Introducing Segment-Level GTM Analytics.
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Slack & Teams Integration

🚀 Imagine receiving instant alerts about your Ideal Customer Profiles and high-intent leads directly in your Slack channel! The game-changing solution is here. Introducing custom alerts that notify you the moment a prospect visits a high-intent page, such as pricing. 📊✨But wait, there's more! You can also set up alerts to monitor your crucial performance indicators. If your website traffic drops beyond a specific threshold, you're the first to know. Seamlessly integrated with Slack and Microsoft Teams, configuring these real-time alerts is a breeze.But we understand, not all alerts need to flood your devices. That's why Factors gives you the power to tailor your notifications. You can include/exclude specific accounts, ensuring you're alerted only to what truly matters. Bye-bye, unnecessary noise! 🙌Join the revolution in lead tracking and notifications with Factors. Watch now to learn how you can customize alerts for maximum impact! ⚡️

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