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Streamline ads management and efficiency with Factors' AdPilot, specifically Campaign Automation.

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July 19, 2024
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Managing LinkedIn campaigns manually can be daunting and inefficient. Traditional methods include loading audiences, approving budgets, and designing campaigns, which take time and effort. Our audit of multiple ads showed a need for better-balanced ad distribution, with marketers having limited control over this process. This lack of control can result in poorly optimized campaigns and less-than-ideal outcomes on LinkedIn.

Our new LinkedIn AdPilot's ‘Campaign Automation’ helps marketers regain some of this much-needed control. It streamlines LinkedIn ads management, ensuring precision, efficiency, and ROI. Factors’ automated, intent-based campaign management enhances LinkedIn ad performance by 20-30%.

The Challenge

Issues with Manual Campaign Management

Manually managing LinkedIn campaigns has several challenges. It consumes valuable time and organizational resources inefficiently.

Marketers spend hours uploading audiences, setting budgets, and designing campaigns, only to face challenges in optimally distributing ad impressions. This results in wasted budgets, as impressions may be concentrated on a few accounts or directed toward those not yet interested or prepared to convert.

These inefficiencies limit campaign potential, causing marketers to miss opportunities to engage high-intent prospects. Consequently, this leads to missed conversion opportunities and diminished overall performance.

Introducing LinkedIn Campaign Automation

Overview of AdPilot and Campaign Automation

Factors' AdPilot introduces Campaign Automation to tackle manual campaign management inefficiencies. It automates ad impression distribution based on intent, ensuring ads reach relevant audiences without a few companies monopolizing impressions.

This feature offers key benefits, including enhanced efficiency, precision targeting, and better budget allocation.

Campaign Automation is set to change the way LinkedIn ads are managed. It directs ad impressions to high-potential prospects actively seeking solutions. This reduces wasted impressions and ensures that every ad dollar is spent effectively.


Optimized Ad Impression Distribution

Campaign Automation directs ad impressions to high-intent, in-market buyers, minimizing wasted impressions. It enables precise targeting of prospects actively seeking solutions and optimizes ad budgets for maximum ROI by focusing spending on high-potential leads.

Here’s how Campaign Automation directs ad impressions
to high-intent and in-market buyers.

Enhanced targeting and personalization with Campaign Automation

Improved Budget Allocation with Campaign Automation

Frequency Capping Control

Our audit of over 100+ LinkedIn ad accounts found that the top 10% of companies in your target audience will likely take up 80% of the impressions. However, with the Campaign Automation feature’s intent-based ad distribution, our customers have seen lower CPMs, higher CPRs, and a lower cost per lead. 

Sales and Marketing Alignment

This capability directs ad budgets towards high-intent accounts, increasing the sales team's success rate. As companies engage with sales, they automatically receive more impressions on LinkedIn, enhancing conversion potential. This capability ensures campaigns are optimized in tandem with sales efforts rather than operating in isolation.

Time and Resource Efficiency

Automating campaign management liberates marketers' time and helps them prioritize strategic tasks over manual adjustments. Campaign Automation handles routine tasks such as audience targeting and budget adjustments. It lets teams focus on crafting compelling content and refining overall strategy. This streamlined workflow boosts productivity and improves campaign effectiveness.

In a nutshell

Campaign Automation overcomes the challenges of manual ad management. It ensures optimized targeting, efficient budget allocation, and enhanced productivity. The use cases demonstrate the impact of this feature on LinkedIn ad campaigns

Ready to elevate your LinkedIn campaigns? Leverage Campaign Automation to ensure optimal performance and ROI. Contact us today to learn more about AdPilot and how our Campaign Automation feature can revolutionize your LinkedIn ad management.

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