HockeyStack: Pricing, Alternatives & More

Spandan Pal
July 31, 2022

What is HockeyStack?

B2B organizations require B2B marketing analytics more than ever before. A robust analytics framework — whether marketing analytics, product analytics, or analytics for other data-driven functions — is a comprehensive approach to better understanding customers, closing sales funnel gaps, identifying customer journey pain points, and enhancing digital engagement.

There are few B2B marketing teams that have the resources to build this framework in-house. An analytics software can help here. When it comes to analytics tools, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all.

Various platforms have emerged, offering brands customizable services across various business models (SaaS, B2B, B2C, etc.). Knowing which tool has the most potential to benefit your brand and its growth is vital.

In this blog, we discuss the GDPR compliant SaaS analytics platform HockeyStack, a popular tool that unites marketing, revenue and product data, so that marketing & growth teams understand the drivers of product engagement and high-quality leads, and increase revenue faster than ever. HockeyStack is suitable for a large number of businesses, but it lacks a few marketing-specific features. This review compares the services offered by HockeyStack, identifies what is required and what is not, and determines whether it is the best option for your brand.


HockeyStack: An Overview

HockeyStack is a data-driven SaaS analytics platform meant to facilitate growth by resolving the marketing attribution issue. It combines marketing, revenue, and product data to manage the company's marketing expenditures and streamline targeting and campaign administration. The platform garnered serious attention as a result of a HockeyStack AppSumo lifetime deal. Is HockeyStack right for you? Let’s find out

HockeyStack Pricing

HockeyStack offers a free trial of 14 days, without requiring you to add your credit card details. The BOOST plan of HockeyStack, which essentially is the basic plan, costs $399/month. For an advanced and customized plan with more customizations and features, you need to get in touch with the sales team.


Who is HockeyStack for?

  • If you're an E-Commerce store looking to improve your conversion rates, then HockeyStack is for you.
  • Those in the marketing industry that are looking to improve their content marketing strategy.
  • SaaS firms that are always on the lookout for new ways to improve their website in order to attract more customers.


Why is HockeyStack worth considering?

  • Detailed Analytics - View and collect the visitor's step-by-step actions on your site. View their clicks, scrolls, video views, and searches in greater detail on the users tab.
  • Advanced Filters - Visitors can be filtered based on goal conversions, page views, session properties, or user properties (such as duration, country, and referrer) so you can find what you're looking for quickly.
  • Actionable Insights – Effortlessly enhance your website with in-depth information about its issues. So that you don't have to, HockeyStack gathers information from thousands of sessions to help improve your site.
  • Visual Funnels – Easily create visual funnels to identify where visitors leave your website, allowing you to optimize those pages for higher conversion rates.
  • Marketing Campaigns - Duplicate and change the first pageview of your funnels to assist you in analyzing your marketing campaigns using UTM tags.


Limitations with HockeyStack?

  1. Early stage Insights: The AI for Insights feature is still in the developmental phase, thus it doesn’t help much when it comes to  providing accurate and informative insights which can actually impact activity, engagement and conversions. It will take time to finely tune the AI-engine of HockeyStack, in order to give accurate actionable insights.

  1. Limited Dashboard functionalities: Less number of dashboard templates are available. HockeyStack lacks sophisticated dashboard templates as a result of which users have to manually design them and choose functionalities that are required. The manual process is quite hectic and time consuming. 


Why Factors over HockeyStack?

Factors has a very finely tuned AI engine which assists its users to discover every factor that contributes to faster conversions and direct energies to those specific strategies. Factors monitors your metrics and automatically updates about changes over time along with the contributing factors. You can identify the leaky buckets and go agile on decision-making and be more productive, instantly.

Factors has a big collection of templates built from the best practices of top performing B2B Marketers in the industry. You can choose from a curated list of templates and create segment-specific dashboards without having to build from scratch. Also, you can improve productivity through checklists which help to automate repetitive analysis chores.

Factors employs cross channel attribution, which provides a comprehensive, top-down view of your marketing campaigns and assists businesses in determining which touchpoints are producing positive results. With a combination of cross-channel attribution and multi-channel attribution, Factors helps businesses determine where to invest their resources and inject data-driven strategies into their larger marketing initiatives.

In terms of pricing also Factors is more flexible. Plans starts as low as $99/month with Factors, whereas HockeyStack will run you $399/month

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