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ZoomInfo Pricing, Alternatives & Overview

Ranga Kaliyur
August 24, 2023
Table of Contents

ZoomInfo is an industry-leading B2B data provider that helps go-to-market teams identify and connect with their target audience through account and contact-level data. But how do ZoomInfo pricing plans work? What does ZoomInfo cost? And is ZoomInfo really worth it? 

This article highlights everything you need to know about ZoomInfo, including ZoomInfo pricing, overview, alternatives, and more. 

ZoomInfo Overview: What is ZoomInfo? 

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ZoomInfo is a leading B2B data provider that boasts one of the largest contact and company-level intelligence databases for sales marketing use-cases. ZoomInfo is divided into four broad products:

  • SalesOS: contact & company search, sales automation, conversation intelligence, workflows
  • MarketingOS: cross-channel advertising, buyer intent insights, website chat, form enrichment
  • OperationsOS: data cleansing, data enrichment, lead routing
  • TalentOS: talent search, candidate outreach, employer branding

SalesOS is the most popular product in the ZoomInfo lineup, and with good reason: ZoomInfo's impressive database spans 150 million active professionals and 14-million companies. This, in combination with its advanced search filters, real-time alerts, and integration capabilities makes ZoomInfo an attractive platform for sales marketing folk. 

That being said, ZoomInfo and SalesOS  is generally considered to be a premium product — out of reach for smaller teams looking for cost-effective intelligence solutions. Let’s take a look at how ZoomInfo pricing works.

ZoomInfo Pricing

zoominfo pricing

Given that every business has different requirements, there’s no one-size-fits all ZoomInfo deal. Instead, ZoomInfo pricing plans are based on a number of factors, mainly:

  • Credit usage
  • Number of licenses
  • Features & functionality

The price of ZoomInfo credits depends on the depth of information you require. Basic credits cover traditional demographic and firmographic data while more robust credits cover more granular data including technographics, departmental budgets, etc.

ZoomInfo does not openly reveal its pricing. That being said, we've managed to dig deep and find updated details on ZoomInfo pricing plans. In short, ZoomInfo pricing plans start at $14,995/yr with considerable add-on options available:

  • Profession plan:  $14,995 per year
  • Advanced plan: $24,995 per year
  • Elite plan: $34,995 per year

How much does ZoomInfo cost?

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of  ZoomInfo's SalesOS packages:

Comparison Professional Advanced Elite
 Pricing  $14,995/year $24,995/year   $34,995/year
Data credits   5,000 10,000  10,000 
User credits  1,000/user   1000/user
 Chrome Extension  Yes  Yes  Yes
Direct Phone & Mail IDs   Yes  Yes Yes 
 Integrations  Yes Yes   Yes
 Technologies  -  Yes  Yes
 WebSights  - Yes  Yes 
 Org Charts  -  Yes  Yes 
 Scoops  - Yes   Yes
Locations & Hierarchy  Yes   Yes
 Intent Data Add-on  12 Topics 
 Tracker  -  - Yes 
 Attributes  -  - Yes 
 Workflows  -  - Yes 
Seats   3 3  5

And here’s how the add-on credits are priced:

Bulk Data Credits Cost
 10,000 $5,500 
 25,000 $11,250 
 50,000  $17,500
1000,000   $32,500 

Is ZoomInfo worth it?

There’s no doubt that even ZoomInfo’s basic plans are relatively steep. And given the several add-on options, the cost can quickly start to spiral. Whether ZoomInfo is worth it for you or your organization depends on your specific needs, goals, and budget. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Data requirements: Do you need contact level data or account level data? Do you need high-level firmographics? Or more granular data? Depending on your requirements, ZoomInfo may or may not be the best choice. For instance, Factors.ai provides industry-leading account intelligence (but not contact-level data) at a fraction of the cost of ZoomInfo. For smaller ABM teams, Factors might deliver far more ROI given the scale and cost. 


2. Data accuracy: One of the primary concerns with any data provider is the accuracy and quality of the information they offer. ZoomInfo has gained a reputation for providing relatively accurate and up-to-date data, but it's still essential to evaluate the quality of the data in your specific industry and target market.

3. Features and Functionality: Review the features and tools that ZoomInfo offers. It provides contact and company information, intent data, firmographic data, technographic insights, intent signals, and more. Consider whether these features align with your goals and if they offer a competitive advantage for your sales marketing efforts.

4. Cost: The pricing of ZoomInfo can vary widely depending on factors such as the size of your organization, the level of access you need, and the specific features you require. Consider your budget and whether the potential benefits outweigh the costs.

5. UX & CX: Ease of use and user experience are important factors. A platform that's intuitive and easy to navigate can increase efficiency and user adoption. dditionally, consider the level of customer support offered by ZoomInfo. A reliable support system can be crucial if you encounter any issues while using the platform.

To determine if ZoomInfo is worth it for your organization, it's recommended to request a demo, explore their free trial (if available), and gather feedback from current users in your industry. Additionally, consider your specific goals and how well ZoomInfo aligns with your strategies for lead generation, sales outreach, and business growth.

ZoomInfo Alternatives

ZoomInfo is definitely in the forefront of B2B data solutions. That being said, there are several ZoomInfo alternatives worth considering — each with their own pros and cons. Here’s a quick run down:

Here’s how their prices compare per account and per seat:

Pricing ZoomInfo
Lead411 Apollo
 Price per Contact $1.00  $0.40  $1.58  $0.58   $0.75
Price per Seat  $1,800   $900 $960   $1,764 $900 


1. Is ZoomInfo free or paid?

ZoomInfo is a paid product, but it does offer a free trial in case you’d like to take it out for a spin before finalizing your purchase. 

2. How much does ZoomInfo cost?

Here’s how ZoomInfo pricing breaks down. Note that these are base prices, with room for extensive add-ons:

  • Profession plan:  $14,995 per year
  • Advanced plan: $24,995 per year
  • Elite plan: $34,995 per year

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