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ClearFeed's Journey to Elevated Outbound Success with

In conversation with Arshaq Ahmed from ClearFeed

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ClearFeed is a conversation support platform tailored for Slack-centric companies. While Slack is a key interpersonal communication tool, its potential for systematic customer support remains underexploited. ClearFeed augments Slack's infrastructure, converting it into a centralized hub for efficient support and advanced team collaboration. 

Read on to learn how helped ClearFeed optimize its outreach, harness deeper insights from the accounts visiting their website and interacting with them across G2 and paid channels, and supercharge its sales strategy for unprecedented growth.

ClearFeed’s Challenges

In ClearFeed's early outbound days, pinpointing the accounts to reach out to was a significant challenge. Without the right information, we were often in the dark, uncertain of our approach.

Arshaq Ahmed

Founding Team at ClearFeed

Before using, ClearFeed struggled to identify the accounts that were genuinely interested in their solution during their outbound reachouts. The account identification and other tools they relied upon back then couldn't effectively segment or profile their audiences. This meant ClearFeed couldn't tailor their outreach or fine-tune their sales strategies. As a result, they faced challenges in customer acquisition, with an urgent need for richer insights to shape their outbound reach out approach.

Insight into Non-Form Fills

ClearFeed sought to understand the motivations of the 95% of accounts visiting their website who didn't submit a demo form. The idea was to discern if the accounts were merely exploring or had specific interests regarding platforms like Slack and how ClearFeed might address them. Gathering this data is pivotal for ClearFeed's strategic approach to expanding its customer reach.

Inaccurate Account Identification

Before adopting, ClearFeed used other tools that were ineffective in accurately identifying the accounts visiting its website. These tools generated false positives and irrelevant information, which made it difficult for ClearFeed to know who exactly was visiting their site and how to reach out to the appropriate person within these accounts.

No Real-Time Alerts and Lack of Customization in Reporting

The account identification tools used by ClearFeed at the time only offered weekly account reports, lacking real-time alerts. The absence of alert customization and instant Slack notifications hindered their sales team's prompt response, missing timely opportunities.

Ineffective Outreach 

ClearFeed attempted to approach relevant companies from lists such as Fortune's Cloud 100 and their investor’s portfolios. However, they encountered a significant issue: they couldn’t ascertain whether these companies had a need for ClearFeed’s solution. Not having insight into whether the account has engaged with ClearFeed’s web properties in the past made it that much harder.

Engaging and Converting Leads

ClearFeed started a marketing team about a year into its operations, initiating efforts like case studies, blogs, and advertisements. They also experimented with Account-Based Marketing (ABM). However, they struggled to determine how to effectively increase engagement and couldn’t figure out the ROI from these campaigns. 

How Helped ClearFeed

With, our clarity transformed. From providing in-depth insights about the accounts visiting our website to refining our outreach, it revolutionized our sales approach. Every morning, as we checked Factors, we knew exactly who to prioritize, ensuring our messages hit the mark.

Arshaq Ahmed

Founding Team at ClearFeed

ClearFeed, in its quest to scale its customer base, faced the dilemma of understanding its website traffic and targeting the right accounts for outreach. Employing transformed their approach by providing granular insights about the visiting accounts. It enabled ClearFeed to refine its sales strategy, improving lead targeting and boosted outbound sales engagement. The impact of adopting spanned from enhancing sales workflow to increasing customer meetings.

Identifying the Right Persona 

Factors provided thorough insights about the account and its engagement with ClearFeed’s web properties. This allowed ClearFeed to pinpoint the right department or team within a large account and reach out with targeted messaging, thereby refining its sales outreach.

Account Prioritization and Customized Outreach

With a routine check on Factors every morning, ClearFeed could identify and prioritize potential accounts based on their activity the previous night. Tailored approaches like sending customized emails based on account activity were adopted.

Targeted Slack Alerts and Custom Reporting

By uploading a list of target companies to Factors, ClearFeed ensured that they only received alerts when a company from this list visited their website. The team could customize Slack alerts as per their requirements and create custom reports on the same. This allowed for swift and priority outreach along with better understanding of the accounts engaging on the website.

Increased Meeting Bookings

Using the insights from Factors, ClearFeed experienced a surge in meetings, noting that 20% of these meetings were a direct result of Factors' insights. The platform instilled confidence in ClearFeed's outreach strategy.

Accurate Account Identification enabled ClearFeed to precisely identify accounts visiting their website eliminating the challenges of false positives and irrelevant data experienced with prior tools, and ensuring targeted outreach to the right contact within visiting accounts.

Improved Engagement and Conversion

With Factors' insights on the account’s motivation to visit their web properties, combined with their marketing efforts such as case studies, blogs, and ads, ClearFeed ensured multiple touchpoints with their prospects. This omnichannel ABM approach, was pivotal in increasing ClearFeed's visibility and top-of-mind recall, subsequently boosting conversions from leads to customers.

The Results

Accounts Identified

ICP Accounts

of Meetings Influenced by Factors

The benefits of embracing were undeniable. Our meetings surged, with 20% directly attributed to Factors' insights. Their platform helped us identify the right contacts and elevated our visibility, leading to stronger conversions and confidence in our outreach strategy.

Arshaq Ahmed

Founding Team at ClearFeed

What’s next for ClearFeed

Clearfeed's future plans include continuing to grow its customer base and solidifying itself as a solution that can change how customer support is handled within the industry. Their goals are focused on sales and product improvements that can help them attract and retain more customers.

Our appreciation goes out to our friends at ClearFeed for letting us be a part of their success story!

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