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How to Monitor Target Account Activity Across Your Website Using Factors

When an account visits your website, you’d like to believe they’d head straight for your demo booking page and schedule a call with sales.

But that’s hardly ever the case. Given that the B2B customer journey is never linear, your target accounts would explore different parts of your website, such as your product page, blog, and pricing page, before considering talking to your team. 

Scroll ahead to learn how you can use Factors to monitor the website activity of:

  • Accounts in the opportunity stage
  • Closed/lost accounts that suddenly show intent

Let’s dive in 🏊

How to use Factors to monitor website activity for target accounts

Define your ICP on Factors and set up Slack alerts for when an ICP account visits your website. Let’s say you’re targeting mid-market software companies across the US, UK, and Australia. You can create a report and add in the following filters:

If you want to see how your target account engages with your website, you can create reports and filter them out based on the opportunity stage. 

You can also break down further by including “deal name” and “deal stage” to see which accounts visit your site multiple times. 

If you want to see whether a closed account is suddenly interested in your solution, you can filter by “closed lost”

Now you get a view of all accounts that visited your website after churning:

How can you leverage this data?

  • Your sales team can identify accounts with high intent and tailor their pitches accordingly. For example, let’s say you’re a social listening tool and a prospect visited your site through a paid search ad that highlights your “sentiment analysis” feature. You can send case studies that show how your customers benefitted from that particular feature.
  • If a churned account suddenly shows interest in your solution, you can retarget your LinkedIn and search ads to reconsider your solution.

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How ClearFeed uses Factors to boost sales 

ClearFeed is an AI-powered customer support platform for companies using Slack to resolve customer escalations. Learn how Factors helps ClearFeed improve sales outreach by identifying how their ICP accounts interact with their website.

The Problem 

ClearFeed’s sales team wanted to personalize their outreach but couldn’t understand whether their prospects were in need of their solution. 

Before using, the team struggled with other tools that inaccurately identified visitors to its website, often providing misleading or irrelevant data. This made it challenging for ClearFeed to understand who was visiting their site and how to effectively connect with the right people within those accounts.

The Solution gave ClearFeed detailed information about who was interacting with their website and how many users came under their ICP. Our features allowed them to build custom events and reports, allowing them to identify the specific department or team within a company to contact with personalized messages, improving their sales efforts.

ClearFeed uploaded a list of target companies to Factors, which enabled them to receive alerts only when those companies visited their website. They also customized Slack alerts and created tailored reports, which allowed them to prioritise and respond quickly to these visits, improving their understanding and engagement with these accounts.


Thanks to Factors, ClearFeed could successfully refine their outreach efforts which led them to book 20% more sales meetings and identify more than 8000 accounts visiting their website. 

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Monitoring website activity shouldn’t be limited to clicks and scrolls. If you truly want to understand whether prospects are considering your solution, you need the complete picture.

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