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How Acadia Leverages for Effective Warm Prospecting

In conversation with Thom Smith, VP of Marketing at Acadia


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Account Identification, Account Scoring

Acadia offers a cloud-based connected worker platform that helps build employee capabilities and improve their performance. It integrates with a wide range of systems for authentication, automated event triggers, and reporting outputs. This helps businesses understand the impact their employees have on important business metrics,. Their software is used by companies like AB InBev & Mohawk Industries.

Read to learn how empowers Acadia to identify high-potential prospects visiting their website, allowing them to focus their sales efforts and close more deals.

Acadia's struggles before

Identifying the prospects visiting our website was a real roadblock for our growth. Our previous tools either missed a lot of potential leads or provided limited ROI.

Thom Smith

VP of Marketing at Acadia

It can be tough for any startup to build awareness, and Acadia was no exception. Limited brand recognition meant fewer organic demo requests as their website traffic grew.  

To address this, their marketing efforts focused on identifying potential prospects actively seeking solutions in their market. A key method involved de-anonymizing high-intent anonymous companies landing on their website from targeted advertising and then reaching out to them via sales development reps.   

Previously, Acadia relied on Google Analytics to identify website visitor IPs. They'd then manually compile these IPs into a spreadsheet and use a separate database to identify the corresponding companies. While time-consuming, this method allowed them to build a basic database of potential accounts interested in their solution. However, Google removed the capability to access visitor IPs, leaving Acadia scrambling for a new solution.

In the years since Acadia explored alternative platforms like a European account identification solution and an enterprise ABM platform. Unfortunately, the European account identification offered a low match rate, identifying only 20% of their website traffic. This was problematic for a startup needing to maximize lead generation from limited website visits. While the enterprise ABM platform provided a better match rate,  the match rate was only about 40% and at such a high cost that the value provided didn’t justify the expense. Ultimately, Acadia faced a trifecta of challenges:

  • Existing tools struggled to identify a significant portion of their website traffic.
  • The cost of these tools often outweighed their value. 
  • The lack of automation support made scaling their lead identification process difficult.

These issues highlighted their need for a more accurate and cost-effective solution. 

A solution like

How Acadia uses was a great find. It delivers high-quality data at a price that works for us. More importantly, the team at Factors is helpful and responsive, something I really value in the partners we work with.

Thom Smith

VP of Marketing at Acadia

In the PoC process, it was clear that was going to provide significantly more valueoffering much better account identification rates at a better cost. 

Switching to was a no-brainer for the team at Acadia. 

Here are the key ways Acadia uses

Warm outbound prospecting

The Acadia team uses on a daily basis to generate a report for the sales team. These reports detail the relevant traffic from the previous day, providing insights such as company size, industry, and visitor journey. 

Armed with this wealth of information, the sales team can effectively assign new accounts for prospecting based on the identified ideal customer profiles and reach out with more personalized messaging.

Ad campaign optimization

Beyond lead generation, empowers Acadia to optimize its search ad campaigns. While their existing campaigns are well-tuned, specific keywords can attract irrelevant traffic. Here, proves invaluable. By analyzing website visitor data, Acadia can pinpoint which keywords attract their ideal customer profile and adjust their ad campaigns accordingly.


Finally, offers robust reporting capabilities. While Thom, a data enthusiast, prefers to download data for further analysis, the platform's reports provide valuable insights at a glance. This flexibility caters to different user preferences, ensuring everyone on the team can leverage the information gleaned from website traffic.

Top 4 features for Acadia

  • Account identification
  • Website engagement tracking
  • Keyword traffic analysis
  • Reporting & Data Download

The Results provides us with rich details like company firmographics, their engagement with our website, and even the keywords they used to find us. This is incredibly valuable. It allows us to target our outreach more effectively and connect with the right businesses.

Thom Smith

Future Plans

Acadia's future looks bright. They have a strong product and a fantastic core client base. We’re thankful to our friends at Acadia for sharing their story with us.

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