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Top 7 Dreamdata Alternatives to Look For in 2023

Ranga Kaliyur
March 21, 2023
June 10, 2024
Table of Contents

Marketing attribution is extremely valuable for B2B marketers. It measures the impact of campaigns on revenue and identifies which efforts to scale in order to optimize budget allocation. One such tool that helps B2B SaaS companies attribute revenue to their marketing and sales effort is Dreamdata. 

Dreamdata helps analyze marketing expenditure, measure ROI and optimize campaigns to maximize marketing efforts. Some of the key features of Dreamdata are

  • Digital analytics
  • Revenue analytics
  • Performance attribution
  • Customer journey mapping

The tool easily integrates with marketing automation and CRM platforms. However, even with all these benefits, it also has some drawbacks.

In this article, we will evaluate the limitations of the tool and also highlight the best 7 Dreamdata alternatives that businesses can consider. We will discuss key features, customer reviews, and pricing of each alternative. 

Let's dive in. 

Table of Contents

  • Why are marketers looking for Dreamdata alternatives?
  • Quick overview of the top 7 Dreamdata alternatives 
  • Top 7 Dreamdata alternatives 
  • Key Takeaway

Why are marketers looking for Dreamdata alternatives

Upon evaluating customer reviews on platforms like G2, Capterra, and Trustradius, we find that Dreamdata

  • Is difficult to set up
  • Has a steep learning curve for users
  • Does not have an intuitive UI 
  • Can’t gather granular insights on campaigns  
what do you dislike about Dreamdata

Dreamdata is priced higher than its competitors. Also, the available features are very limited in their free version.

All the above factors have led users to look for an efficient alternative.

Read on to learn about the best Dreamdata alternatives and how to choose the right one for your business.

An overview of Dreamdata alternatives and competitors

An overview of Dreamdata alternatives and competitors

Top 7 Dreamdata alternatives

Here are some Dreamdata alternatives that you can check out for your business’s analytics and attribution needs:

1. Factors.ai

Homepage of Factors.ai is one of the best Dreamdata alternatives

The first in the list of Dreamdata alternatives is Factors. It is a marketing analytics and attribution platform built for B2B marketers. 

The tool is easy to implement with itRule Analyticss no-code capability. Once set up, Factors can automatically track all events on the website and also offers retroactive data capturing.

Factors allows easy and no-code integration with CRM, Clearbit, Google Search Console, and other necessary tools. These integrations help centralize customer data and provide actionable insights across departments. Factors also allows users to create customizable dashboards, which help them visualize customer data at a glance. 

Also, Factors has a dedicated customer success management team to attend to each business’s unique requirements and objectives.

What do you like about factors

Key features

A sneak peek into the key features of the marketing analytics and attribution tool - Factors
  • Revenue Attribution: 

Factors' revenue attribution feature lets you know about the impact of your marketing efforts on the pipeline. It offers a range of attribution models to choose from and helps attribute revenue without marketing leakage. 

  • Account Timelines:

This feature breaks down the complex B2B sales cycle, helping marketers identify how different touchpoints in the customer journey impact revenue. It maps out all interactions both on the account and user levels. In doing so, it allows us to understand the prospects and reveal upsell opportunities. 

  • Account Identification:

This feature enables teams to identify anonymous accounts across website, ad impressions and product reviews. It helps understand where the visitors are coming from and analyze details like revenue range to segment their target customers. 

  • ABM Analytics:

Factors provides dedicated campaign, website, and funnel analytics to take ABM to the next level. 

  • Campaign analytics enables marketers to combine and analyze data under a single roof.
  • Website analytics uses automated button tracking and custom domain tracking to understand and improve conversion rates.
  • Funnel analytics creates ad hoc funnels to connect and analyze data from different channels.
  • Journey Analytics:

This feature helps companies get a more in-depth understanding of the customer journey. It gives insights into how the marketing efforts drive conversion by cohort. Its AI-powered analytics can evaluate what works in favor of the defined goal and what doesn't. 


Look up the pricing plans of Factors.

Look up the pricing plans of Factors.

For Analytics & Attribution:

  • Starter - $399 per month
  • Growth - $799 per month

They also have a Custom plan for tailor-made analytics and an Agency plan for marketing agencies. Contact the Factors team for more details. 

For Deanonymization:

  • Starter - $99 per month
  • Professional - $179 per month
  • Growth - $499 per month

Custom - Contact the Factors team for more details.

For Professional Services:

They offer consulting and technical support tailored to each business. The pricing for the service is as follows. 

  • Tier 1 - $500 per month (For Early-Stage Teams)
  • Tier 2 - $900 per month (For High-Growth Teams)
  • Tier 3 - $1200 per month (For End-to-End Consulting)

2. HockeyStack


HockeyStack is another Dreamdata competitor that provides attribution solutions. The tool is intuitive and easy to implement. 

In addition to attribution, HockeyStack also offers a range of functionalities that help marketers;

  • Visualize customer journeys with funnels.
  • Optimize Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) by using CRM properties like companies and contacts to segment metrics.
  • Collect customer feedback through surveys.
HockeyStack reviews

Key features

  • Revenue Attribution:

By attributing revenue to each aspect of marketing, HockeyStack can help understand which channels or campaigns bring more ROI. As a result, it enables marketers to prioritize and focus their efforts and drive more conversions.   

  • Funnel Analytics:

This powerful feature from HockeyStack allows users to visualize different sales stages in detail. Marketers can understand how their customers move down the sales funnel and improve the stages that are not performing well. 

  • Account-Level Journey:

HockeyStack tracks customers' pre- and post-conversion journeys with touchpoints, including website visits and demo calls. It also visualizes the account journey showing the different journey stages and the actions users take at each stage. Therefore, it enables marketers to understand the customer journey comprehensively.


HockeyStack pricing

HockeyStack’s pricing starts from $949 per month. Book a demo with their team to get a detailed quote for your needs. HockeyStack also has a live demo that gives you a sneak peek into the platform.

3. Marketo Measure (Bizible )


Bizible or Marketo Measure is Adobe's attribution solution. It has a touchpoint-based data model that can collect data at each touchpoint, offering insights into the customer journey. This allows marketers to identify the high-performing touchpoints at each stage and improve those not performing well. 

Even Though the tool has all these features and benefits, it is difficult to set up and has limited integration capabilities. 

bizible reviews

Key features

  • Attribution: 

This feature enables marketers to leverage attribution models that align with their business goals. It helps attribute revenue to influential campaigns and boost conversion rates. The fact that Bizible can run multiple attribution models in parallel makes it stand out from the rest. 

  • Intuitive Dashboards: 

Bizible’s dashboard reports insights on marketing KPIs in a highly visual and intuitive format. The KPIs include ROI, pipeline velocity, marketing expenditure, and more. As a result, marketers can easily understand the campaigns' effectiveness and optimize them. 


The pricing details of Bizible are available upon request.

4. Rule Analytics

Ruler Analytics

Ruler Analytics is a marketing attribution tool that tracks online and offline touchpoints. Its attribution feature automatically links revenue with channels and campaigns.   

On top of customer journey tracking, Ruler Analytics also delivers insights into how quality leads behave. This further helps marketers optimize their campaigns and target high-quality leads. 

The tool is intuitive, easy to set up, and provides good customer support. Also, Ruler Analytics allows users to leverage various attribution models to build reports on all essential data. 

Ruler analytics reviews

Key features

  • Marketing Attribution:

Ruler Analytics’s attribution feature automatically attributes revenue to the most influential touchpoints. They track all visitor touchpoints, match leads to marketing data, and attribute revenue to appropriate campaigns.

  • Predictive Analytics:

The feature uses statistical modeling and machine learning to analyze historical data and forecast business outcomes. It can interpret and make sense of the sales and marketing data and identify patterns and trends. This helps marketers optimize marketing strategies to yield better results.

  • Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM):

This feature uses statistical modeling to understand how marketing activities impact sales results. It also makes marketing reporting easier and provides view-through attribution. 


Ruler Analytics pricing

Ruler Analytics’ pricing plans are as follows. 

  • Small/Medium Business - £199 per month (0 - 50K visits) 
  • Large Business - £499 per month (50K - 100K visits)
  • Enterprise - £999 per month (100K+ visits)

It also has an Advanced plan with pricing available upon request (POA).

5. Singular


Singular is another marketing platform that provides attribution solutions. With singular, marketers can

  • Measure and report on all channels
  • Analyze ROI by combining attribution with cost aggregation
  • Track and analyze the customer journey
  • Monitor a single-managed pipeline for analysis-ready marketing data. 

Its open integration framework enables marketers to measure performance across apps, web, SMS, referrals, email, and TV. The tool is easy to set up and delivers robust support for server-side integrations.


Key features

  • Mobile Attribution:

It offers marketers a complete view of ROI and performance and analyzes the impact of every dollar spent. It allows marketers to set up attribution settings for each channel. The feature can prioritize touchpoints based on their impact on the users' decision to install or engage with the app. The attribution methods include multi-touch, UTM tracking, and website-to-app attribution forwarding. 

  • SKAdNetwork Attribution:

This is specifically for improving ad performances on iOS devices. This feature helps marketers save time and effort by automating the conversion value decoding process. In addition, it provides more accurate insights into ad performance on SKAN. 

  • Cross-Device Attribution:

This feature can track and analyze user engagement and acquisition across multiple devices. These devices can be desktops, smartphones, or tablets. Thus, this feature gives marketers a comprehensive view of customers' journeys and interactions. 


Singular Pricing

Singular offers a free version and a free trial for their paid plans. Contact their team for details on plans - Growth and Enterprise.

6. Full Circle Insights

Full circle insights

Full Circle Insights is another marketing analytics and attribution platform that can help optimize marketing efforts. The tool is built on the Salesforce App Cloud, ensuring seamless integration between the two platforms. 

It provides various features, including funnel metrics, camping attribution, and performance reporting. It also offers customizable dashboards and reports to meet each business's unique needs and goals.

Full circle Insights Reviews

Key features

  • Pipeline analysis:

This feature helps users identify influential touchpoints at each stage of the customer journey. In addition, the tool’s detailed reporting enables businesses to optimize and improve their marketing efforts with ease. 

  • Out-of-the-box Attribution Models:

Marketers can choose from various attribution models and customize them to track and analyze their GTM efforts. This helps marketers make data-driven decisions for allocating marketing resources.


Full circle pricing

Full Circle Insights’ pricing plans are not transparent. Contact their team to get more details.

7. LeadsRx


LeadsRx is a SaaS platform that provides attribution solutions. It helps marketers and agencies measure the performance of their marketing efforts. 

LeadsRx can track and measure the impact of touchpoints across multiple channels (online & offline). It enables marketers to understand how each channel drives conversion and revenue and optimize their campaigns accordingly to maximize ROI. 

It has a responsive and intuitive UI and gives excellent customer support. And it also enables easy set-up.

LeadsRx Reviews

Key features

  • Radio and Television Attribution: 

LeadsRx is able to attribute radio and television along with other marketing channels. Its flexible attribution window allows users to change the period from hours to seconds. Additionally, the tool also allows users to monitor decay curves and arbitrate station overlap. 

  • Attribution for Podcast, Audio Streaming, and Video Streaming Advertising:

LeadsRx supports multi-touch attribution for all audio and video streaming platforms. It also provides insights into how well podcast ads perform and helps optimize them to improve ROAS. LeadsRx is the first-ever marketing analytics company to measure real-time podcast ad performance.


LeadsRx Pricing

Contact the LeadsRX team for details.


As you can see, there are several great available for Dreamdata. Each tool we discussed has its unique features as well as drawbacks. 

Factors will be an ideal choice if you are looking for an affordable B2B attribution solution. At the same time, choose Singular if you want to attribute across mobile apps and desktops.  

Ultimately, the right attribution tool depends on your business needs and preferences. So take some time to research and evaluate each tool to the fullest, and choose the one that best fits your business. 

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