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How FourFront agency automates ABM reporting & attribution with Factors.ai

In conversation with Sam Barth, Paid Media Manager & ABM evangelist at FourFront


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FourFront [formerly known as GroMo] is a Dallas-based, full-service digital marketing agency. Its team is comprised of talented data scientists, sales enablement specialists, and strategy experts, all of whom work to help businesses align demand gen and execute marketing efforts that drive revenue. As an agency, FourFront specializes in paid media, sales enablement, marketing automation, and especially account-based marketing (ABM). 

Read to learn how Factors.ai helped helped FourFront understand the impact of their ABM campaigns better and help clients get better conversions.

FourFront’s challenges

“Running marketing campaigns across multiple platforms can be challenging to maintain, especially when it comes to being able to connect your efforts to a client’s revenue stream.”

Sam Barth

Paid Media Manager & ABM Evangelist at FourFront

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) sits at the heart of FourFront's [and their customer’s] success. This strategic approach prioritizes identifying and cultivating high-value accounts, tailoring marketing efforts to their specific needs and pain points. By tracking and analyzing customer journeys across marketing touchpoints, from website visits to social media interactions, FourFront gains a deeper understanding of their customer’s ideal customer profile.

This deep understanding fuels personalization, allowing FourFront to craft targeted messaging and content that resonates with each high-value account for their customers. 

However, executing a successful ABM strategy requires overcoming several hurdles:

Data Collection and Wrangling

Gathering marketing data from multiple sources like website analytics, CRM, and marketing automation platforms can be incredibly time-consuming. This process, often referred to as "data wrangling," involves cleaning, organizing, and unifying disparate data sets. 

This can be a significant undertaking, diverting valuable resources away from creative and strategic initiatives like campaign development and personalization efforts.

Data Deluge

Once the data is collected, the challenge shifts to making sense of it. Marketing analytics can quickly become an opaque and overwhelming task without the right tools. Large, complex datasets require expertise and advanced technology to translate them into actionable insights that inform effective ABM strategies.

Strategic Development

Having the data readily available is just the first step. Developing a data-driven strategy that leverages insights to personalize campaigns and optimize targeting for high-value accounts requires ongoing analysis and strategic thinking. This ongoing process ensures that FourFront's ABM efforts remain laser-focused and deliver maximum impact.

These challenges can significantly hinder the effectiveness of ABM efforts. This is where solutions like Factors.ai come into play, offering tools and technology to streamline data collection and analysis, ultimately empowering companies like FourFront to maximize the return on their ABM investments.

Read further to see how FourFront uses Factors.ai.

How FourFront uses Factors.ai

“Factors's ability to consolidate conversion rates and filter different attributes gives us a clear picture of what kinds of assets we should be using across all our platforms.”

Sam Barth

Paid Media Manager & ABM Evangelist at FourFront

Faced with data hurdles like consolidating metrics across clients and attributing touchpoint influence, FourFront sought a solution. Factors.ai, specializing in these areas, became a natural partner. FourFront initially used Factors.ai with Shoppa's, a leading material handling dealership, then expanded to Versium, a B2B SaaS startup, and BHG, a large opioid treatment center.

Streamlined Reporting

Gone are the days of manual spreadsheets. Factors.ai integrates client data, creates individual projects, and sets up custom dashboards for each. These dashboards offer automated reports on ABM, paid campaigns,attribution, and more. FourFront tracks key metrics like programmatic spend, clicks, and impressions. Additionally,Leadfeeder data is connected to track granular outcomes and custom ABM metrics, helping identify revenue-driving paid media efforts.

End-to-End Attribution

With Factors.ai, FourFront's clients have access to multi-touch attribution models, flexible windows, and model comparisons. This provides insights into customer journeys across ad campaigns, website activity,and CRM events. This valuable information informs ROI optimization and resource allocation. FourFront uses customized attribution reports visualized as scatter plots to clearly see lead-to-opportunity-to-won deal attribution.

Tailored Data

Factors.ai creates custom metrics, events, dimensions, and properties for relevant reports. FourFront leverages these to set up seven ABM themes with specific KPIs like "Deal size" and "Campaign ROAS." These custom dimensions are then used to create campaign types for analysis and optimization.

Automated Insights

Explain, an AI-powered feature, that analyzes custom conversion goals and identifies statistically significant performance changes. This provides FourFront and its clients with actionable insights into what marketing efforts are effective.

Client-Specific Uses

Shoppa's: They use Factors.ai's full suite of analytics, including campaign and website analytics, funnels, and more.Custom engagement, conversion, and awareness metrics are key for Shoppa's.

Versium & BHG: These clients track programmatic spend, clicks, and impressions as their main KPIs. They also use custom attribution reports and will soon leverage Leadfeeder data to analyze revenue and paid marketing correlations.

The Results

“Factors has a great team behind its product to help customize the software to fit your company’s operations. The collaboration helps tremendously with any technical hurdles.”

Sam Barth

Paid Media Manager & ABM Evangelist at FourFront

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