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How Plotline booked 10% more sales meetings with

In conversation with Aditya Bhattacharyya, Plotline


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Plotline is a SaaS platform empowering organizations with mobile apps to engage users through dynamic in-app interactions such as videos, spotlight highlights, stories, tooltips, animations, coach marks, and bottom sheets. It's crafted for product and growth teams to drive feature adoption, onboarding, retention, without needing to expend developer bandwidth.

Read on to learn how helped Plotline generate more sales meetings and understand the effectiveness of their website pages and blogs.

Plotline’s Challenges

We were not sure whether our ICP is visiting our website. We needed indicators to tell us whether marketing and sales efforts were bringing the right prospects to the website.

Aditya Bhattacharyya

Leading Growth at Plotline

Earlier in 2023, Plotline launched a campaign to make use of product use cases led content to help its prospects understand how they could use Plotline. However, Plotline didn't have the right tools to track if these efforts were actually bringing in more business.

They also couldn't tell if their money spent on LinkedIn and Google ads was reaching the right companies or what these companies did once they visited the website. This lack of insight made it hard for the sales team to know which companies to focus on since they didn’t know if these companies had shown interest in their product before or what they were interested in.

To solve this, the team looked for a system that could identify potential customer accounts and track their activity, but the options they found were too expensive or didn't have everything they needed.

They needed a more agile solution, and then they found Factors via word of mouth. 

How Factors helped Plotline

Factors helps us identify which companies are visiting our website with reasonable accuracy. We can track accounts showing high intent, like visiting our pricing pages, and reach out in a timely manner.

Aditya Bhattacharyya

Leading Growth at Plotline

With Factors in place, Plotline could identify which of its content was bringing more traffic and the content that its prospects engaged with. This intelligence allowed them to refine their content strategy, focusing on creating more of what truly engaged their audience and drove business results.

That, plus the fact that now Plotline could see the accounts who visited its website, the channels responsible for the engagement, and received Slack alerts about the engagement in real-time, made it easier for the sales team to reach out to in-market accounts who were interested in a solution like theirs.

The Results

Plotline now attributes 10% of its sales meetings to Factors’ insights—these are meetings that they could’ve missed booking if not for Factors.

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Future plans

Plotline plans to expand to global markets and add more features to its product suite in the upcoming year. With Factors, they plan to use it to retarget accounts engaging with their website with LinkedIn ads and run co-marketing campaigns with their customers and partners. 

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