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Factors vs. Dreamdata: Pricing, Features & Reviews

Sohan Karuna
December 12, 2022
March 21, 2024
Table of Contents

Factors vs. Dreamdata: Pricing, features & reviews

Marketing analytics. Revenue attribution. Customer Journey mapping. Three invaluable use-cases, two all-encompassing alternatives, and one right choice for B2B marketers. 

The following blog comments on two powerful off-the-shelf B2B attribution and analytics platforms, Factors and Dreamdata, to determine why the former may be a better fit. We elaborate on key benefits and exclusives that Factors provide, which ultimately lends itself to being the preferred B2B marketing attribution and analytics solution.

Dreamdata Vs. Factors.ai: Common features and use-cases

When it comes down to it, both Factors and Dreamdata are proficient B2B attribution and marketing analytics tools. Before we pick apart some differences, let’s highlight some similarities between the two solutions:

Multi-touch Attribution

For a marketer, multi-touch attribution forms the bridge between prospects’ marketing touchpoints and deal won revenue. The purpose of marketing attribution is to help teams optimize their resource allocation and eliminate poor marketing spend. But for an attribution solution to be truly effective, it ought to be functional, adaptable and intuitive. Both Factors and Dreamdata are equipped with powerful multi-touch attribution modeling that’s capable of assigning value to touchpoint data across the funnel based on revenue impact.

Marketing analytics 

Factors and Dreamdata are versatile solutions built upon strong analytical foundations. Both B2B marketing solutions make use of performance analytics and real time event reporting to fulfill your business's tracking and analytical requirements . This would include tracking and reporting essential site metrics, paid campaigns, organic metrics and more.


Customer success

Customer success management is a crucial component of onboarding, troubleshooting, and deriving the most value from a tool. Both Factors and Dreamdata have both received high praise for their customer service in the onboarding processes and dedicated support for a pleasant experience. What must be noted is that unlike Dreamdata, Factors.ai provides dedicated support across all its plans — not only high tier ones.


Dreamdata vs Factors.ai: Pricing & Plans

Let's get down to brass tacks. First, we discuss the difference in pricing between Factors and Dreamdata. Your martech investment decision should revolve around one thing: ROI. Ideally, you’re looking for a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on its service value.

Here are 4 reasons why Factors is the most cost-effective Dreamdata alternative:

  1. Economical plans with Factors: As of today, Dreamdata’s paid plans start at $999/month. This is more expensive than even Factors’s higher tier growth plans ($799/month). Accordingly, Factors is generally better-suited to SME start-ups looking for a wider range of features.  
  2. User seat limitation: Dreamdata has restricted user seats per tier. Starting with 5 seats, all the way up to 10 for their highest tier business plan. Factors have no user seat limitation for all tiers.
  3. Limited stage models: Dreamdata offers limited user stage models, which is a filter that allows users to segment their customers or leads. Alternatively, Factors can create endless custom user stage models.
  4. Dedicated support: Dreamdata’s dedicated support and onboarding is only available in their highest business tier plan. Factors.ai has no such restrictions. It offers the following benefits across all pricing plans and tiers:

  1. End-to-end onboarding support
  2. Dedicated customer success manager
  3. Connected slack channel

In conclusion, we believe that Factors’ pricing plans are more cost-effective and accessible to that of Dreamdata’s. Despite this, Dreamdata does offer basic website analytics for free. While we don’t do this, we do offer a free 14-day trial of our entire platform.

Why B2B Marketers Love Factors.ai

This section highlights a catalog of features that cannot be found using Dreamdata and are exclusive to Factors’ users:

#1. AI-powered “Explain”

Explain is a one of it's kind AI tool that empowers marketers with automated insights into what's helping and hurting conversions. And the best part? The conversion goal is 100% flexible: demos, MQLs, newsletter downloads, web sessions, or any other touchpoint you're interested in optimizing.

Factors will then run thousands of funnel queries and rank the insights using artificial intelligence before neatly presenting them to you. These insights will be separated into columns that show positive (above average conversion rate) and negative (below average conversion rate) ratings. Each column lists different combinations of conversion paths that can be further broken down into sub insights that show even more conversion paths. 

#2. Account Intelligence

Factors partners with industry-leading data partners to provide IP-based account deanonymization. In short, this means that users can discover high-intent companies engaging with the website, product reviews, or ads — but are yet to convert. This in turn empowers efficient marketing and intent-based sales outreach.

#3. Slack and Email alerts

This nifty feature allows users to configure automated alerts that keep users up to date with their KPIs’ progress or regression over a predefined interval. Users can pick from several default KPI or use their custom built ones and apply filters for specific insights. Once this is done, users can configure a criteria for triggering the alert which can be for example, an increase or decrease by 10%. Factors will then send alerts to your slack and/or email once every interval that you select, with the last interval period serving as the comparison for your new insights.

#4. Path analysis

The path analysis feature in Factors presents a complete overview of the entire event journey and the number of prospects in the form of something akin to a tree data structure. This feature breaks down specified events into a number of steps, both of which are configurable, and will display the number of prospects within each unique event path.

#5. Auto button click tracking

Another feature exclusive to Factors in this comparison is the automatic button click tracking. As the name implies, this feature and as complicated as it is code-wise, requires no developer dependency to set up. And can ironically start tracking button clicks with the click of a button. It also displays the total number of clicks right next to each button click.

And this concludes our comparison. If you want to substantiate these claims and are interested in learning more about Factors.ai. Feel free to schedule a personalized demo.

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