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Everstage's Road to 2.5x Sales Engagement and Enhanced ABM ROI with Factors.ai

In conversation with Anirhudh Sridharan and Adithya Krishnaswamy from Everstage

increase in matching ABM accounts vs. previous solutions

Surge in sales email engagement from prospects

Identified underperforming pages for improvement


Sales Commission Management




ABM, Account Identification, Integrations

Everstage is a no-code sales commission platform that helps organizations in automating sales commission payouts and helps drive revenue growth by motivating sales teams with real-time visibility and insights on their commissions. 

Read on to learn how Factors.ai boosted Everstage's ABM ROI by streamlining data analysis, optimizing campaign processes, and enhancing sales outreach.

Everstage’s Challenges

Converting traffic into sales is like piecing a jigsaw puzzle. Manually tracking accounts and monitoring campaign data felt like chasing shadows. Incomplete data and bot traffic muddied the water, making it hard to see our true impact. Tools were supposed to help, but with their low account match rates, we were often left in the dark. We needed something better.

Anirhudh Sridharan

Lead, Pipeline Marketing at Everstage

Everstage faced multiple challenges around its marketing and sales funnels before transitioning to Factors.ai. These included the labor-intensive task of understanding and tracking conversion rates across various platforms such as Google Analytics and HubSpot, an inability to track the performance and impact of ABM campaigns efficiently, and a lack of comprehensive insights into how various accounts interacted with their website content. The tools Everstage previously relied on fell short of providing accurate, real-time data on the accounts engaging with its web properties.

Difficulty in Understanding Sales Funnel Conversions

Everstage struggled to analyze what was happening with the traffic they generated. The task involved evaluating how each website page or piece of content was performing, requiring thorough reporting. These manual reporting processes were cumbersome and time-consuming, hindering their ability to optimize the user journey quickly.

Manual Conversion Rate Tracking Across Multiple Platforms

Everstage used Google Analytics and HubSpot for traffic analysis. However, understanding conversion rates required manual efforts like filtering out URLs in both platforms and then looking up the data. This approach was not only inefficient but also likely to result in inconsistent and incomplete data analysis.

Inefficient Tracking of ABM Campaigns

Everstage ran ABM campaigns across paid channels. Despite the campaign efforts, they struggled to track whether they were making an impact. Relying solely on LinkedIn's click-through rates or HubSpot's reporting, the company was vulnerable to misleading data due to bot traffic. The lack of real-time insights and leading indicators made it hard to adjust strategies promptly, negatively affecting the campaigns' effectiveness.

Insufficient Insights on Account Interactions

Everstage discovered that about 35% of their ABM accounts ended up on their website, and within this subset, about 10% would land on their homepage or demo page. The remaining accounts would navigate to blogs or other content. The existing solution could only export all accounts/companies that visited a specific URL, and lacked the ability to provide a detailed breakdown of the pages visited by an account in a single place.

Low Match Rate with Previous Tools

Before Factors.ai, Everstage had used two account identification tools to help understand the impact of its ABM efforts. One tool was a startup solution and the other was enterprise. It first tried the startup solution but found it inadequate due to its low account match rate. Then it tried the enterprise solution, but faced the same problems - and paid a much steeper price to use it.

Why Everstage chose Factors.ai

With Factors.ai, we're no longer in the dark. The data consolidation is like magic, no more juggling multiple platforms. Our ABM campaigns and, thus, our outreach got a big big boost in performance. In short, it's our single source of truth.

Anirhudh Sridharan

Lead, Pipeline Marketing at Everstage

Factors.ai has proven to be a game-changer for Everstage in running and measuring the impact of its Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaign, understanding the sales conversions across the different stages in the funnel, and extracting detailed account behavior analysis for outbound reachouts. Which has helped Everstage extract more ROI from every marketing dollar spent. 

In-depth Sales Funnel Analysis

The Funnel Report provided by Factors.ai allowed Everstage to gain a clear understanding of their webpage performance and conversion rates. This detailed report empowered them to identify poorly converting traffic segments and develop strategies for improvement, providing actionable insights to enhance conversions.

Data Consolidation

Factors.ai emerged as a single source of truth for Everstage, effectively replacing the need to manually check multiple platforms such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, Google Ads, spreadsheets, G2, Bing Ads, and LinkedIn. It streamlined the task of understanding conversion rates and page performance and provided vital metrics like impressions, clicks, and drop-off rates.

Efficient ABM Campaigns

Factors.ai significantly streamlined Everstage's ABM campaign process. It provided precise identification of account activity on the website, which, when combined with LinkedIn, G2, and CRM data, helped Everstage score accounts based on custom fit and intent logic. This resulted in the company being able to target only the accounts showing interest, thereby improving the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Account Behavior Analysis

Factors.ai provided an account-wise timeline showcasing their activities on the website. This detailed breakdown replaced the previous need to manually export and compare data for each URL, offering insights into potential areas of growth for their ABM efforts.

Increased Sales Outreach Engagement

The insights provided by Factors.ai contributed to a significant increase in outbound engagement rates. The BDRs could precisely target key job profiles in the right accounts at the right time with personalized emails that led to a 2.5x jump in engagement from prospects.

The Results

increase in matching ABM accounts vs. previous solutions

Surge in sales email engagement from prospects

Identified underperforming pages for improvement

With Factors.ai, we've seen real results. It simplified our data, made our campaigns smarter, and boosted engagement. Simply put, it made our work more efficient and effective.

Anirhudh Sridharan

Lead, Pipeline Marketing at Everstage

Factors.ai delivers us the best ROI in our Martech stack. The wealth of data and granularity helps us collaborate better with our BDR teams to ensure we do intent-based outreach and make every marketing dollar count.

Adithya Krishnaswamy

Head of Marketing at Everstage

What’s next for Everstage

Everstage aims to leverage Factors for growth and marketing success. Plans include utilizing Factors for advanced account prioritization, real-time intent data, and seamless Hubspot integration. They'll also harness Factors data for targeted webinars and campaigns. Experimentation with different intent data sources from Factors will enhance pipeline and sales potential.

Our appreciation goes out to our friends at Everstage for letting us be a part of their success story!

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