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Introducing Segment-Level GTM Analytics.
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6sense & Factors.ai Partnership Announcement

Ranga Kaliyur
April 3, 2023
June 10, 2024
Table of Contents

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with industry-leading account-based marketing platform, 6sense

With this deep-rooted collaboration, Factors.ai now delivers state-of-the-art account identification, firmographics, and intent data along with our existing ABM analytics and attribution capabilities.

Users can expect to tap into 6sense’s extensive databases with Factors.ai to discover upto 64% of anonymous companies visiting the website — including account-level website behavior, purchase intent, and timelines. 

Account Identification + Account Analytics = ABM Magic

This article highlights what the partnership means for our users, along with a few use-cases and testimonials. If you can’t already tell, we’re really excited for the immense value this collaboration brings to our customers.

A few common questions

Why partner with 6sense over other alternatives?

Rigorous comparative testing with over 20,000 IPs reveals that 6sense is far ahead of the game in terms of data quality, volume, consistency, and pricing. The infographic below highlights 6sense's ability to identify up to 27% more accounts than the closest alternative. Also, it doesn't hurt that 6sense is one of the leading ABM platforms in the market today.

Do users need a separate 6sense account to use account identification with Factors?

Nope! you do not have to be a 6sense customer to use account identification with Factors. Simply reach out to our team to enable this integration within your Factors project — without signing up or paying independently for a 6sense account.

If you are an existing 6sense customer, simply integrate your 6sense account to Factors using the API key.

Can Factors identify email IDs or phone numbers of anonymous website visitors?

No. Factors is a privacy-first, GDPR compliant solution. It only discovers IP-to-Company-level data. Factors does not identify individual website visitors or personal information like phone numbers or mail IDs unless the user chooses to share this information through form submissions.

How does pricing work?

Read more about our pricing details here: factors.ai/pricing

6sense & Factors.ai: What’s in it for you?

As B2B go-to-market teams continue to adopt account-based marketing strategies, there’s a growing demand for both account analytics and account intelligence. Here’s how the 6sense x Factors.ai partnership helps with both:

Factors's real-time Slack Alerts for accounts identified via 6sense's visitor identification technology have helped our Sales Team be proactive. Roughly 25% of last month's new revenue for Clearfeed is due to the outbound outreach done by the SDRs based on Factors data.

1. Account Identification

B2B companies invest significant resources towards driving high-intent website traffic. Unfortunately, only about 4% of this traffic comes to light through forms or signups. With 6sense, Factors.ai can identify up to 64% of anonymous companies using industry-standard IP-lookup technology! 

As we’ll cover in following sections, this provides sales and marketing teams with the ability to identify and target the right opportunities, personalize the customer experience, and measure the impact of campaigns.

2. Firmographics + Advanced Analytics

In addition to identifying company names, 6sense enriches visitor data with detailed firmographics such as domain, industry, headcount, location, and more. This information is continually optimized with proprietary machine learning and human QA. Firmographic data, in conjunction with Factors.ai’s advanced website analytics — button auto captures, page time spent, scroll percent, etc — helps effectively identify high-intent accounts, well-resonating website content, and points of friction along the customer journey.  

The cherry on top: configure real-time Slack alerts when target accounts land on specific web pages to reach out to leads while the iron’s still hot. Research finds that contacting leads quickly significantly improves the odds of conversion. Our early adopters have been seeing real value delivered to their sales reps and ABM marketers.

3. Account Journeys & Timelines

A crucial element of account-based marketing is tracking how target accounts are progressing along the customer journey. Upon identifying companies visiting your site, Factors.ai creates an intuitive account-level timeline of the journey in real-time — across campaigns, website, and CRM. 

On one hand, this provides retrospective insight into what campaigns and assets drive conversions. On the other hand, it provides forward looking inputs to optimize retargeting efforts and personalize sales pitches based on the account’s previous interactions. 

Struggling to identify more than 5% of your anonymous traffic? See how Factors.ai can help your business reveal upto 64% of website traffic over a personalized demo.

Use-cases: Account Identification, Firmographics, and Intent Data

1. For Demand Gen

With this partnership, demand gen teams can see which marketing initiatives and assets are driving high-intent accounts to their website. Rather than relying on expensive spray and pray tactics, teams can reallocate resources to targeted efforts that bring in the right kind of buyers. 

On the flip side, demand gen folk can reveal companies visiting the website  and retarget the right, ICP accounts based on firmographic and intent. In a time when teams are asked to do more with less, Factors offers to optimize marketing ROI and make tight budgets go a long way. 

A game changer for B2B Marketers for Account Analytics. Factors' advanced analytics combined with 6sense visitor identification allows us to build a complete understanding of the Account Journey including the dark funnel. We are now able to plan our marketing campaigns and content efforts with clear visibility into what is driving conversions and pipeline.

2. For Content Marketers

B2B companies tend to invest heavily in content without actually knowing who the end consumers are. With Factors, content marketers can pin-point who’s reading ungated assets such as blogs and case studies. 

For one, this helps discern what content resonates with different audiences. Content teams can guide their strategy based on what resonates best with their target personas. For another, content marketers can tie their efforts back to bottom line metrics like pipeline by showcasing timelines as buyers progress from blogs, to demos, to trials, and finally, to deals.

Combining 6sense visitor identification with Factors' advanced analytics has unlocked insightful views for our product and content marketing teams. We now have a clear view of how our content performs across key audience segments — and the opportunities to optimize user journeys and conversions further.

3. For Product Marketers

Product marketers continually iterate on messaging for core pages such as the home page, pricing page, and features page. While standard web analytics and A/B testing tools provide insight into whether a certain message is working for overall traffic, this partnership empowers product marketers to experiment and tailor messaging for known visitors. 

For instance, account identification and firmographics may reveal that larger companies are more interested in privacy compliance material while smaller teams may care about transparent pricing. Based on who the PMM is looking to target, they may alter messaging accordingly. 

4. For Sales

The benefits of account identification and analytics is especially apparent in the case of sales teams. For one, sales reps can tap into a net-new pool of business from existing website traffic with zero additional spend. Within this set of accounts, sales can target the right ones based on intent and engagement insights. Finally, rather than spending hours trying to contact cold prospects, sales reps can improve direct engagement by reaching out to accounts while they’re on the site through real-time Slack alerts. 

Overall, the workflow encouraged by the 6sense x Factors partnership dramatically improves sales productivity.  

A dream solution for B2B marketers to unfold user journeys. When we chalk plans for a campaign, we love valuable insights. Even better when I have it diced & sliced. We get it all here & engage with our audience. The granularity of data is perfect & the mining engine of Factors with 6sense has unbelievable match rates for de-anonymizing accounts.

Curious to see 6sense and Factors.ai in action? Book a personalized demo here!

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