5
Zoominfo 4.4/5 4.1/5 3.1/5 3.8/5
Clearbit 4.4/5 4.5/5 3.3/5 4.06/5
Lusha 4.3/5 4/5 2.2/5 3.5/5 4.6/5 4.8/5 3.7/5 4.36/5

Cognism FAQs

What is Cognism and what is it used for?

Cognism is a B2B sales intelligence software that helps sales and marketing teams to build lead lists and supercharge their outbound efforts. 


How does Cognism collect data?

Cognism has created its database for email generation apart from relying on third-party vendors for data collection.

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