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Introducing Segment-Level GTM Analytics.
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Leverage G2 Buyer Intent Data With Factors.ai

Divesh Sood
February 5, 2024
June 10, 2024
Table of Contents

Over 90 million users visit G2 to learn more about a software before they buy it. 

If you sell software, it’s critical to have an updated and well-thought-out G2 profile to attract in-market users who might become your customers.

Now, to make your life easier in justifying your investment into G2, the review platform offers ‘Buyer Intent Data’ — a tool that helps you see when and how users view your software on the G2 platform.

But here’s the catch. 

While Buyer Intent Data is a great step forward in getting better visibility into the companies interested in your software — it doesn’t give you the complete picture of how the user has engaged with outside of the G2 review platform. 

For instance, a typical G2 user browses through G2 product pages, sees pricing on product profiles, visits the software vertical page, and compares different products. But that’s not all. The user might also visit your website to learn more, send emails with questions, go to your events, or even click on your ads. All these steps are part of how they decide which software to choose.

How do you find this data? And is it possible to layer on G2 Buyer Intent data on top of it?

Enter Factors + G2 integration. 

Factors is an account intelligence and analytics tool that helps B2B teams identify, qualify, and convert high-intent accounts engaging with their brands across G2, LinkedIn, website, and more.

Read on to see how integrating G2 and Factors unlocks more opportunities for your company.

Before we start…

💡Knowing the basics is crucial when you’re trying to set things up. Follow the steps mentioned in our help docs to integrate Factors and G2.

Screenshot of factors' platform's 'Integrations' page showing available service integrations.

How to make the most out of your G2 subscription 

Factors helps you trigger powerful automations by combining Buyer Intent Data from G2 with engagement data collected by Factors. Here are some common use cases:

  • Capture intent signals from G2. 
  • Automate activating accounts based on G2 Buyer Intent Signals 
  • Get engagement-based alerts in the channel of your choice
  • Generate leads from G2 engagement 
  • Measure and analyze G2’s on revenue

Let’s drill deeper to understand each of these use cases.

1. Uncover how in-market users engage with you on G2

Capture every interaction in-market users take with you on G2 inside Factors. Be it interacting with your G2 profile page, comparing your product to a competitor, or viewing alternatives in the G2 product category. 

But that’s not all. 

Factors also combines engagement data from your website, LinkedIn, and CRM into a single source of truth to analyze how far along your prospects are in their buying journey. 

You can use it to filter and find prospects early in their buying journey, along with those who have found your product and are still comparing it with similar products.

Factors' analytics dashboard for Wayne Enterprises showcasing a timeline of customer interactions

2. Automate lead activation

You can run an automation to help you create lists of accounts that interact with you on G2. You can narrow this list by adding filters like if they saw your pricing page or compared your product.

Then, have the automation push these lists to create custom-matched audiences on LinkedIn.

You can set up ads to deliver custom messages to specific job titles in the target accounts based on what they saw on G2.

Workflow automation process connecting Webhooks, a Router, LinkedIn Matched Audiences, and Google Sheets.

You can also set up custom automated emails based on what a user saw on G2. 

For instance, If a user from Company 1 saw your product’s pricing, you can run an automation that pulls in contact information from Apollo or Outreach [based on job titles from company], add the contacts to your CRM, and trigger custom sales sequences.

Simple, right?

3. Get engagement-based alerts in Slack or Teams

You can set up real-time notifications to alert you across Slack or Teams the moment a prospect performs a predetermined action on G2.

 Microsoft Teams on the left and Slack on the right, both displaying alert notifications

You can get very precise with the alerts — like getting alerted only when a user from an account in your target list sees the comparison page.

Alert request

Measure G2’s impact on revenue

As with all go-to-market initiatives, you must measure how your G2 profile contributes to building revenue.

Are the leads coming through G2 actually ready to purchase your product? Does your profile stand out in all relevant categories? Without the right data, it’s tricky to understand what parts of your G2 activities are bringing results.

With Factors, you can effortlessly track your G2 efforts and identify how you can optimize them to generate more pipeline.


Funnel Report G2

Boost Pipeline with Factors Today

When you get clarity on how your target accounts engage on your G2 profile, you can finally ditch the guesswork and launch targeted campaigns to attract high-intent buyers and win more deals. 

Sign up to witness the power of Factors and G2. 

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