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Aviso's Evolution from Data Gaps to Robust Account Insights with Factors

In conversation with Amit Pande and Gayatri Ivaturi from Aviso





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B2B Account Analytics, Enterprise Account Identification

Aviso is an AI-driven Revenue Operating System specializing in sales forecasting, analytics, and AI-guided selling. It helps GTM teams deliver forecasts, predicts future sales pipeline, and optimizes deal-winning strategies. Born as an AI-guided selling platform, the company has since broadened its suite to encompass conversational intelligence and various AI-guided selling solutions. It is used by leading enterprises from Honeywell, ServiceNow, Seagate, and RingCentral.

Data Challenges at Aviso

Before Factors, Aviso grappled with fragmented data and shallow insights. Marketing felt disconnected. We craved clearer, actionable data.

Gayatri Ivaturi

Director of Marketing at Aviso AI

Aviso's early digital marketing efforts were constrained by limited data.

Relying on tools like Google Analytics gave only basic insights, making it hard for the team to understand the user's intent or accurately track account interactions.

Without proper data, Aviso couldn't easily identify potential accounts interested in their solution and engaging with their web properties or know which content worked best with its audience.

Aviso's challenges in a glance:

  • Rudimentary data collected by existing tooling
  • Limited understanding of the customer's intent
  • No way to identify accounts engaging with its brand

The Impact of Factors on Aviso's Strategy

Since embracing Factors, Aviso's perspective has shifted. We've gained a deeper grasp on the profiles of accounts interacting with us online, which guides our content creation to be more resonant.

Gayatri Ivaturi

Director of Marketing at Aviso AI

Factors offered insights into how organic content, like blogs, impacted its pipeline and revenue — helping the team understand the true impact of marketing investments.

On top of that, Factors helped Aviso identify and engage high-intent accounts interacting with its web properties, enabling them to  understand the if they were attracting the right accounts with their campaigns.

How Factors solved Aviso's challenges:

  • Provided thorough insights into the buyer journey at a user & account level across every stage of the funnel
  • Helped identify the high-intent accounts who were engaging with its online properties across - website, LinkedIn, G2

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The Results




Collaborating with Factors has helped us identify the accounts engaged with our properties on the web, fine-tune our content strategy, and discern connections between ad activities on LinkedIn and form submissions on our site.

Amit Pande

CMO at Aviso AI

What’s next for Aviso

Aviso is charting a path to amplify its revenue and expand in new markets. Central to this vision is refining marketing campaigns and amplifying organic reach using sharp insights. They also aim to better grasp content intelligence from their site for enhanced performance.

Our appreciation goes out to our friends at Aviso for letting us be a part of their success story!

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