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Website Account Identification with

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. How does website account identification work on Factors?
  3. How can website account identification help?
  4. Why Factors?

Your B2B website is a goldmine. Here’s how you can make the most of it.

Now more than ever, B2B marketers & sales folk are being asked to do more with less. Teams are constantly on their toes trying to make limited resources stretch a long way. What’s more? As buyers become increasingly adept at spotting campaign & sales pitches from a mile away, it becomes that much harder to build new relationships from scratch.

The solution? Making the most of what you already have — like the goldmine of acccount data buried away in your website. 

Your website is arguably the most voluminous, high-traffic touch-point for B2B buyers. That being said, only about 1-5% of this traffic actually converts. So what happens to the remaining 95% of accounts you’ve worked tirelessly to drive to your site? We can’t just let all that potential pipeline slip-away, can we?

The following blog highlights how you can identify anonymous companies already visiting your site using cutting-edge account deanonymization and website  tracking technology. 

Identify your website visitors with’s account identification tool identifies who your B2B audience is and how they engage with your brand — so you can reach out with the right message at the right time. But how does account identification work? And what makes the best account identification solution for B2B teams? Let’s find out. 

How does Factors work?

Account identification like Factors use reverse DNS lookup to discover companies visiting your site based on their IP addresses. In short, reverse DNS identifies the host name of a particular IP address to provide company location information. 

Factors ai matches IP data with an extensive database to identify which company visited your site as well as other firmographic features like revenue, employee headcount, industry, etc. Note that Factors is a privacy-compliant intelligence platform that does not identify, collect, or distribute anonymous user-level data.

How can account identification help?

For sales: 

1. Find ready-to-buy accounts: Accounts that visit your website are aware of your brand. And accounts that are aware of your brand are far more likely to convert as compared to those that are yet to hear of you. With account identification, sales can reach out to otherwise anonymous prospects, capitalize on an untapped pool of buyers, and prevent low hanging revenue from slipping away. 

2. Close better deals, faster: The early bird gets the worm and the early salesperson closes the deal. It’s no secret that time is off the essence when it comes to B2B sales. With Factors, sales teams can reach out to high-intent prospects before they have a chance to interact with competitors.

3. Create better sales pitches: Sales can see exactly what content — features, blogs, case-studies, use-cases etc — prospects are engaging to anticipate their needs and personalize sales interactions accordingly. 

For marketers: 

1. Delight your sales team: Make your sales team happy with a list of high-intent, high-quality prospects for your sales team to engage with. And the best part? These are leads generated with zero additional ad spend as they’re simply companies who already visit your site.

2. Understand traffic sources: Learn which channels and traffic source high-quality accounts come from. Scale the right campaigns and close the gap between impressions and revenue. This benefit is all the more pronounced when account identification is used in unison with Factors’ end-to-end attribution and journey mapping.

3. Improve website engagement: See how companies engage with content on your website and understand what topics and themes resonate most with buyers. Gauge what’s helping and hurting website conversions and optimize performance accordingly. 

4. Optimize retargeting: Once you understand which accounts are visiting your site and what they’re looking for, it becomes that much easier to retarget the right audience. Don’t waste your ad budget retargeting everyone who visits your site — just the select few who show real buyer intent. 

Why Factors?

Well, because is the most accurate, cost-effective, and well-integrated account identification software for B2B companies:

1. Data accuracy delivers the most accurate IP-matching in the industry. In a case wherein customers provided 22,000 unique IPs (where the answers were known), different vendors were asked to match IPs with companies and provide firmographic information.’s cutting-edge IP-technology delivered a whopping 64% match rate and nearly 30% more matches than the nearest competitor. Factors provide a matchrate that’s 10-15% better than alternatives like Clearbit, Kickfire, and Demandbase.

2. Cost-efficiency is one of, if not the most cost-effective de-anonymization solution in the industry. Learn more about our pricing here:

3. Unified account analytics

Another benefit with Factors is the wide range of complementary features it has to offer along with account identification. End-to-end marketing analytics, revenue attribution, journey mapping and more — all of which provide a layer of depth and direction once you identify which accounts are visiting your site. Answer questions like:

  • What campaigns are driving the most traffic to my website?
  • What channels should I scale to improve demo conversions on my website?
  • What content resonates most with my target audience? 
  • How do our customers progress from impressions to revenue? 
  • How does marketing performance vary by buyer persona and firmographic features?

4. Website behavior and account timelines

Along with knowing which company is visiting your site, Factors light-weight script will also shed light onto what accounts are engaging with on your site. Understand website activity — including page views, button clicks, time spent, scroll depth and more. All of this data is collected using only first-party cookies — so there’s no impact on third-party restrictions.

What's more? Factors provides intuitive account timelines and user journeys to visualize, in real-time, how accounts are progressive from awareness to intent. This is a valuable feature for B2B marketers to identify buyer intent and strike with marketing material, targeted campaigns, or a simple email while the iron's still hot.

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