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B2B Account Analytics, Attribution & Activation

Grow pipeline,
even in a downturn

Discover companies visiting your website, empower intent-based outreach,
and make every marketing dollar count towards revenue

Trusted by 200+ high-growth B2B teams

Drive pipeline, like never before

Generate predictable pipeline with AI-fuelled account identification & attribution

Discover, qualify & convert anonymous website traffic

Discover anonymous companies visiting your website with industry-leading IP-lookup technology — fueled by 6sense & Clearbit.

Refine the buyer journey from clicks to conversions

Learn what's helping and hurting your objectives across the buyer journey with funnels, path analysis, & AI-fuelled insights.

Minimize leakage,
maximize performance

Measure ROI across campaigns, content, and sales touchpoints. Eliminate marketing leakage and scale the right efforts, confidently.

Rapid, robust reporting
for day-to-day Q&As

Unify data across marketing, sales & pipeline under one roof. Create self-serve reports to answer ad hoc questions immediately.

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What is Factors?

Purpose-built B2B insights & intelligence

Account Intelligence

Discover, qualify & convert sales-ready accounts visiting your website.

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Journey Analytics

Optimize conversions at every step of the funnel with AI-fuelled insights.

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Revenue Attribution

Measure the impact of marketing on pipeline & avoid wasted spends.

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Unified Reporting

Collect & crunch marketing, sales & revenue data under one roof.

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What’s in it for you?

For Marketing

Make the most of marketing

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For Sales

Crush sales quotas, effortlessly

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