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How RevenueHero Saved 12 hr/m per SDR with

In conversation with Krupesh Muthukumar, Co-Founder, RevenueHero

ICP Accounts Identified

Outbound Email Engagement

hours time saved/month per BDR


Inbound Lead Conversion and Scheduling




Account Identification, Integrations

Revenue Hero is an inbound revenue acceleration platform for B2B companies. It automates "speed to lead" by instantly displaying the right sales rep's calendar after a prospect fills a form, streamlining meeting scheduling and lead routing. Integrating seamlessly with CRMs, it ensures real-time engagement and fills sales pipelines with qualified meetings. 

Read on to learn how helped RevenueHero revamp its inbound strategies and boost sales engagement with thorough real-time account insights, key platform integrations, and thoughtful automation.

Revenuhero's Challenges

Understanding inbound traffic should be like navigating on a clear day. But for us, it felt like trying to chart a course through a fog. We had to wait days to see who was visiting our site, and by then, the momentum was lost. We needed immediate feedback, and real-time insights. With our previous tools, it felt like navigating blindfolded.

Krupesh Muthukumar

Co-Founder, RevenueHero

Before implementing, RevenueHero grappled with a series of challenges. The existing tools in place were restrictive, only offering weekly insights on a limited number of accounts. this tool's lack of real-time data and scalability became a significant hurdle, preventing timely engagement with high-intent accounts visiting their website.

Delayed Real-time Insights and Alerts

RevenueHero found it challenging to interpret and act upon their increasing inbound traffic. Given the delay in obtaining insights into the accounts engaging with their properties, they missed numerous opportunities to connect with potential high-intent accounts. This sluggishness, caused by the existing tools in place, significantly affected their capability to respond quickly to emerging opportunities.

Overarching Sales Strategy

Initially, RevenueHero adopted a generic sales outreach, targeting a broad spectrum of companies that matched their ideal customer profile. This sweeping strategy, while encompassing a vast range, lacked the pinpoint accuracy needed for efficient conversions.

Inaccurate Dataset

The existing account identification tool in RevenueHero's arsenal struggled to identify a rising number of accounts visiting their website accurately. These tools often produced a low match rate and lacked detailed data sources. The inability to cater to their expanding needs made it important for RevenueHero to seek more effective tools like

Labor-intensive Account Research

Every potential reach out required extensive Tier 1 and Tier 2 research, a process that was both time-consuming and resource-draining. While such a thorough process ensured the quality of the reach-out, it stretched their resources thin and impacted overall sales productivity.

Why RevenueHero chose is like having an extra set of eyes that just knows where to look. It's transformed the way we engage with our accounts, giving us clarity where there was once a fog. Instead of shooting in the dark, we're now having genuine, informed conversations. It's a game-changer, making our work not just efficient but also more human.

Krupesh Muthukumar

Co-Founder, RevenueHero

With in place, RevenueHero revamped its sales and marketing processes around it. The platform's real-time insights improved decision-making and refined engagement with accounts. It gave RevenueHero a clear view of the accounts visiting their website, letting them focus outreach on those showing intent, ensuring warmer, easier-to-nurture accounts.

Immediate Action on High-Intent Accounts allowed RevenueHero to gain real-time insights about the accounts visiting their website. This ensured that they were reaching out to high-intent accounts instantly, using what they termed as "warm triggers". 

Higher Account Match Rate

With, RevenueHero saw a significant improvement in their account match rates. Unlike their previous tools, which had limited data sources and low identification accuracy, ensured that RevenueHero could precisely identify accounts visiting their site.

Integrated Workflow Optimization seamlessly integrated with tools like Apollo, HubSpot, and Zapier. Accounts detected on the website through Factors were automatically pushed to HubSpot using webhooks, enriched with ICP contact info from Apollo, and further processed to maximize outreach efficiency. This automation significantly streamlined their processes.

Targeted Sales Outreach

Moving away from their previous approach, RevenueHero was now equipped to conduct a more targeted sales outreach. enabled them to hone in on companies that fit their ideal customer profile and were genuinely interested in their solution, ensuring a higher success rate.

Precise Re-targeting

Leveraging insights from's and meta match, the team re-targeted potential customer accounts via Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn advertisements. This level of precision targeting meant that their audience felt a strong brand presence across channels, improving recall and brand traction.

Better Account Research

Before, the team manually researched the accounts. With the new system, sales reps were equipped with comprehensive account activity data, enabling them to customize outreach sequences effectively, eliminating the need for a spray-and-pray approach.

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The Results

ICP Accounts Identified

Outbound Email Engagement

hours time saved/month per BDR

By embracing, RevenueHero experienced a paradigm shift: precise account identification, remarkable savings on advertising, a spike in email engagement, and a significant monthly time-saving, all contributing to strategic growth.

Krupesh Muthukumar

Co-Founder, RevenueHero

What’s next for RevenueHero

In the upcoming months, RevenueHero plans to enhance its platform by introducing features that boost the conversion of website accounts into scheduled meetings. On the Go-To-Market (GTM) front, they're setting sights on investing in community initiatives and expanding their team. With Factors, they aim to deepen its integration within their marketing and sales workflows, anchoring their strategies on data-driven insights.

Our appreciation goes out to our friends at RevenueHero for letting us be a part of their success story!

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