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Zomentum’s Path to Accurate Revenue Attribution with Factors.ai

In conversation with Nishant Singh, Zomentum

Reduction in ‘Direct’ as a Traffic Source

Comprehensive Multi-Touch Attribution

ICP Accounts Identified


Revenue Operations




Analytics, Account Identification, Integrations

Zomentum is an end-to-end sales acceleration platform for IT managed service providers (MSPs). It helps MSPs with lead management, proposals, payment collection without platform fees, and license/subscription reconciliation to track all their clients' services. 

Read on to learn how Factors.ai helped Zomentum streamline its analytics, enhance lead attribution accuracy, and optimize sales and marketing strategies for better ROI and customer engagement.

Zomentum’s Challenges

To push for Zomentum's growth, we executed an extensive set of marketing campaigns. But a challenge emerged: deciphering what truly resonated with our audience. The data from our existing tools provided a blurry picture at best. The need was clear – we required a more refined approach to data analytics and a robust system for lead attribution to genuinely understand our efforts.

Nishant Singh

Marketing Operations at Zomentum

Before adopting Factors.ai, Zomentum faced challenges in accurately capturing, visualizing, and analyzing prospect and customer engagement metrics. Additionally, the CRM used by Zomentum had limitations in tracking multi-touch attribution. This meant that their go-to-market teams didn't have a clear view of the customer journey and couldn't accurately measure the return on their investments. These challenges made it clear that they needed a tool that could deliver accurate attribution and actionable insights.

Inability to Attribute Lead and Revenue 

Zomentum’s marketing team invested resources in running marketing campaigns across channels but they lacked a clear method of attribution. The tools they employed at the time could only capture basic metrics like last source and time on page but failed to offer meaningful insights like multi-channel engagement. Moreover, there was a significant gap in visualizing these metrics in a consumable manner, like charts.

Gap in Sales Insights

During the peak sales periods of 2021 and 2022, while deals were regularly closed, the sales team missed recording information around buyer interests and reasons for purchases. Add to that the lack of insights from their existing tools — resulted in difficulties when trying to analyze past sales performance.

Existing Tool’s Limitations

Despite its data collection capabilities, the CRM used by Zomentum had limited reporting and analytics features. Over 50% of sales were inaccurately attributed to 'direct,' and due to the absence of multi-touch attribution, the same user was counted again if they filled a lead form or registered for an event — inflating the marketing metrics [Like MQLs]. The outcome was a distorted understanding of lead origins and campaign effectiveness.

Challenges with Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Zomentum wanted to run an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaign. However, despite having tens of thousands of contacts in their CRM, the CRM’s poor reporting and lack of multi-touch attribution left them without clear data for planning. They couldn't pinpoint an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and lacked insights on successful channels, stalling their ABM efforts before they even began.

Why Zomentum chose Factors.ai

With Factors.ai, Zomentum has unlocked precise and transparent analytics that drive our decisions. Embracing privacy-first analytics and benefiting from comprehensive reporting and multi-touch attribution, our choices are no longer just informed but decisively empowered. It's a transformative journey from mere analytics to intelligent business progression.

Nishant Singh

Marketing Operations at Zomentum

With the integration of Factors.ai, Zomentum experienced a transformative shift in their approach to website analytics and sale attribution. They now had a robust analytics engine that allowed them to better attribute leads or sales, diving deep into the details of each sale or engagement. This clarity gave them a better understanding of the customer journey, and the effectiveness of the different campaigns they were running.

Privacy-First, Cost-Effective Analytics

Zomentum could identify which account visited their website without compromising privacy norms or probing their leads and customers for information. Factors.ai made this possible in a cost-effective manner, filling the data gaps that other tools they used at the time couldn't.

Uncompromizing Support 

Zomentum was on the brink of changing their CRM due to its inefficiencies. Correcting its data issues would have taken any other tool a quarter or more. Despite Zomentum's complex setup, with continuous communication and numerous calls, Factors was implemented in under 3 weeks. 

Revamped CRM Data

Zomentum's comprehension of customer journeys was enriched by Factors pushing accurate data to the CRM via webhooks. This clarity allowed Zomentum to declutter their CRM, removing redundant fields and data.  The end result was a more efficient CRM setup, guiding business performance metrics.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Custom events in Factors.ai captured real-time data on leads, storing all touchpoint interactions. This holistic view proved invaluable for Zomentum, aiding them in understanding the campaigns that delivered results and the ones that needed rethinking.

Comprehensive Reporting

Factors.ai’s diverse report types, ranging from KPI and funnel reports to path analysis reports, delivered a detailed picture of Zomentum's website traffic and user engagement across their web properties. This allowed for a significant reduction in previously misattributed 'direct' traffic, clarifying the origins of leads from channels like organic, emails, and webinars.

Sales Strategy Optimization

The clarity Factors provided on effective channels empowered the sales team to refine their approaches. Recognizing which channels yielded the best results paved the way for more targeted outreach strategies.

Account Identification for Outbound Motion

With Factors.ai, Zomentum built an outbound motion from the ground up. Alerts were set up to notify the team of engagements from ICP accounts, furnishing them with comprehensive data like page visits, bounce rates, and more. This enriched data transformed their outreach strategy, allowing for personal touches, especially with existing leads exhibiting renewed interest.

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The Results

Reduction in ‘Direct’ as a Traffic Source

Comprehensive Multi-Touch Attribution

ICP Accounts Identified

Implementing Factors provided immense benefits like streamlining our attribution process to understand the full customer journey. We automated reporting and got the insights needed to optimize efforts around our highest converting campaigns and scale more effectively.

Nishant Singh

Marketing Operations at Zomentum

What’s next for Zomentum

Zomentum plans to integrate Factors into more workflows in the marketing and sales teams — further automating reporting, refining lead qualification, and centralizing their dashboards for daily review. Plus, by tapping into Factors' analytical capabilities, they plan to gain further insights to optimize the demo and sales processes. 

Our appreciation goes out to our friends at Zomentum for letting us be a part of their success story!

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