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How Upflow drives higher conversions by tapping into intent signals captured by

In conversation with Aashima Lamba, Senior Manager - Demand Generation at Upflow

of meetings booked influenced by

more conversions from warm leads

better ROI from G2






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Upflow simplifies B2B payments, making it easier than ever to get paid on time. They bring the convenience of B2C experiences to their client’s business, with automated reminders, personalized communication, and a user-friendly customer portal.  

Read to learn how helped Upflow identify high-intent accounts and provided data points that empowered their sales team to convert them into paying customers. 

Upflow's challenges

“SEO and organic campaigns were a success, driving significant revenue for our company. But then I started thinking: we're converting 30-40% of website traffic into leads. What about the remaining 60-70%? How can we tap into this potential goldmine?”

Aashima Lamba

Senior Manager - Demand Generation at Upflow

Upflow's marketing journey began with a classic startup tactic: cold outreach. While this helped them acquire initial users,it was time-consuming and yielded mixed results. Recognizing the need for a more sustainable approach, Upflow shifted gears in 2022.

Their focus turned to inbound marketing, specifically SEO. By creating valuable content and building backlinks, Upflow significantly boosted their website traffic and engagement. This strategy paid off, generating over 50% of their leads through an "inbound-led outbound" approach. Here, potential customers showed initial interest through Upflow's content,allowing for warmer and more targeted outreach.

With SEO well on track, Upflow explored additional channels. They leveraged organic engagement on LinkedIn and strategically utilized the G2 platform. G2 proved to be a game-changer. Upgrading from a basic to an advanced plan in late 2022 opened their eyes to the power of intent signals – data indicating a visitor's purchase intent. 

This focus on intent signals became a turning point for Upflow. 

The success with intent signals on G2 underscored one key point: focusing on buyer intent was the key to attracting high-quality leads. Upflow now needed a tool that could capture these signals and translate them into actionable steps to nurture those leads.

Upflow's existing tools, while valuable starting points, were hindering their ability to scale and optimize their lead generation efforts. These limitations manifested in several ways:

Limited Scalability

Platforms like G2 were excellent for initial intent detection, but they couldn't provide the granular details Upflow needed as their traffic and lead volume grew. 

Upflow required a solution that could handle a larger, more complex sales funnel.

Pricing and Usability Issues

Enterprise visitor identification tools offered intent data, but their pricing structure wasn't ideal for Upflow's initial testing phase. Additionally they presented challenges with a cumbersome user interface and data quality issues. 

Upflow needed a solution that was affordable, user-friendly, and offered accurate information they could trust.

Data Deficiencies

Google Analytics, their initial reporting tool, lacked the data enrichment and reporting capabilities Upflow craved. Basic traffic data wasn't enough.

Upflow needed a platform that could provide actionable insights to streamline marketing and sales processes.

It was with these challenges in mind that Upflow set out to find a solution, eventually leading them to purchase

How Upflow uses

“Thanks to's intent signals, Q1 2024 was our best quarter ever for meetings booked and conversions. We generated a significant number of high-quality leads through”

Aashima Lamba

Senior Manager - Demand Generation at Upflow

The decision to purchase was influenced significantly by the vision and drive of's CEO. The alignment of the teams' goals and ambitions played a crucial role in this decision; Aashima Lamba noted.

"I could draw a lot of parallels between our teams. I just thought that they are in it to go big and they will keep on developing their product a lot. They'll release features super quickly, and make the experience even better"

The partnership only got better starting with the fact that addressed the limitations Upflow faced with previous solutions by offering a comprehensive suite of intent signal capture, data enrichment, and reporting features – all at a price point that fit Upflow's needs.

Here is how Upflow uses

Advanced Intent Signals equipped Upflow with the ability to identify and action on the intent signals from all its online channels — website, CRM, LinkedIn, G2, and others. This approach transformed Upflow’s approach to lead generation and nurturing, and helped Upflow get even more conversions thanks to the fact that it could identify and target prospects showing genuine interest with more precision.

Targeted Marketing

  • Upflow uses to identify website visitors who aren't quite sales-ready (1 & 2 star leads). This valuable data allows Upflow to nurture these leads with targeted marketing campaigns.
  • By understanding a visitor's interests and browsing behavior, Upflow can craft personalized email campaigns and ads. This targeted approach increases engagement and conversion rates for marketing efforts.
  • By automating lead qualification through scoring, Upflow can dedicate their sales team's resources to the most promising leads (3 & 4 stars). This optimizes their sales pipeline and maximizes their return on investment.

Increased Revenue from G2’s integration with platforms like G2 significantly contributed to Upflow’s revenue growth. The product allowed Upflow to capture more granular intent signals from G2 and set up advanced automations.

This enabled them to identify high-intent accounts that were previously missed, and run automations like adding them to custom audience lists on LinkedIn to deliver ads, and sending custom intent based emails to leads that weren’t very sales qualifed. These deeper insight and automations led to more effective targeting and higher conversion rates.

User-Friendly Interface’s intuitive and user-friendly interface facilitated quick adoption across Upflow’s teams. This ease of use meant that even new team members could quickly become proficient with the tool, reducing training time and increasing productivity.

Automated Workflows automates several tasks, streamlining lead management:

  • Streamlined Lead Management: automates the creation of new accounts within Upflow's Salesforce CRM. This eliminates manual data entry, reduces errors, and ensures all relevant information is captured from the start.
  • Real-Time Sales Alerts: Upon identifying a high-intent account (visitor exhibiting strong interest), triggers instant Slack notifications to the sales team. This ensures critical leads are addressed promptly, increasing the chances of conversion.
  • Detailed Activity Tracking: creates "intent objects" within Salesforce. These objects store comprehensive details of a visitor's activity on Upflow's online channels. This allows sales reps to understand the prospect's journey and tailor their outreach accordingly.

SEO Tracking

  • Upflow migrated from Google Analytics to for a more holistic view of their website performance. provides comprehensive dashboards that go beyond basic metrics like traffic and page visits.
  • These dashboards offer insights into session times, bounce rates, and popular content.Upflow can leverage this data to identify areas for improvement and optimize their SEO strategy for better organic search ranking.
  • And as Upflow produces new content, tracks its performance. This allows them to identify high-performing content and replicate its success for future content creation.

Overall, has become a valuable tool for Upflow, improving lead generation, nurturing, sales pipeline optimization, and SEO strategy.

The Results

of meetings booked influenced by

more conversions from warm leads

better ROI from G2

“Upflow's partnership with has yielded remarkable results. We’re able to get more meetings from our inbound led outbound efforts and close more deals."

Aashima Lamba

Senior Manager - Demand Generation at Upflow

Future Plans

Upflow has set an ambitious goal to double its sales funnel by year-end. To achieve this, they'll implement a multi-faceted approach. They'll prioritize proven channels like LinkedIn ads, organic engagement, and automated outreach, leveraging their past success. 

Upflow will also explore potential in new platforms like Reddit and Twitter through targeted, small-scale campaigns to identify promising customer segments. Finally, they'll optimize existing strategies by fine-tuning SEO,boosting G2 rankings, and fully utilizing to streamline workflows and maximize results.

Thank you to our friends at Upflow for sharing their story.

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