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Introducing Segment-Level GTM Analytics.
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HockeyStack Pricing, Overview & Comparison

Ranga Kaliyur
August 1, 2022
June 10, 2024
Table of Contents

Looking to learn more about HockeyStack’s pricing, features, and comparisons? You’re in the right place. This article is the product of raiding the internet to highlight everything you need to know about HockeyStack. Let’s jump in. 

What is HockeyStack?

HockeyStack is a B2B analytics & attribution platform that integrates with your ads, website, CRM, and more to identify how campaigns and content are influencing conversions across the customer journey. Here’s a quick breakdown of what HockeyStack offers:

  • Multi-touch attribution
  • Website analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • IP-identification
  • Unified tracking across campaigns, website, CRM, etc
  • Goals, funnels, and segment tracking
  • Account-based customer journeys
  • Custom dashboards and reports
  • Surveys
  • LinkedIn Impression tracking

HockeyStack Pricing

[December 2023 Update] HockeyStack has recently revised its pricing to $1399/mo for up to 10,000 unique visitors. Here's a breakdown of what HockeyStack's growth plan includes on time of writing:

hockeystack pricing chart
December 2023 - HockeyStack starting price

[Aug 2023 Update] HockeyStack’s pricing plans start at $949/mo for up to 10,000 unique website visitors and 10 seats. This starting price is somewhere between Dreamdata ($599/mo) and Infinigrow’s ($1,500/mo) starting plans. Not the cheapest or the most expensive attribution solution out there.

As with most products in this category, HockeyStack pricing is based on the volume of traffic or users you’re tracking. You’ll have to request a demo to find the exact commercials for your business. 

hockeystack pricing
August 2023 - HockeyStack starting price

HockeyStack Reviews

Generally, HockeyStack is well rated for its wide range of customization but a few reviews find HockeyStack marginally unintuitive and relatively unrefined.  

hockeystack review
hockeystack review

HockeyStack Alternatives

Here’s a quick list of leading HockeyStack alternatives for your consideration. Looking for an in-depth analysis of the strengths and limitations of these options? Read on here: Top 7 HockeyStack alternatives 

HockeyStack Comparison: Why Factors Over HockeyStack

HockeyStack is great at what it does. It provides robust attribution functionality, a wide range of customizations and integrations, and well-reviewed customer support. That being said, when compared to a similarly priced attribution product like Factors, HockeyStack seems to fall short in terms of features, usability, and cost-effectiveness. 

Accordingly, here are three reasons why Factors may make more sense for you:

1. Product features

In addition to the standard attribution and analytics features shared by both solutions, Factors delivers a wide range of features to help GTM teams refine customer journeys and drive conversions. Mainly:

1. LinkedIn and G2 Intent signals: While both tools offer IP-based account identification, Factors captures intent signals across website, LinkedIn impressions, AND G2 engagement. This means that you can identify anonymous accounts and track their cross-channel engagement more holistically. 

In addition, Factors integrates with MAPs, LinkedIn, and more via Webhooks to activate trigger-based actions. This includes automated LinkedIn matched audience list building, automated mail sequence activation based on engagement and intent signals & more.

2. Path analysis for aggregated customer journey mapping 

3. Account scoring Factors empower tailor-made account scoring configurations based on engagement across website, LinkedIn impressions, and G2 so teams can qualify and prioritize high-intent accounts accurately.

4. Anomaly detection and real-time alerts via mail, Slack or MS Teams

2. Usability

Factors and HockeyStack are both among the most customizable B2B attribution solutions out there. The ability to customize KPIs, properties, dashboards, and events is extremely valuable for teams looking to tailor their reporting for their business-specific requirements.

That being said, users find Factors to be user-friendly and conducive to self-service. Fortunately, both solutions provide comprehensive onboarding support and customer success management, so you should still be able to derive great value from either one. Still, user experience and product usability is something to keep in mind when making a purchase decision. 

factors dashboard

3. Cost-effectiveness

Finally, we arrive at cost. While HockeyStack plans start at $950 [As of Dec 2023, HockeyStack pricing has been revised to $1399/mo] for up to 10,000 monthly visitors, Factors offers a much lower barrier to entry with paid plans starting as low as $99/mo. Moreover, Factors provides a free plan to get you started with our basic offerings. 

Learn more about Factors pricing here: www.factors.ai/pricing

Overall, Factors is the more cost-effective option for early-stage teams looking to start out their marketing analytics and attribution journey. Given the additional features discussed above, it's more bang for your buck than other alternatives, including HockeyStack. 

Looking to see if Factors would make the right fit for your attribution needs? Book a demo with us today!


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