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Analyze the best 10 Warmly alternatives for marketing and account intelligence based on features, pricing, accuracy, and usability.

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Account identification and targeted outreach are imperative for B2B marketing and sales teams aiming to engage elusive prospects already demonstrating interest. 

But, while Warmly provides capabilities to reveal anonymous website traffic, you may be looking for warmly alternatives based on your specific requirements.

This guide will compare Warmly against the ten similar competing solutions and evaluate each platform across key factors like features, accuracy, integrations, support, and pricing to determine the best fit across various use cases and budgets. Read on for an in-depth assessment before deciding on an account-based intelligence and analytics tool to deploy.

What Does Warmly Do?

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Warmly is an autonomous sales orchestration platform that helps businesses scale personalized sales outreach and account-based marketing programs. It enriches anonymous account data, provides intent data, and engages high-value accounts in real-time.

Using predictive analytics and powerful engagement tools Warmly helps with personalized outreach across multiple channels to generate more leads and sales.

Key Features of Warmly

Warmly focuses on account & contact identification and outreach to known contacts. Main features include:

  • Autonomous Sales Orchestration: Captures buyer interest by combining intent and action data to personalize engagement across email, LinkedIn, and live chat.
  • Automated Intent-Driven Outreach: Uses AI to connect with prospects at optimal moments in their buyer’s journey by identifying the buying committee of accounts that recently visited the website.
  • Scales Sales Capacity: Allows engaging with every target account visiting the website via multi-threaded conversations without needing to add headcount.
  • Orchestrates Tech Stack: Consolidates tools, workflows, and actions to instantly capture decision-makers' interest by integrating with Warmly.

Pricing (As of Dec 2023)

  • Free forever: Supports 500 monthly identified accounts and enrichment of 60 leads
  • Paid plans: Starts at $850 per month, billed annually for up to 25,000 monthly identified accounts
  • Enterprise plans: If you need to identify more than 25,000 monthly accounts, you can connect with their sales team for a custom plan.

Top 10 Warmly Alternatives for Account-Based Marketing in 2024

So, if not Warmly, which tool should you pick for your account-based marketing

Let’s deep dive into 10 leading Warmly alternatives for identifying and converting anonymous B2B accounts through account-based approaches.

1. Factors.AI

Image Showing Home Page of

Factors is an account-based marketing and analytics platform built to help B2B organizations identify anonymous website visitors, analyze their journeys, attribute revenue to marketing efforts, and unify cross-channel data.

It empowers marketing and sales teams by turning previously unknown website traffic into qualified leads and customers. The strong foundation of datasets allows Factors to identify and enrich up to 64% of anonymous traffic—significantly higher than most alternatives in the market.

Key Features of Factors

  • Account Intelligence: Factors leverages a large proprietary IP database combining 6sense intelligence on over 100 million businesses with Clearbit's 4.5 billion IP addresses and business information catalog. With that, Factors can identify over 60% of website traffic and immediately alert users about companies visiting any of their marketing channels, including websites, LinkedIn pages (or ads), G2 pages, and more. This method of using IP data sets, paired with company intelligence, captures a wider range of anonymous traffic than nearly all competitors focused solely on IP logs or declared traffic sources. 
  • Account Scoring: Factors enriches identified traffic with 220+ attributes from data partners to construct complete firmographic profiles. This includes intelligence on company size, industry, tech stack details, buying committee contacts, location information, and intent signals scraped from LinkedIn. Sophisticated machine learning algorithms analyze activities across accounts to generate an AccountAI Score reflecting overall sales readiness. This helps marketing and sales teams effectively tier and prioritize follow-ups based on demonstrated interest levels.
  • Customer Journey Analytics: Factors maps complete end-to-end customer journeys by connecting anonymous visitors to downstream marketing and sales events across channels. Users can visualize touchpoints influencing account progression through the funnel, isolate key bottlenecks impacting conversion rates, and see true time-to-revenue for guiding optimization.
  • Unified Reporting and Attribution: Factors also allows the creation of customized analytics reports, unifying data from ad platforms, web analytics tools, marketing automation systems, and other sources via APIs. This empowers accurately measuring campaign, content, and other marketing efforts driving pipeline and revenue. Users can validate media mix and double down on the highest converting initiatives.


  • Factors is unique in capturing holistic intent signals across LinkedIn and G2 engagements and the website. This means users can identify anonymous accounts and map touchpoints from ad impressions, G2 review page views, and more.
  • At the time of writing, Factors can identify and enrich more accounts per dollar than Warmly
  • Higher reported data accuracy—The data and scoring methodology result in more precise identification of ideal customers. This means less wasted effort chasing poor fits.
  • More integrated communication channels like Slack and Microsoft Teams - Seamlessly continue the conversation where your team already collaborates without switching tools or losing context.
  • Unlimited seats for all plans so you can scale your operations without worrying about increasing costs.


  • Relatively fewer direct integrations with CRMs and API access beyond HubSpot, Salesforce, and Leadsquared. However, these limitations are resolved with Factors’ integration with and Zapier, giving you access to thousands of tools and integration possibilities.


  • Free forever plan: 100 account identifications per month
  • Starting paid plan: $99 per month for up to 350 visits, billed annually

2. Leadfeeder/DealFront

Image sowing home page of DealFront website

DealFront, formerly Leadfeeder, takes an IP logging approach to identify companies driving website traffic and appending helpful intent signals for outreach.

Key features of DealFront:

  • Account Identification: DealFront leverages techniques like IP mapping and fingerprinting matched to a database of 66 million businesses to determine companies behind roughly 40% of site traffic.
  • Contact and Account Enrichment: The platform enriches lead records for identified traffic sources with dozens of valuable attributes like company size, industry vertical, technologies used, intent signals, location information, and more through proprietary data models. 
  • Analytics Capabilities: It tracks granular prospect behavior data like content downloads, time spent per page, and referrers to provide complete visibility into research activities across site visits. 


  • Lead scoring models automatically tier accounts by engagement levels to accelerate sales prioritization.
  • Identifying remote and roaming devices provides a more complete view of account committee behavior.
  • An expansive integration ecosystem centralizes anonymous traffic data across 300+ apps for greater visibility.
  • Enriched firmographic data appended to 70% of matched visitor records.


  • Some user reviews cite issues handling changes in contractual terms, pricing, or subscriptions upon renewal and delays in resolving technical problems.
  • Reliance on external data sources may impact identification latency or accuracy for certain types of traffic according to observed effects by some customers.


  • Starts at €139 per month for 100 identified accounts, billed annually.

3. Lead Forensics

Image showing home page of Lead Forensics Website

Lead Forensics focuses specifically on matching website IP addresses to an internal database of company information. It alerts sales teams about target account visits for rapid outreach.

  • Account Identification: The platform cross-checks IP addresses from web traffic against a catalog of 1.4 billion IPs to identify associated businesses, typically providing company attributes for roughly 40% of visits.
  • Lead Routing and Notifications: Real-time browser alerts notify reps when target accounts exhibit research behaviors across site pages. Lead Forensics automatically updates lead records in supported CRM platforms like Salesforce for immediate sales follow-up.
  • Enhanced Profiles: For matched traffic, Lead Forensics enriches visitor data with useful B2B metrics like company size band, geographic details, industry classification codes, and more to support segmenting by firmographic criteria.


  • Real-time alerts enable sales follow-up within 5 minutes of high-value visits to improve conversion results by 45%.
  • AI-enabled scoring is available for lead prioritization assistance.
  • GDPR compliant to support international data handling requirements.
  • Predictive analytics forecast buyer readiness without intensive data science resources.
  • Emergency weekend support services ensure critical issues get rapid attention.


  • With a comparatively smaller database of 1.4 billion IP addresses to check against and a <50% data accuracy, fewer accounts visiting your website can get matched to the companies.
  • Currently, Lead Forensics lacks account timelines, multi-touch attribution, or revenue analytics.


  • Currently, the exact pricing is not available publicly, and you need to reach out to the sales team for quotes which are based on usage and data needs.

4. Lead Lander

Image showing Home page of Lead Lander Website

Lead Lander offers an expansive, frequently updated IP database with predictive analytics to identify anonymous accounts, score their potential, and automatically transfer hot leads to CRMs for sales execution.

  • Account Identification: By comparing website IP logs against its database, Lead Lander can determine associated business details for accounts. However, depending on the industry, they offer an accuracy of <50% of the traffic.
  • Lead Analytics and Scoring: Proprietary machine learning algorithms analyze account and contact-level data points like repeat visits, page views, referer quality, time on site, and recent activity to generate an automated lead score reflecting sales potential. 
  • Campaign Exposure Tracking: Lead Lander pairs inbound research activity with outbound campaign deployment dates across channels like email, events, content syndication, and paid media. This closed-loop reporting validates prospect-level awareness, engagement lift, and sales impact across tactical programs.


  • Pre-built integrations with platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce help streamline data flows to improve workflow efficiency.
  • Account enrichment features enhance seller context for personalized outreach by surfacing intelligence on firmographics, recent triggers, and a timeline view of historical account behavior.
  • Lead Lander’s form tracking visibility supports understanding how landing pages and forms convert so teams can optimize lead capture processes.


  • A maximum of 100 identified monthly (for the base plan) accounts will likely prove too restrictive for sales teams needing to run large-scale account-based campaigns and outreach initiatives.
  • Some reviewers believe that <50% data accuracy can lead to data inaccuracy. Other competing solutions like Factors (65+%) and Warmly offer more.


  • Base plan: Starts at $99/month. It is an affordable solution for identifying accounts and contacts. Offers a maximum of 100 accounts that can be identified in this plan.

5. LeadInfo

Image showing home page of LeadInfo website

LeadInfo captures IP addresses from anonymous accounts that visit your website and appends actionable intelligence to accelerate sales prospecting.

Key Features of LeadInfo

  • Real-Time Account Identification: LeadInfo leverages an IP cross-check database of over 220 million businesses to instantly identify details on companies driving web traffic, typically matching 30-40% of monthly accounts to commercial entities. Alerts get pushed in real-time to CRM and email platforms.
  • Enriched Profile: For identified companies, LeadInfo enriches visitor data with dozens of valuable B2B attributes around industry classification, technologies used, regional headquarters, and contact roles to facilitate lead qualification, routing, and prioritization for sales teams.
  • Lead Management: Intuitive lead dashboards allow filtering website traffic by source, time on page, keyword usage, and other engagement metrics. Teams can easily tag records matching customer criteria for ideal follow-up segmentation across sales and marketing.


  • 220M+ firmographic database is also one of the largest company databases on this list and can be quite useful for businesses.
  • LeadInfo is known to offer excellent and prompt support for customer queries.
  • GDPR compliance helps you ensure you are not breaching any EU laws while trying to capture data.


  • Anecdotal evidence suggests that LeadInfo offers <50% match rate for anonymous traffic–leading to lost connection opportunities as prospects conduct research without triggering any follow-ups due to data gaps.
  • Per user feedback, the absence of contact-level insights or personnel names available in firmographic data makes it challenging to personalize initial outreach messaging.


  • Base plan: €129 monthly pricing (billed annually) for up to 400 identified accounts.

6. LeadPost

Image showing home page of LeadPost website

LeadPost combines anonymous account identification with seamless integrations across advertising channels to enable targeted account-based digital campaigns through core capabilities.

Key Features

  • Account Identification: LeadPost uses IP tracking matched against an internal database to reveal company details on just 20% of monthly website traffic. Lower match rates mean more anonymous accounts get missed for outreach.
  • Retargeting Integration: Matched accounts get automatically added to customizable target lists for deployment across search, social media, and programmatic display advertising through supported platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and more. 
  • Orchestration Tools: LeadPost allows configuring specific paid media budgets across integrated ad platforms to set and optimize cost controls easily. Real-time dashboards provide campaign performance visibility like clicks, conversions, and return on ad spend in one unified view with CRM data.


  • LeadPost has integrated budget controls that allow you to set custom monthly ad spend limits and optimize costs. 
  • Like most Warmly alternatives, it offers one-click integrations to push leads into CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot for automated lead delivery.
  • You can integrate suppression lists to filter out existing contacts and capture new prospects. 


  • LeadPost only identifies up to 20% of anonymous accounts, lower than other tools like Factors (60+%) and LeadFeeder (40%).
  • Unlike other tools, LeadPost does not provide keyword-level tracking of accounts or allow you to view pages visited.
  • It lacks predictive lead scoring to identify high-propensity prospects based on behavior and attributes. Most competitors offer this feature.


  • Base plan: LeadPost starts at $99/month for up to 250 leads. The plan offers all the features you need to get started. Your website must have at least 1000 monthly unique visits to integrate with LeadPost.

7. Albacross

Image showing home page of Albacross website

Albacross combines IP-to-company matching with real-time sales alerts and cross-channel advertising capabilities for account-based activation.

Key Features

  • Account Identification: The platform identifies businesses based on IP address, matched against an internal database of over 15 million companies to reveal some attributes about matched traffic sources.
  • Sales Notification Tools: In real-time, Albacross alerts designated CRM users and other integrated collaboration platforms when target accounts exhibit website engagement during their buyer journeys to drive rapid, personalized outreach.
  • Advertising Integrations: Matched accounts get automatically added to customizable target segments for deploying display advertising campaigns across platforms like LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook. Advertising capabilities span early to mid-funnel only.


  • Easy to set up and integrate with CRM, marketing automation, Slack, etc.
  • Identifies companies visiting the website and captures their intent signals like pages visited. Provides insights into the ideal customer profile. (Newaz Chowdhury, Marketing Executive)
  • Alerts sales reps in real-time when target accounts visit the site so they can engage quickly. (Thorsten B., Team Lead Digital Marketing)
  • Helps segment and target accounts for account-based marketing and sales campaigns.
  • Provides firmographic data like industry, revenue, and location to enrich visitor profiles.


  • Unlike competing tools, Albacross does not have third-party intent data, and the "personal" contact details are vague. (G2 Reviewer)
  • Some metrics are not as straightforward, and it is unclear how some KPIs are calculated (for example, Activity Bar/Scoring). (G2 Reviewer)
  • The sorting of segments and filtering could be more agile. Currently, you can't filter on name or size. (Anne Katrine V., Head of Marketing)
  • The prices can be steep if you have a high-traffic site and would like to identify more accounts than just the 100 in their base plan. (David C., Chief Marketing Officer)
  • Albacross does not offer CRM integrations and no direct connection. So, a tool like Zapier must connect data between tools. (Lara L., S)


  • Base plan: $79 per month, billed annually, for 100 identified accounts. The plan offers all the other features of Albacross. Higher plans require you to get a quote from the team.

8. Visitor Queue

Image showing home page of Visitor Queue website

Visitor Queue identifies anonymous website traffic in real-time and builds differentiated site experiences for accounts based on matched attributes and behaviors through tools like:

Key Features

  • Account Identification and Analytics: By comparing website IP logs against an internal database, Visitor Queue provides the name, industry vertical, location, and technology details of businesses. However, it lags behind industry standards in the percentage of identified accounts. 
  • Lead Management and Transfer: Matched accounts get automatically added to customizable queues with capabilities to filter and search records by keywords, data fields, and website analytics metrics. 
  • Personalization Engine: Visitor Queue allows serving tailored site content like banners, case studies, testimonials, and pricing for identified accounts matched to configured audiences across categories like company size, industry, tech used, and others to boost engagement.


  • VisitorQueue provides unlimited user seats, enabling sales teams to widely share account intelligence across the organization without incurring additional licensing fees or access limitations. 
  • Native contact enrichment capabilities equip sales reps with firmographic, technographic, and intent data to personalize and contextualize outreach messaging for improved response rates.
  • Direct integration with CRM systems (only in Pro plans) helps sales teams streamline flows of enriched visitor data into these downstream platforms to align with existing workflows. 


  • As per anecdotal evidence, the data accuracy isn’t as good as the competitive solutions, which puts the effectiveness of any outreach actions taken on VisitorQueue intelligence into question. 
  • We couldn’t find information on their company database sourcing, scope, or rigor, making it difficult to assess quality standards for enterprise readiness.
  • It only connects with Zapier for integrations versus more robust connectivity offerings from rival tools.


  • Base plan: Starts at $31 per month. This makes VisitorQueue quite affordable, helping smaller or growing revenue teams try out account intelligence without a lot of investment. Like most other tools, this plan allows the identification of up to 100 unique companies/month.

9. Snitcher

image showing home page of Snitcher website

Snitcher identifies and segments anonymous accounts for building targeted remarketing campaigns and custom analytics reporting through core features like:

Key Features

  • Account Identification: Snitcher uses automatic IP address tracking matched to an internal company database to reveal business details. However, their accuracy may be reportedly lower than other top Warmly competitors. 
  • Analytics Integration and Segmentation: Snitcher pushes visitor data into integrated marketing platforms like Google Analytics and Facebook to construct target account audiences for search, social media, and display advertising remarketing. 
  • Lead Management: Proprietary algorithms score identified traffic on various engagement metrics to classify visitor quality as low, medium, or high conversion potential. High scores get automatically routed into supported CRM systems like Salesforce for sales execution.


  • Snitcher accurately identifies companies visiting your website, allowing you to turn unknown traffic into actionable leads. (Maciej H., PR & Marketing Specialist)
  • The platform enriches visitor data with detailed firmographic information like company name, industry, location, etc. This provides context to understand better and segment your traffic. (Shashank S.)
  • Snitcher is quick and easy to implement, with minimal technical know-how required. The intuitive interface allows anyone to analyze traffic and export data effectively. (G2 reviewer)


  • The lower pricing tiers limit the number of leads identified, which may be restrictive for higher-traffic websites. (Jakub M., CEO of a Small Business)
  • While identification is accurate overall, some reviewers noted inconsistencies in enriching some visitor data with company information. (Jeroen A.)
  • Reviews mentioned the need for more advanced analytics and visualization capabilities built into the platform. (Nikolaj Storgaard P.)


  • Base plan: Starts at $39/month, making Snitcher an affordable solution. You can identify a maximum of 100 unique accounts per month.

10. Untitled Firm

Image showing home page of Untitled Firm webpage

Rather than simple account identification, Untitled Firm takes an identity resolution approach using probabilistic matching to connect behavior across known and anonymous individuals.

Key Features

  • Identity Graph: Untitled Firm builds an identity graph mapping interactions to individuals using statistical models assessing signals like name, location, employer, title, and more to determine matches across authenticated and unauthenticated events.
  • 360 Profiles and Segmentation: By combining data from CRM records, transaction systems, web analytics, and other sources, Untitled Firm offers enriched customer records reflecting commercial, behavioral, and technical data. Through integrated data science capabilities, you can then use this to inform personalization use cases across marketing, sales, and service scenarios.
  • Activation Channels: Marketer users can leverage persona scores, lookalike modeling, churn analysis, and other data applications as triggers for orchestration across messaging channels and deliver tailored experiences.


  • Unified customer profiles can help sales and marketing teams gain a more holistic understanding of customers to drive personalized engagement.
  • Identity resolution provides visibility into entire customer journeys across devices and touchpoints that are lacking with IP identification alone.
  • Lead enrichment enables acting on anonymous traffic instead of losing those prospects, potentially increasing conversion rates.
  • Privacy controls can help ensure compliance in the new data privacy regulatory environment.


  • Less extensive third-party data integration may limit lead enrichment capabilities compared to some alternatives.
  • It is still new, so technology and features may not be as mature as established players.
  • Reliance on pre-built integrations can make connecting new data sources or platforms more difficult.
  • Advanced analytics capabilities lagging competitors means less customizable reporting and visualization currently.
  • The accuracy of identity resolution has yet to be fully proven across diverse customer bases and websites.


  • Base plan: Untitled Firm charges based on the monthly traffic and account resolutions. The pricing starts at $500/month for 0-1000 resolutions and grows to $17,500/month and beyond. 

Go For the Best Warmly Alternative and Enhance Pipelines

With account identification and engagement vital for B2B revenue growth, platforms like Warmly capture and reveal anonymous accounts and help sales teams prioritize their outreach and follow-up. That being said, based on your requirements, you may find an alternate solution to be a better fit. Here's why Factors could be the right choice for you:

  • Industry-leading account identification rates of up to 60%
  • Account scoring and full funnel analytics
  • Enhanced data unification and attribution quantifying marketing’s pipeline impact
  • Forever free version with all capabilities and indigenous integrations


With its immense proprietary database and machine learning-driven analytics, Factors helps you:

  • Capture 27% more anonymous website visitors than most competitors
  • Score accounts and prioritize sales outreach more intelligently
  • Visualize complete journeys and optimize channel spending allocation
  • Prove ROI across programs to double down on growth drivers

Want to see how Factors can help you? Book a personalized Factors demo today! 

See how account intelligence and machine-learning-based analytics capabilities can drive more value and accelerate account-based pipeline growth.

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